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Ecosmob Technologies: Setting New Benchmarks with Advanced VoIP Solutions

Maulik shah ,Founder & director

Maulik shah

Founder & director

The benefits of using Voice over IP (VoIP) over traditional phone systems from a business perspective is undisputed. From huge cost savings on subscription charges to less expensive hardware and software required to operate the system, simplified (video) conferencing, worldwide access, mobility, and network flexibility you name it. But leveraging the complete advantage of VoIP boils down to having a technology partner who can appreciate the nuances and differences in requirements of one company to the other. Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd excels in precisely this challenge with a proven track record of deriving solutions for a wide horizon of verticals, from ITSPs and telecom companies to legal concerns, healthcare providers and even prison authorities a proposition that was built as early as 2007. Over the last more than a decade, the company has come a long way. With such a robust experience in the industry, Ecosmob’s propositions today go beyond VoIP solutions to include web & mobile applications development, and expertise in deploying cutting-edge technologies. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive conversation with Maulik Shah, the founder and director of Ecosmob Technologies.

In conversation with Maulik shah, Founder & Director, Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd

Indian IT services market grew by 5.9 percent in the first half of 2020, according to IDC India and the market is expected to regain momentum from 2021 onwards. What is the kind of role played by Ecosmob in the IT services industry?
At the onset of 2020, during the pandemic, our primary focus was on catering to clients with VoIP solutions, which has been our forte for many years. With the rise in internet penetration, businesses increasingly

started to empower their communication systems with VoIP, which helped them integrate easily with other channels like video, chat, social media, offering a superior experience to their customers. This enabled us to cater to more than decade long expertise in VoIP solutions to different enterprises and businesses globally. Gradually, with moving times and a shift to remote culture, we got the opportunity to serve tele presence solutions for different enterprises, from healthcare to prison to legal. By 2021, we delivered projects based on trending technology such as ArtificialIntelligence, Machine Learning, TensorFlow and DevOps. And we aim to continue expanding our wings in new age technologies in upcoming years.

Could you elaborate on the company's portfolio of solutions and services offered to the clients?
At Ecosmob, we believe communication is an integral part of any organization across the globe. Therefore, we aim to cater with customized VoIP solutions that are user friendly and easy to integrate. The deck of our portfolio includes Session Border Controller, Hosted PBX Solution, Class5 Softswitch, Class4 Softswitch, Unified Communication Platform, Dynamic IVR Solution, Voice and SMS Broadcasting System, MVNO Solution, Contact Centre, Audio and Video Conference Solution. Apart from this, we provide customized technology solutions ranging from Web development, Mobile development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Staff Augmentation, DevOps, and QA services. In the last 14 years, our company has evolved in providing modern technology solutions from face recognition, sentiment analysis, image classification VoIP mobile dialer, transport management, agriculture process tracking, survey system, driver performance system, and many such solutions. We have always strived to remain constant in providing ultimate transparency and a client centric approach.

Tell us what draws the line between Ecosmob and other competitors in the industry? What makes the customers stick to the company?
Every company has a unique client base. All have their strengths and have the right to prosper. Likewise we have created our client base. We focus on quality, transparency, and delivering solutions on time. Ecosmob offers distinctive IT solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our customers. From complex projects to dream ideas,

our team has extensive experience in transforming the vision into reality. Our customers continue to remain with us because we place their needs and convenience above everything else. We provide them with comprehensive business models based on their specific needs. Our client centric approach is the key to our success.

Talk about how you have built your team and what are the values and measures they follow when faced with challenges?
Ecosmob started its journey in 2007 with ten people on board. After 14 years, we have a highly diversified team of over 200 professionals. The company's foundation stands on values like keeping complete transparency, adopting a client centric approach, and adhering to commitments. We have a flat team and an extremely open organizational culture. At Ecosmob, we don't have a rigid structure and hierarchy. All our colleagues work in a collaborative work environment. Our team members believe in synergy and work with a feeling of mutual respect. When we come across any challenge, we try to overcome it with our best abilities. We always believe that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

In terms of Ecosmob's future roadmap, what are the kinds of plans that the
company wishes to execute in the next few years?

We aim to increase our projects in emerging technologies including AI, ML, and DevOps. Ecosmob is a fastrising player in this technology, and we strive to provide VoIP solutions to more clients and revolutionize the way they communicate. Moreover, SaaS has always intrigued us, and we now have the expertise and capability to explore this area. We are planning to partner with some telecom giants to enter into the SaaS space. At the same time, we are working on 5G technology, and we will include 5G based solutions in our portfolio. We are planning to start our operations in Canada which will expand our global footprint.

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