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edynamics :Accelerating Business Performance via BMS a Modern platform of Business Applications

Kamalakar Patil ,CEO

edynamics is one of the most trusted and fastest growing Business Application providers in India. Founded in the year 2014 at Pune,
the company was initiated with a vision to be a leader in simplifying business operations across the Real Estate sector. edynamics
has its unique new generation of business application known as Business Management System (BMS), that separates it from other
traditional ERP and CRM solutions. Kamalakar Patil further elaborates on the company's work engagements centered on the Real
Estate service sector in details below.

In conversation with Kamalakar Patil, CEO, edynamics

Many Real Estate companies are lagging behind in India when it comes to deploying technological solutions for their business operations. How is edynamics placed in this niche domain within the Real Estate sector?
Every industry eventually has to shift to the technology platforms and the companies in the Real Estate industry have to organize themselves. This process took time to evolve in the Real Estate industry in India. Nowadays entrepreneurs' especially tech-friendly decision makers are preferring to be backed up by technology rather than being dependent on traditional practices.

At edynamics, we identified this trend in 2014 itself and started our journey towards providing simple to understand,

and simple to use application called as BMS which was developed by keeping in mind the mindset of an average real estate industry employee.

How BMS is different from its competitor CRM's & ERP's?
BMS is a new generation of business applications that is far more advanced and practical than the traditional CRM's & ERP's. BMS is also the only tailored business application for Builders, Developers, and Channel Partners. BMS is designed to be used by moderately educated people who are working in the real estate industry. It is the most user-friendly application, always young by User Interface and the most important part is that it is getting upgraded every month for FREE to deliver the latest technological solutions to our clients.

BMS is very flexible in terms of its technical platform along with the logical side which can adapt to any ongoing changes and upcoming changes related to business practices or regulations.
Over the years you have been able to gain the trust of several prominent clients. How has your client base grown over the years? Share with us a success story where edynamics catered to the needs of its client.

The real estate sector is the market of trust and the most important aspect is Data security. BMS is getting separately installed for every client and offers industry-standard security and data handling practices. Over the past 7 years, we have gained the trust of 100's of clients due to our strict data protection & data privacy policies.

Along with this BMS is offered to clients without any restrictions so the client can use the system worry-free. We have enabled this by allowing our client’s entire staff to use the system without paying any extra cost (unlimited users), along with that they can enjoy the freedom of using ONE system for managing multiple projects (unlimited projects), and for collaborating with unlimited joint venture companies.

The Real Estate sector in India is plagued by many issues and at present is going through one of the worst

phases of growth in the history of India. Mention some of the challenges you had to encounter as the leader of a company that provides technological solutions in the Real Estate Sector. What strategies did you employ to mitigate the challenges?
This is correct that the Real estate sector in India is going through a huge makeover in terms of regulations, taxations, manpower & technology as well. We have taken these changes on a serious note and re-designed our business module and made our pricing strategies accordingly, which will be very affordable to the builders and developers, as well as channel partners. To go a step further we have started offering our complete system and all related services (SMS's, emails, virtual numbers) completely free for certain duration so that the entrepreneur should not be feeling cheated by paying upfront costs and facing bad services or adaptability issues later on.

Real estate sector in India is going through a huge makeover in terms of regulations, taxations, manpower & technology as well

How have you seen the company grow over the years, and what future do you perceive for the organization?
In our journey of 7 years, we have been through many ups and downs due to regulations & taxation related changes in the Real Estate Industry from the government. We have adopted and made the required changes in BMS as this was necessary to drive the government's vision of ‘One Nation One Tax’.

We are on a mission “BMS for all by 2020” by providing BMS for FREE for a certain period of time, eventually backing up the Government's Vision of 'Housing for all'.

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