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Dotvik Solutions: Helping Businesses Harness New Mobility Trends and Technologies

Pradeep Singh & Anoop Roy Kundal ,Co-Founders

Dotvik is born from the vision to transform the way new technologies are used to better track and respond to emerging market needs. The company’s solid team is transforming this vision into reality for many enterprises across domains. Dotvik’s core team comprises IIT-ians with immense technical depth and together more than five decades of experience in developing and delivering cutting edge enterprise solutions. They have designed, developed, and successfully brought to market an innovative platform that allows their clients to adopt new technologies and get their existing technology investments to deliver better,faster, and more efficiently.

In conversation with Pradeep Singh and Anoop Roy Kundal, Co-Founders, Dotvik Solutions

Enterprise mobility is an essential growth catalyst for any organization. It has become a huge trend that includes user satisfaction, engagement, and workforce mobilization.In what ways does Dotvik Solutions ensure robust enterprise mobility management?

Today’s organizations, employees, and customers expect to stay connected anywhere, anytime. The complex dynamics of the current multilocation, multioperation business environment require companies to transcend the limits of physical space and time. Technological break throughs mobile, social, cloud, and personal open up huge possibilities and strategic opportunities, which are often difficult to spot and harness. This is what Dotvik

works to change. We want our clients to get the best out of new Technologies. Dotvik’s innovative enterprise mobility solutions ensure three S’s are met Simplified, Seamless, and Secured. Our unified platform allows multi device support, scalability, swift integration, and security, all with ease and efficiency. Our solutions are helping enterprises, their employees, sales force, and extended sales networks, like dealers and distributors, to use their personal devices to stay connected and on top of the sales game. We boost that offering with strategic consulting, GAP and ROI analysis, systems integration, and data security, as required.

Dotvik’s innovative enterprise mobility solutions ensure three S’s are met Simplified, Seamless, and Secured

In an age where choices are plenty and customer loyalty is fickle, good customer experience can go a long way in building stickiness. How does Dotvik Solutions deliver exceptional customer experience?

We see clients as partners in our journey together. We hand hold them at each stage of discussion, development, and deployment to ensure their IT initiative is a resounding success. Our industry specific and outcome oriented mobility solutions differentiate a business from others in its class. Dotvik provides its clients with a comprehensive assessment of their mobility needs, enterprise mobility roadmap, mobile platform and device rollout strategy, architecture and integration strategy, device management, and security systems to overcome each and every challenge they currently encounter, or could encounter, in adopting new technologies.

Kindly tell us about a few of your key implementations that also became a turning point for Dotvik.

Our journey of enterprise solutions development started in 2012 when a large enterprise took a leap of faith and placed trust in us to develop a solution for its sales force on the now forgotten Blackberry devices. Our successful implementation of the solution and its integration with SAP gave them the confidence to also develop a solution for their dealer network, but this time on Android, a platform that was becoming very popular. Instead of taking on the project as a custom solution, we started building a reusable framework for form, reports, and workflows the three components of an ERP system. This implementation became the cornerstone of our platform and we extended it to IOS and Apple devices. Our platform gave the client the flexibility to add and remove forms, reports, or fields without having to update the builds. We then went on to develop an employee solution for the client on our platform; this was for both Android and IOS devices. Today, after 6 years we still manage the client’s dealer and employee solutions! As in March’19, this platform supports 10,000+ dealers, 6,000+ employees, and about 20 million hits/transactions. The total number of orders placed through this platform is about 70,000+, which is worth about INR 600 crores!

We have on boarded several other clients on this platform since then. Our solution is now deployed with 5 large enterprises, working seamlessly on desktops as well as mobile devices, both Android and IOS. After such success, where do you see your company heading in the coming years?

The usage of enterprise solutions in the mobility space is often dictated by user's experience on a whole lot of consumer apps available to them. Users of enterprise applications expect the same experience and ease as the apps they use in their daily routine. Our focus is to add to our platform, with focus on agility and ease-of-use, new mobile technology features so that our platform feels fresh and contemporary without losing the core essence of a business application.

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