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Empronc Solutions: Spend Management Simplified

Manish Bazari,Director

At a time when Indian companies were gaining traction with multilocation presence across geographies, huge paper works had to be sent to corporate offices by courier or e-mail attachments. As the volume and checks required increased, delayed transactions, control issues and difficulties in tracking the budget or passing payments by the accounts team turned up. This gave rise to the need for managing the process of spending and having a centralized payment structure, which in due course became a mandate. Thus, in order to furnish the concept for shared services of spend/expense, and the concept of having single location for processing spend behavior across business, a Mumbai based company, Empronc Solutions, came up with its first flagship enterprise spend management software- BAZ.

Launched in 2006, with the implementation of BAZ, an organization is empowered to centralize their controls, while maintaining a

decentralized watch over their expenditure. Organizations are able to cut down on their costs tremendously in terms of processing cost, increase servicing abilities to their customers, who are their end users in the business support. The BAZ software effectively deals with operations of procure to pay, vendor management, contract management, non- purchase order invoices, expenses and CTC reimbursements and petty cash management modules.

With the implementation of BAZ Organization their controls while maintaining a decentralized watch over their expenditure

Though the BAZ software primarily is web enabled, data integration can be seamlessly carried out through on line interfaces or off-line file transfers. Clients also have an advantage of availing the software on rent or hosting it in the public domain. Unlike a software running on cloud, spend management software can be brought into play by a medium to large enterprise, which can be configured and implemented based on the requirements specific to the organization.

Founded in 2004, Empronc Solutions is a single product company, which guarantees if a company’s policies and procedures are automated, controls and

pays all checks and balances that are required in auditing, reporting, and sees how money is spent and paid out of the company. The company aids clients get connected to existing ERP systems so that there is no duplicity of work involved and the accounting and financial reporting get streamlined at the same time.

With a view to expand their horizons across business domains, Empronc Solutions has adopted a unique approach to serve their clients. "We have a strategy of going across sectors. We try that our product is not limited by any industry vertical. We are trying to expand our horizontal reach and as such we are not really focusing on verticalization as of now," says Manish Bazari, Director at Empronc Solutions.

With a team of a considerable size comprising of R&D, customer support, implementation, managing and consulting, Empronc Solutions has a well structured and templatized solution to offer. Since its foundation, the company has witnessed a growth of 10 times since inception serving clients across ten industry verticals. "We focus on the process and control framework strategy rather than features, as features are by product, the processes, services, incremental design and benefits are the most important deliverables" explains Manish.

Having a vision to emerge as a global leader in the enterprise spend management process space, Empronc Solutions stresses on innovation, integrity, reliability, agility and excellence as their core values.

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