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eMedHub: A Holistic Healthcare Platform for Every Stakeholder


“I love everything about eMedHub. It's easy and saves tons of time. It takes only a few minutes to do an e-prescription. It eliminates the need to have separate servers & backup system, the need for installation of application updates, and significantly reduces the need for IT support.” Dr. Suresh Damodaran, M.B.B.S.,MRCP (UK) aesthetically elucidates how eMedHub is filling in the need for a holistic healthcare technology platform. Within a couple of years after launching, eMedHub – a highly connected healthcare ecosystem developed by Svastanibhanda Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is proving to be a personal healthcare assistant of every stakeholder of the healthcare ecosystem. In the process, eMedHub brings patients to the epicenter of healthcare, empowering them to take charge of their wellbeing by forging a strong partnership with their health care providers. CIO Insider recently engaged in an exclusive chat session with the company’s co-founder Dr. Kumble Rajesh (MD., FAAP & Chief Medical Information Officer), who along with Mr.Jagannathan incepted the company.

In conversation with Dr. Kumble Rajesh, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Information Officer, eMedHub

The healthcare technology industry today is highly patient experience & personalized care driven. Where are you positioned in this dynamic industry?
We are in a watershed moment in the healthcare technology realm. From infrastructure improvements to more reliable communication channels and documentation, we have been savoring a paradigm shift in healthcare-IT over the last few years. The Covid-19 pandemic has really transformed the pace of this change. Our vision has always been to connect every stakeholder of the healthcare ecosystem in a patient centric way, providing patients with a repository of medical data & information in order to help them make informed healthcare decisions. We have been able to play an instrumental role amidst the pandemic–

often beyond our expectations – by connecting patients to the healthcare providers in a seamless & intelligent way and offering remote care more effectively. We are really at the cutting-edge of providing this seamless healthcare experience.

How would you describe the impact eMedHub has been able to create through its offerings?
The impact has been multidimensional. Our solution provides medical professionals with real time actionable data at the point of care, as we make it easier for patients to share & possess their medical data. For instance, take the example of diabetes care. While the provider will be able to access the information about the vitals of patients at fingertips, our systems are also capable of automatically sending reminders to patients when it’s time for a follow up or a routine checkup, in addition to providing them with niche healthcare information. This will eventually allow patients to take control of their own health and take advantage of preventive care, while simultaneously helping doctors to expand their horizon to population medicine rather than just focusing on a single patient. That’s a paradigm shift we are talking about.

The vision is to constantly make the healthcare process simple

Tell us about the expertise and frameworks behind your solutions.
We have a hand-picked team, which built the solution from scratch over the last three years. The telemedicine module was always a part of the brainstorming, but we recently made it mainstream, witnessing the struggles of patients to get hold of healthcare during the pandemic.

The framework is designed to equip people at the point of care to access our cloud-based system through mobile and

web platforms. They will be able to access patient records, take down notes, write down a quick summary of care history, share it with the patient, send prescriptions to the pharmacy, and do much more. On the other hand, the patients are also able to easily access these systems to do anything from choosing their doctors to scheduling an appointment, and sending diagnostic reports to the doctors by simply scanning the document with mobile. The integration with diagnostic centers and pharmacies makes this process seamless.

Dr. Kumble Rajesh,Co-Founder & Chief Medical Information Officer

What is the future roadmap set for eMedHub?
I believe sky is the limit in terms of what we can do. The vision is to constantly make the healthcare process simpler, and thus help the stakeholders improve the efficiency, accuracy, and turnaround time of healthcare delivery. In addition to integrating more stakeholders, the advanced queue management system is also great promise towards this.

Going forward, as I mentioned earlier, we are also hosting a paradigm shift towards population medicine. On the other hand, we focus on advanced facial recognition systems to read patient expressions within the hospital floors, which will help healthcare providers to decipher patient experiences in a highly automated manner. Furthermore, we are also looking forward to integrating insurance providers to our system and thereby establishing a faster, better communication channel between healthcare and insurance providers.

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