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Dhananjay Arora: A Pioneer In Bringing Digital Transformation

Dhananjay Arora,Founder & CEO

Dhananjay Arora

Founder & CEO

Hooked to the digital space and motivated by his calling of entrepreneurship, Dhananjay Arora started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age straight after completing graduation. In the 20 years of entrepreneurial journey he has transformed his agency from a one man company to the frontrunners amongst all digital agencies in India.

It is impossible for businesses to operate in today’s world of IT revolution without having some kind of online presence. Realizing the significant role the internet was about to play in transforming the business world, Kwebmaker was established by Dhananjaya Arora back in 1998 itself. Since then, the company has emerged as the leader when it comes to implementing the latest technological solutions in the Digital world, and has spread its presence overseas, with subsequent branch offices in USA, South Africa, Botswana and Denmark. What motivated you to establish a company in the Digital Marketing sector right out of college back in 1998? Narrate the inception story.

Essentially, I come from a family that was in the textile business, and when I was graduating I realized that computers or rather IT Industry is the way to go in terms of the future of the economy was concerned. At that point in time the internet itself as a concept was relatively new in India but it was obvious to me that it is going to be the next big thing. I was always interested to do something with IT, and computers. Once I finished my graduation I was tilted towards starting a business on those lines. I had myself done a lot of coding, development and Web Designing courses. Once I graduated I

thought it's something that I should give it a shot at, and that’s really how the journey of Kwebmaker started.

Mention some of the hurdles encountered by you during the initial years of the journey. As a young entrepreneur and CEO how did you manage to curb such challenges?
One of the biggest challenges I had to encounter came from the fact that I started the business without having any prior experience whatsoever. I graduated out from college and I started this venture without ever going to another company or another agency for a job. It obviously had both pros and cons. The con really was that I learned the entire business and everything at my own expanse. One of the biggest challenges was that being a complete novice to business I decided to start a company. That was a large learning curve and the biggest challenge encountered.

I feel Kwebmaker has an edge, as we are always keeping an eye on what's next for the new trends that we need to adapt to

Secondly, especially 20 years ago, it was very difficult to even go to the prospective clients and explain to them as to why they need digital form in their businesses, because most of the businesses back then were working beautifully without any digitalization.

In the 20 years of journey with Kweb, Brief us how your roles and responsibilities have enhanced with respect to the industry you serve? How have you supported and uplifted the operations and productivity within the company?
We've been at the forefront of the IT and digital revolution for the last 20 years, in terms of digital knowledge and in terms of forcing the trend. In the digital world, it is very important to keep up with the trends because trends keep changing frequently. That is where I feel Kwebmaker has an edge, as we are always keeping an eye on what's next for the new trends that we need to adapt to. As an owner I have hands-on

experience of pretty much every department. There is the design department, development department, app department, social media department and then there is the HR department as well. It is really about creating and having good team leads who are dedicated. We are constantly growing and being affected in terms of our resource management.

Share with us a few success stories which have made Kwebmaker well established in the market.
There is no one success story but maybe I can say that there are a couple of projects that made us better. We had once tied up with the world’s largest advertising agency. Back then when agencies didn't go digital yet, we partnered with a lot of major agencies to work on a lot of their digitization needs. That really helped us get bigger and better understand the international brands.

Secondly, about 10 years ago we developed a website for a client called Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels had developed almost 12 or 15 years ago, today that business is India's leading Food delivery app and was another major feather in our cap amongst many others.

What future have you conceived for the organization, and what initiatives are you taking for the future?
Any organization is perpetually thinking of growth and excellence. First and foremost comes excellence, because excellence will also be followed by growth. It's really about how we improve our work, services and technology. The crux is that we always look at improving ourselves. The second is in terms of constantly evolving and innovating. By evolution I mean according to the changing times one has to evolve and that's truer in IT than any other industry. Its a part of Kwebmaker's DNA to excel, evolve and innovate which helps us stay ahead of our competition, build deeper relations with our clients and grow as an organisation.

Organization: Kwebmaker
Headquartered: Mumbai
Domain: Web Design and Development, Web based Applications, Mobile Applications, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing including SEO, SEM, Social media

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