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Nuvox Healthcare: Establishing the Concept of 'Good' Healthcare

Kali CharanChoudhary,Co-Founder & Director

Kali CharanChoudhary

Co-Founder & Director

The global Healthcare industry is hosting a watershed moment. People are changing their healthcare habits and preventive healthcare, as a result, is getting a lot of attention. But, though people are concerned about healthcare more than ever before, it’s not possible to overlook the side effects of medications that we are used to. A Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company, Nuvox Healthcare is advocating for a new hope of good health and happiness of wellbeing through its novel products and services. Within just a couple of years after inception, Nuvox has created its niche in the pharmaceutical and wellness industry and is recognized as a trusted partner known for quality, expertise & excellent product services. It is indeed the rigorous research work and strong distribution that placed Nuvox on the track of success, and the credit goes to an experienced team marshalled by the company’s co-founder & Director, Kali Charan Choudhary. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive chat session with Kali Charan.

In conversation with Kali Charan Choudhary, Co-Founder & Director, Nuvox Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

What does Nuvox stand for and what is going to be its role amidst the drastically transforming healthcare scenario?
As the name suggests, Nuvox is a new voice for good health. We bring in the concept of Phytopharmaceuticals, which implicates medicines with pure active vegan substances that are taken from plants or parts of plants. Through this, we give a new dimension to human healthcare - Greenopathy, which is a more effective, healthier, and natural way of healthcare. The deep understanding of science and the wealth of experience that we possess equip us to explore healthcare alternatives in plants, animals and microorganisms.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people look at healthcare. If previously their thought process was more aligned with treatment and healthcare options, they now think more about preventive healthcare and are convinced with the importance of not catching an ailment. Our vision is aligned with this thought, while aiming

towards the betterment in the patients’ life by giving them health support and spreading happiness through natural products.

While venturing into novel, niche concepts, it’s also imperative to set the standards right and make sure that the quality of products is intact. How do you address this aspect?
We always strive for excellence. Be it research or development, we ensure that Nuvox is at the cutting-edge and also it’s of paramount importance for us that we collaborate with only the world class manufacturing units. Additionally, we have a dedicated quality assurance team led by our partner and mentor Mr. Nalin Nanavati, comprising highly experienced professionals that forms an extra shield. This goes a long way into ensuring the originality and quality of our products. A strong testament to this is the feedback that we receive from our consumers. The quality of our products has also been one of the reasons why we have been able to create an excellent brand persona within just two years.

Our decades of experience and the zeal to deliver good health were the key driving factor in developing TOPUP, the most bio available range of supplements

Could you brief us about the other factors that have contributed to creating such an intact reputation in the market?
One of the factors is definitely the wealth of experience that we possess. For instance, within my close to 15 years of professional experience in the industry, I had worked with Sanofi for more than a decade, wearing the hats of both a product manager and a marketing manager. So I have been trained for and deeply understand the value of consumer feedback. At Nuvox, we spend a significant amount of our time and effort to meticulously understand the pain areas of the consumer before providing solutions. I also believe that an innovation is only effective when it serves purpose. For instance, based on our research as well as the feedback received from the consumers who repeatedly asked for medications for chronic diseases that they have to consume on a daily basis for longer periods of time, we came up with several vegan products that could replace their current nonvegetarian medications, while having better efficacy and taking them away from side effects.

In addition to the individual experience I would also like to mention we are privileged to have a dedicated and experienced sales leadership team lead

by Mr. Kundan Rawat, supported by Mr. Jayesh Singh, Mr. Girish Ghag and Mr. Rajesh Dubey who champions the excellence of execution.

The right nutrition is something that connects between ‘healthcare’ and happiness. How would you describe your endeavors pertaining to nutrition products?
Nutrition and nutrients are a couple of buzz words in the current healthcare realm. Everybody talks about them. But we hardly hear about micronutrients, which is an area where we have conducted a lot of research. Even though our body requires a very less amount of micronutrients, they play an instrumental role when it comes to vital organ functions.

From left to right: Mr.Jayesh Singh , Mr.Kundan Rawat, Mr.Rajesh Dubey & Mr.Girish Ghah

Our decades of expertise and the zeal to deliver good health was the key driving factor in developing TOPUP, the most bio available range of supplements which will topup life with the goodness of micronutrients.

We are all set to provide the world with the widest range of premium effervescent vitamins and minerals under TOPUP nutrition brand which are affordable, yet don't compromise on taste or quality. TopUp tablets are made using the technology of effervescence that makes the tab 100 percent bio available so that the body receives every bit of its benefits.

Going forward, what are your future plans besides venturing into the micronutrient products segment? What are the areas that you are going to invest in?
Today, people are hesitant to consume the well-being tablets, given the possibility of side-effects. This is where the idea of Greenopathy and TOPUP nutrition comes into play and we are investing in the concept to build an ecosystem around it.

Another area where we are going to invest is to build the e commerce infrastructure which will play an important role in the post-covid business landscape and strength the Customer service programs like SAMPARK, which empowers consumers the to access the right and complete information on the nutritional supplements.

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