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Drucare: Experts of the Next-Gen Healthcare Interface

Lt Col (Dr) Rajendra P. Vennam (retd),CEO & CTO

The future of healthcare is shaping up in front of our very eyes with advances in digital healthcare technologies. In healthcare, digital technology helps to transform unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones, equalize the relationship between medical professionals and patients, and provide cheaper, faster and more effective solutions for diseases. New digital tools and technologies are already starting to make an impact across the healthcare system and hold great promise to transform the delivery of health services shortly. Drucare is one such digital healthcare organization that aims to provide a secure, accessible digital healthcare solution affordable to all. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Drucare’s platform is intended to assist hospitals, doctors, people, payers and other supporting verticals in a multi-tenant and subscription-based model. Lt Col (Dr) Rajendra P. Vennam (retd), CEO & CTO will further elaborate on the journey of Drucare.

In conversation with Lt Col (Dr) Rajendra P. Vennam (retd), CEO & CTO, Drucare

Healthcare has gone one full circle with the digital transformation, and it looks like more advanced technologies have just started to enter the domain. As a healthcare technology domain player, how has Drucare grown and adapted to the changes?
Drucare has built India’s most integrated healthcare platform – DrucareONE. It provides the foundational IT infrastructure required for any kind of healthcare business, including hospitals, clinics, diagnostics,

pharmacies, telehealth, medical distribution, medical tourism, insurance and also virtual care through DrucareDirect. We deliver services such as Practice Management, EHR, eRx, Analytics, Imaging, Lab IMS, Pharmacy IMS, Telehealth, Warehouse, Optical store, and more. The platform also supports schools for CHR & Industries for AME records management.

Information Technology today is considered not just a supporting tool, but a strategic necessity by world-class healthcare hospitals/institutes. In what ways does Drucare’s product line cater to the specific needs of various specializations in the healthcare sector?
Providers want an integrated system with data liquidity to support end-to-end patient journeys. DrucareONE has various integrations built-in across Accounting, PG’s, Smart cards, IVRS, SMS, our auto website generator DrucareProfile etc. DrucareONE supports the entire patient journey from pre-to-post visit & chronic care. Organizations can turn into entirely paperless, seamlessly sharing data with patients on their smartphone and engage them for an appointment, referral and reminder management through various communication channels as a part of DrucareConnect.

DrucareONE supports the entire patient journey from pre-topost visit & chronic care

What do you consider as your flagship offering that distinguishes Drucare from its competitors?
DrucareONE is a SaaS platform with rapid innovation, auto-scaling and minimal on boarding time with flexibility, for in-house deployment. Leveraging the best of cloud infrastructure, open source technologies, healthcare interoperability, and patient data privacy & security standards (FHIR, ICD10, LOINC, HIPAA/DISHA etc.), Drucare’s platform is transforming into an intelligent healthcare cloud, i.e. secure & future proof.

Our AI/ML-based EMR & eRx incorporate templates, clinical data sets, medication protocols, drug interactions, contraindications, localization, and handwriting-to-text conversion, helping doctors save time and reduce errors.

With a tremendous rise in the digital healthcare industry, building customer trust is also an essential factor for the business. Keeping this factor in mind, please tell us a success story that has adjoined a golden feather to the company’s success.

We have found that the customers imbibing our platform have realized the significant change through a seamless integration of all departments resulting in hassle-free patient experience in terms of documentation and especially, invoicing. Our one click discharge process enhances the experience even more. This has also helped in financial discipline wherein the data of revenue collection and operational expenses could be analyzed for business insights. Our focus on user experience and customer support has brought in more accolades from our users, helping our business grow. The Annual subscription fees with zero up-front costs offered by Drucare has brought in significant Capex & Opex savings to our customers, with up to 80 per cent reduction on IT hardware, software and HR costs.

As people are becoming more health-conscious, they prefer advanced technologies and medicines in the coming future. What further innovation do you plan to include in your healthcare technology offerings?
Our ecosystem would support every vertical in the healthcare industry. Introduction of robotics into our ecosystem, will further help providers in infectious wards and improvise on patient interaction in the front office. We also see a great potential is genomics. In the days of personalized medication, the need for genetic information has increased to get valuable insights on therapeutic and predictive analytics, especially in the sphere of Oncology and Mental health. India, with a nascent health-tech market, DrucareONE has the potential to become the de-facto comprehensive healthcare platform.

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