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Finsol Technologies: Building Technology Driven Sophisticated Trading Platforms

Gaurav Agarwal ,Founder

Finsol Technologies is a fin-tech company headquartered in New Delhi established in the year 2016. The company develops products powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that cater to the customers through a hosted environment. By providing a door to access updates on world’s leading exchanges and an ecosystem where traders thrive, Finsol Technologies presents a platform to build a successful trading career. To elaborate on the enterprise practices, Gaurav Agarwal, Founder and Akshay Gupta, Vice President, join the interview.

In conversation with Gaurav Agarwal, Founder and Akshay Gupta, Vice President, Finsol Technologies

There is an ascending pressure for financial technology institutes to accommodate emerging technological tools with their services to spur customer engagements and streamline operational processes. How is Finsol positioned in this market of technology-driven Fintech?
We are focused on small and midsized traders and fund houses who have a huge market presence in India. We believe this set of users, who have a huge market presence in India and across the globe, will experience growth both in terms of numbers and wealth creation. We develop products integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in fin-tech space for capital market. One of the salient features of our product is its low latency coupled with an algorithmic trading platform. This platform significantly increases capital

preservation by providing actionable information ahead of time, thereby reducing the risk of capital erosion. Our ultra low latency product helps customers mind the price discovery in a much more accurate and feasible way when compared to other products in the market. By embracing technology we enable the seamless integration between various modules and products across the web, desktop, and mobile.

QuantoTrade’s solution for algorithmic trading utilizes the decision making engine to automate trading of financial instruments on the electronic exchanges

Decisive capital market boosts the economy, as well as drive capital and credit for assisting best ideas and enterprises. Tell us how the technology integrated service offered by Finsol Technologies helps in yielding productive outcomes for enterprises.
Being a new-age company with technology as our forte, we have leveraged it to provide a great platform and outstanding support services to our customers. We use cloud as well as traditional Architecture to provide great user experience for faster and reliable trades. With an integrated back-office in the product, we are able to provide seamless interface throughout, thus creating a secure and transparent environment in the global finance derivatives market.

Kindly give a brief insight about your QuantoTrade platform and how it accomplishes your goal in making trade simple, easy, and secure.
QuantoTrade is an integrated platform for securities trading that equips traders with a comprehensive console having a built-in rating engine and real time analytics. This enables traders to make informed decisions on buying and selling securities. QuantoTrade’s solution for algorithmic trading utilizes the decision making engine to automate trading of financial instruments on the

electronic exchanges. With Finsol’s Execution Services, clients have access to sophisticated algorithms and experienced trading desks to access liquidity, maintain anonymity, and minimize market impact. Our NLP based KNEWS engine would provide market analysis and real time analytics, and therefore increases the opportunities available to users for maximizing gains during market turmoil. In addition, we plan to build analytics on historical data to further refine and validate the information provided by our NLP based news engine.

Please illustrate an example where Finsol has delivered its product to increase the profit and reduce the cost for a company in the capital market industry.
One of our clients, Pro Traders, used QuantoTrade platform to send orders at a very high speed, and initiate improved order fulfilment thereby increasing turnover and better utilization of invested capital. Finsol’s unparalleled 24X7 customer support has made the lives of traders much easier. We helped them transform their business and have positioned Finsol to MOST Important partner rather than just a vendor for the company.

Recent fin-tech innovations in the capital market domain are blessed with an alternative thinking approach. What future does Finsol Technologies bear in the capital market domain for the coming years?
We believe we have a bright future in both domestic and global market. Our product can be extended and configured to work on multiple exchanges, countries and markets. With more extensive use of AI and ML we are well placed to offer variety of services to our clients. QuantoTrade can easily be configured to meet needs of individual retail traders and also customized for enterprise users looking to explore and experiment in multiple markets. With increased economic activities in Asia-Pacific and subsequent maturing of exchanges in the region, need for comprehensive trading tools and technologies will see significant increase and Finsol is well positioned to benefit from this demand.

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