Joginder Rohilla: A Guide With Meticulous Care

Joginder Rohilla,CEO

Having donned the hat of different roles in the career that span more than 13 years, Joginder Rohilla bears a diverse work experience across startups, MSMEs, and large businesses. With years of techno-functional, administrative and commercial experience, he has put his thoughts and efforts to become the CEO of ETechDreams Solutions established in 2017. Joginder handles a number of activities that furnishes the overall management of the team.

Today, it has become quite difficult to imagine a business without online presence. Observing the need to invest in IT in order to work on the backend of the business, organizations saw the marketable edge it provides to set them apart from the competitors in the industry. With a will to learn and explore new horizons in the technology space, Joginder Rohilla has been the CEO of ETechDreams Solutions since its establishment, working towards fulfilling the vision and mission of the organization.

Today enterprises seek for cutting-edge technological assistance from the IT service provider that could scale their business to heights. Could you please share what made you choose the IT domain?
I consider technology as a tool of transformation. In business, technology acts as an enabler that drives exponential growth, transformation and empowerment. I had the thought of devising a new business model by involving the rural workforce into the IT services. We have implemented this model based on the project requirements and made it

successful. Our idea is to bring out a sustainable model for employment generation for rural youth while ensuring prime IT services to clients across the world.

Businesses are no more reluctant towards digital transformation and they expect more from young minds. What do you perceive as the biggest void that aspiring tech entrepreneurs should zero in on?
I would like to invite your attention on two things here; quality delivery and customer focus. Whether one is a product or service tech entrepreneur in B2B or B2C segment, they have to deliver the best quality up to client’s satisfaction. Taking care of the quality and customer satisfaction has brought us long way after a humble start. The idea is to provide innovative but simple solutions to complex business problems. A tech solution must help the client to simplify its operations and grow to the next level.

The idea is to provide innovative but simple solutions to complex business problems

What were the steps that you had conceived while choosing the workforce? According to you, what is the important factor that should be kept in mind while employing the right people?
Hiring the right people and team building is one of the most important and challenging tasks. I look for people who believe in the vision of the company and have an appetite to learn and grow. Both aptitude and attitude are important while choosing the right team member. For me, planning comes first. Secondly, the interview process should focus on questions more of real life working conditions/questions. One must learn the art of taking interviews to judge if the person is an apt candidate for the team.

As the founder for a startup, what challenges have you encountered before and after the establishment of

the company with respect to the tech domain you are working?
One of the main challenges at the initial stage was to build the right team with good technical knowledge. To hire the right talent for a tech domain, I had to learn some recruitment processes. I faced another challenge in the regular sales and marketing activities. I started working with my own network to promote our services and the brand, and gradually began to build on that. Now the sales and marketing team are working actively in the organization. After the establishment, we had set up processes at various levels in the organization which are important for future growth.

Kindly share an incident where you strategically confronted an issue and brought recognition to the organization.
In one of the projects during the initial days, we were required to build software for the data management of more than 100,000 students for a state level sports event. For that, we decided to analyse the whole process at first and then developed a system within a short span of two weeks. The project continued for approximately 6 months and had been a success by completing it within the required timeline with best quality and accuracy. The client appreciated our team and the efforts for the project for timely delivery, technical knowledge and support.

Being an entrepreneur with rich experience in the IT industry, what guidance would you give to venturous people willing to start own organization?
I would advise to all venturous people to not wait for the right moment and let your dreams drown in the fear for failure. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn about sales and marketing, team building, strategy, operations and HR. My mantra is dream, learn and lead. Dream what you want to become and then learn how to get there, finding the path without giving up. There are always chances to learn more and grow more. Once you are there then guide and lead others in their journey.

Organization: Etechdreams Solutions
Headquartered: Dehradun
Domain: Information Technology & Services

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