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e-nnovation Life Sciences: Setting New Standards in Biotechnology & Healthcare Business

Anuj Singh,Founder & Director

Anuj Singh

Founder & Director

It’s not the greatest of facts that the researchers in our country spend most of their time preparing and getting ready for the actual research. This creates considerable, often result-compromising delays in finalizing projects. e-nnovation Life Sciences (a venture from e-nnovation Biodiscovery Pvt. Ltd.) tackles this challenge and transforms them into opportunities. e-nnovation identifies innovative technologies, engineers products around it and makes reliable partners round the world who offer specific & considerable advantage over existing products, technologies & services, and in turn provides the complete advantage to the Biotechnology and healthcare community. Team e-nnovation has played a vital role during covid-19 pandemic time by serving many government-of-India projects as well as by serving giant corporations like TATA group.

The award winning company today is one of the fastest growing startups in the country, thanks to a team of young, skilled & experienced professionals. e-nnovation has been in the limelight ever since its inception, bringing home several awards over the years, including from the government. A 2013-born business group that exists as two major ventures under the umbrella of e-nnovation Group – e-nnovation Life Sciences and e-nnovation Biodiscovery Pvt. Ltd. currently has 13 channel partners across 13 states. CIO Insider conducts an exclusive interview with Anuj Singh, the founder & Director of e-nnovation group of companies.

In conversation with Anuj Singh, Founder & Director, e-nnovation Life Sciences (a venture from e-nnovation Biodiscovery Pvt. Ltd.)

Thanks to the advancement of technologies, the biotechnology industry has come a long way and is quite populous today. Where is e-nnovation positioned in the current biotechnology industry?
While the world is inching closer to extremely personalized healthcare paradigms centered on genetic make-up of patients, our forte includes the molecular and next generation

Functional Genomics and Pharmacogenomics aspects of business. We are trend setters and one of the fastest growing startups in the segment. Through our exclusive services and portfolio, researchers do study on gene-samples of patients with rare-diseases facilitated from different parts of the country. For research and to generate data for reference, we also help the government scientific fraternity and healthcare corporations, offering most effective products and services that facilitate them for the final product.

What is the challenge that you solve in the industry? And what is the kind of trend that we are talking about?
In terms of Biotechnology research, the scholars traditionally spend more than 40 percent of their time on preparation, including cloning etc. In addition to the delay itself, one of the predominant drawbacks of this approach is that the gene often undergoes mutation by the time they start research. We, at e-nnovation, started this venture by leveraging the advantage of certified ready-made clones that expedites preparation and enables scholars to move to the next step almost instantly. This makes teams focus on actual research and thus produce quality results at an impressive turnaround time. We are pioneers of this new approach, which now is becoming one of the most relevant and used methods in the industry. On the other hand, using our robust logistics network, we have also reduced the bio-logistics costs by a whopping 30-40 percent.

Your company does a lot of projects with the central government as well. What have been some of your recent endeavors during the pandemic?
We have worked and continue to work closely with several government bodies amidst the pandemic, including CSIR, DBT, and ICMR etc. For the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) India, e-nnovation Biodiscovery Pvt. Ltd., a venture of e-nnovation Life Sciences has been transporting Novel Coronavirus samples all over the country through our biologistics network. During lockdown one & two, wherein a lot of restrictions on movement were present, we facilitated many crucial services and products for novel coronavirus study, including covid safety essentials. We always strive to ensure that we are not just another company and ascertain that we add value and set benchmarks in the industry. We have got permission from government competent authorities to serve and facilitate their science in many aspects. On a very short note, we established PPE kit and N95 mask production within our company network and served many government and corporate institutions who were pioneers of covid-19 research and development including RT-PCR testing. Other than giant government

institutions, currently we are serving to Indian giant corporate firms like TATA group, Aurobindo Pharma, Siemens Healthineers, Suburban Diagnostics to name a few.

Your company exists as separate divisions. Could you tell us about the activities of those three divisions?
e-nnovation Life Sciences has a dedicated division that provides technology for Molecular Biology, Functional Genomics and Pharmacogenomics. We also have a separate division that offers an entire stack of clone libraries and the construction of customized libraries based on the requirement of our clients. Additionally, there is another division that offers innovative research and medical equipment, including the recently added innovative PPE kits. Various State governments across the country are using our PPE kits today. Furthermore, we also have e-nnovation Biodiscovery that provides services and solutions other than academic research to Healthcare professionals. This includes bio-logistics services, which is going to play a vital role in anticipated distribution of covid vaccine by mid-2021 and expected to be continued till 2024 to cover the entire population.

Meenu Singh, Director

Going forward, what’s the future roadmap of e-nnovation?
We believe that business is not just about making money. We, at e-nnovation, believe that entrepreneurship must be about innovative solutions for the problems facing the community at a fair profit. En route to the future, we are planning a couple of non-scientific ventures as well for times when the world resumes after the pandemic. One of them is an Adventure Tourism venture, which will create a bridge between ‘India’ with the old-world charm of ‘Bharat’. We have already started investing in real estate for this project, which will be a cocktail of INDIA & BHARAT. I can assure you that it will be nothing like the current tourism apps! We are also planning to start an export line of business. Every district in India is known for a unique product/artifact. We are on a mission to create a global market for such products that are infused with the ethos of Bharat, and thus help thousands of artisans in the country through BRAND INDIA.

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