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EBIW: Transforming Businesses with Advanced Analytics Solutions, Powered by Expertise and Innovation

Shalini Ghose,  Director - Marketing & Sales

Shalini Ghose

Director - Marketing & Sales

Competent Oracle Solutions providers are in high demand as businesses face challenges in extracting insights from vast data, ensuring robust security measures, delivering personalized customer experiences, and navigating the complexity. These firms must possess the expertise to tailor Oracle Solutions to each client's unique requirements, enabling businesses to optimize processes to enable clients to achieve competitive edge.

Established in 2008 in San Francisco, California, EBIW is a global consortium of industry experts dedicated to solving business problems through data and analytics. The organization specializes in advanced analytics solutions, focusing on Big Data intelligence, predictive insights, and IoT. As an Oracle Gold partner, EBIW collaborates with Oracle to provide architecture, design, development, and testing services for specialized analytics products.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insiders magazine, Shalini Ghose Director of Marketing and Sales discusses the organization’s offerings, her future roadmap for the organization, and much more.

Could you give a brief account on EBIW’s journey so far as a global product development and consulting organization?
We began as an Oracle development partner assisting the design and build of industry data models used in many Oracle prodcuts. With significant demand for advanced data warehousing solutions, we then transitioned to consulting firm specializing in delivering reporting and advanced analytics solutions using industry data models. However, as our clients demanded larger volumes of data and higher frequency, we expanded our capabilities to offer industry-centric analytics

solutions for realtime data acquisition particularly focusing on sensor data. The convergence of reporting, analytics, and real-time data prompted us to develop closed-loop reporting systems. These systems allowed clients to monitor machine and industrial processes in realtime and make immediate modifications to minimize outages and enhance efficiencies.

Unleash the power of Oracle's advanced analytics solutions, harnessing the insights hidden within your data to drive informed decisions, fuel growth, and stay ahead in the datadriven world, with EBIW

Tell us about your flagship products offered under Oracle CX Solutions, and the technology framework embedded in them.
Our flagship products have undergone significant development, leading us to brand them as DNA solutions. These solutions serve the purpose of identifying past patterns, providing current insights, and aiding in predicting future outcomes based on the wealth of data and insights we have accumulated. Rather than catering to a small user community, our DNA solutions now offer guided user interfaces that enable a broader user base to benefit from the results. This expanded capability is applicable across various industries, as it focuses on crucial aspects of a business, including customers, products, processes, supply chain, revenue, and human capital.Realtime data availability, improved algorithms, and advanced modeling approaches made possible by faster infrastructure, along with the maturity of public clouds, have all contributed to the growth and refinement of our DNA solutions.

Describe the customer's experience and acquaint us with a case study of how it changed the scenario for your clients.
Initially engaged for productivity measurement, our innovative approach went beyond dashboards and reports for our manufacturing client. By introducing solutions like Product DNA and Process DNA concepts, we identified root causes of defects through quality metrics and real time

machine data analysis. Leveraging Process DNA, we assessed real time process performance by analyzing historical patterns and product data. This insight was then presented through customized realtime dashboards, messages, and reports tailored to different roles within the manufacturing plant. Embracing these DNA technologies enabled our client to predict process enhancements, detect defects, and drive continuous improvement in their manufacturing processes.

How is the team built and what are the methods they follow to draw valuable insights from the market to help the company stay a float among its peers?
Our team structure has undergone a significant transformation to ensure the successful implementation of DNA technology solutions. We have embraced a diverse array of roles, each playing a crucial part in our overall approach. Program/project leads are instrumental in driving agile development methodologies, prioritizing rapid value delivery, and fostering collaboration among team members. DNA architects bring their expertise in various DNA disciplines to lead discovery phases and enable quick prototyping of data results. Data UI developers create intuitive interfaces and workbenches that cater to the needs of end users and data analysts, enhancing usability and efficiency. Analytics model developers are responsible for creating robust predictive models based on historical data, continuously refining and adapting them to meet evolving needs. Financial analysts contribute their expertise to pinpoint areas for financial improvement and maximize client benefits. Support personnel provide ongoing assistance and ensure smooth transitions, helping clients understand outcomes, address anomalies, and adapt to changes.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for EBIW?
Our upcoming priorities involve enhancing current client relationships and acquiring new clients who can benefit from DNA technologies. We understand that expertise development and workforce expansion require time and effort due to limited resources in the market. Our product focus remains on delivering flexible software frameworks that seamlessly integrate as plug-in modules to a larger framework, leveraging ongoing research and development work.

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