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Eugenie: Detecting, Treating, And Forecasting Anomalies In Data

Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury,Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury

Co-Founder & CEO

Eugenie is an AI-backed algorithmic suite that assists organisations to identify, explore and achieve business incongruities which can have critical impact. The organisation’s machine learning algorithms detect data deviations and recommend actionable perceptions in terms of business KPIs with root cause analysis for various domains. The company is positioned in Mumbai as well as US and can seamlessly scale to process any amount of data to identify risks and growth prospects. Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury acquaints the familiarity of the organisation as a start-up that structures ahead among other industry giants in the field.

In conversation with Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury, Co- Founder And CEO, Eugenie

Every company is currently investing in data analytics capabilities to keep up with known or unknown developments and competition. What are the services provided by Eugenie to the customers?
Only 12 percent of the Fortune 500 companies which existed in 1955 survived through 2017. This was due to their inability to adapt to the unknowns of the changing business landscape. Eugenie’s motto is to alert businesses of these unknowns using AI, engineering, and design. AI eliminates the human preferences from the data by enabling machines to see through the data to predict any unexpected business events that might occur in the future. Eugenie’s AI workbench includes a three-step framework to Spot, Explore, and Exploit irregularities from voluminous and real-time data. Eugenie is developed to act as a mirror of the businesses which is pure, factual, and reliable.

Eugenie’s predictive analytics capacity also helps businesses to predict and prepare for probable emergencies. By providing correct and timely alerts of probable failures, Eugenie allows businesses to take prompt actions that can save time and resources.

Eugenie can handle time-series data that contains KPIS and dimensions against which businesses can track and assess the health of operations

Data analytics will improve more momentum in the coming years. To have a growth in technology, a team of a certain organization must be strong and innovative. Tell us about the computer software team of Eugenie?
Eugenie can handle time-series data that contains KPIs and dimensions against which businesses can track and assess the health of operations. Eugenie processes such data at different throughputs i.e. in batches or in streams. With Eugenie’s robust artificial intelligence workbench, both - batch and stream data processing are extremely fast and accurate. The AI core of Eugenie enables operational insights and intelligence in terms of predictive and prescriptive analytics to Industry 4.0 that produces high-volume stream data. Our leadership principles regulate what kind of people we hire and who can thrive in. Eugenie’s core technical team comprises of highly competent, passionate, and dedicated data scientists, engineers, and designers. More so, our leadership team comprises of people with past experiences in building successful ventures.

The possibilities by machine learning and artificial intelligence are endless and it will be a race for companies to attach its power and create new services. Tell us about the strategies and measures taken by Eugenie that differentiate your organisation from the competitors?
Eugenie is conceptualized within Fractal Analytics, which has been an analytical partner for Fortune 100 companies

around the world for the last two decades. Eugenie is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for co-selling which enables leveraging of robust technological platforms like Microsoft Azure. These associations helped Eugenie to inherit the domain knowledge and the technical infrastructure in building an AI solution that is relevant for industries. On the other hand, in Eugenie, we have the framework of “Spot-Explore-Exploit”, which not only discovers insights from the data but also explains why that insight is important and the root-causes behind it. This explainable AI helps business users to uncover the “why” and “how “parts of the insights.

Share a success story which that has allowed Eugenie to leave significant impact on the ways knowledge is extracted?
Eugenie helped a prominent fortune 100 consumer packaged goods company to transform its product marketing and distribution strategy. The CPG giant was struggling to utilize the available enormous data sets, which led to a lot of manual analysis. With root-cause analysis, Eugenie reduced the data-to-action time by more than 95 percent and also discovered hidden patterns in data. The director of the CPG Company acknowledged Eugenie’s contribution for extracting knowledge from the data to form a new way of organizational thinking.

With quick innovation in technologies, tell us about the future of Eugenie for the coming years?
Eugenie would continue to work towards its mission to enable organizations to transform the decision-making process from human-driven to fact-driven using AI and engineering. Eugenie will continue to emphasize on research with the focus on how to enable our clients to achieve higher operational efficiency with a human centred approach. We will continue our efforts to enable organizations to deal with data effectively. We also plan to utilize Eugenie for social causes such as predicting ground water depletion and its root causes for different states within India. Groundwater depletion is one of the major forces driving farmers to commit suicide and the scarcity of drinking water that impact the larger population. We will continue creating similar solutions that can build a better and safer world through technology.

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Eugenie: Detecting, Treating, And Forecasting Anomalies In Data