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G7 CR: Value Driven Cloud Assitance

Christopher Richard ,MD & Chief Software Architect

Christopher Richard

MD & Chief Software Architect

Bengaluru based G7 CR Technologies disrupts ‘Cloud Services model enabling Indian businesses to embrace newer technology, Go-to-market faster and a technology partner they can rely on. Currently, G7 CR Technologies is one of the fastest growing Cloud partner in India and has been recognized as Partner of the year by Microsoft. This company is clocking at 100 percent YoY growth while expanding in 5 countries. The managing director gives a walk through of their vision and offerings.

In conversation with Christopher Richard, Managing Director, G7 CR Technologies

As the Cloud notion becomes louder, more and more businesses are moving their setup to cloud. But surveys suggest they are not quite happy with the value achieved. As a Cloud domain player, what drives G7 CR Technologies?

The migration to cloud IT from onpremise systems is reshaping the way businesses and other organizations operate. While the benefits of Cloud are clear. What businesses oversee is the “need for a partner who can take them through their Cloud journey”. Operational shift, Cost Management, Building Cloud competency and knowledge to navigate Cloud platform are a few changes that take time. We took 2 years to get to a perfect combination of Cloud services for our customer and we continue to change and innovate each day. You must spend as much or more time in choosing your Cloud services partner and not just the Cloud platform. Over a period, we have come to realize that our competition is within and there is a constant need to innovate to meet the ever growing business needs.

What is the current industry standard for cloud adoption and why does it need to change? Also, how is G7CR driving this change?

The customers are very well informed. They do thorough research before making the buying decision or even contacting the partner. The model of selling through licensing is quickly becoming irrelevant to the current market needs. The cloud computing Industry perspective needs to change from the current discount driven sales to value& capability driven sale. The traditional transactional partner will need to quickly re-evaluate their business model and focus on building competency to help Customer buy and consume Cloud effectively.

G7 CR is simply Customer obsessed. Our Sales team are trained and Certified Solutions specialist, their discussions with the Customer is solution driven. Starting with Sales to migration, implementation, monitoring and support we cover the entire Journey of Cloud Transformation for our Customers.

How has G7 CR maintained the best standards of Customer satisfaction?

Our customers have said that they are able to concentrate on their core business while G7 CR takes care of their cloud strategies. G7 CR brings in the

depth and breadth of cloud services and the customers do not have to focus on the resources and competencies required internally. Customers have come to expect the free 24x7 support, prompt response, immediate resolution, and we continue to build on that expectations. The company does so by continuously enhance its internal skills. As the CEO, Deepak Singh, rightly puts, "What's good today is tomorrow's new norm". Due to this, our customer satisfaction rate stands at 97.5 percent and the customer retention for the last 9 months is 100 percent.

We have been empowering small and medium sized businesses to adopt the power of cloud, business process automation, machine for learning and emerging technologies

Organizations look up to their partners when they're in need of highly complex projects that will lead to transformational change. Builders plan and architect at a very high level. In other words, these partners help organizations lay the foundation for a cloud based future. However, at times when the course gets rough, businesses expect the best in class support. At this point, having the best engineers who could understand the problem from the technicality perspective can be really helpful. This is a bit impractical if one tries to implement it. G7 CR divided its entire support channel into various clusters and each cluster consists of technically skilled employees. Therefore, when a customer comes forward with a business challenge of a particular technology, G7 maps the customer to the relevant cluster that is fully equipped to handle the business challenge. We are the only partner who provides a 24x7 support for 365 days. We are just a phone call away for any kind of assistance needed. Our support team is available all the time.

Most clients want to work directly with the OEMs. The idea is let the OEMs create and maintain the datacentres and technologies. But the ecosystem would not work without the partners. The example of airplanes may clear it up better. Boeing creates the airplanes and does not run the airlines. Because it is not the scope of the business. In the same manner, OEMs create the necessary technologies and datacentres and manages them but the partners enable the end users to use it properly. Likewise, Microsoft builds data centers and services, but it takes the raw true understanding of the functions to actually be able to keep the hardware running. This year G7 CR was announced Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for India. The recognition by Microsoft proves the highest quality and best of the technology expertise that G7CR Technologies offers. This Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Awards honoured G7 CR at the country level for demonstrating business excellence in delivering Microsoft solutions to multiple customers over the past year. We have succeeded in effective engagement with our local Microsoft office while showcasing innovation and business impact, driving customer satisfaction, and winning new customers. We are an Expert Azure Managed Services Partner driving cloud transformation for over 800+ businesses across India; it’s only obvious that we were presented with this award.

Tell us about your successful implementations that have been a

remarkable milestone in G7 CR's journey.

We have few dear ones in this context, Subex and Knolskape. Subex is a fiber optics company and is currently partners to world’s 75 percent of telcos for their business transformation and operational excellence journey by enabling new revenue models, enhancing customer experience and optimizing the enterprise. Subex being an IT company constantly looks into developing on new technologies to keep the productivity on scale. As a product based organization, Subex has to innovate constantly thus requiring various support services including end point support, infra support and audio/video support with respect to IT infrastructure challenge. G7 CR has assisted the organization with their migration to Azure.

In a yet another successful venture with an assessment and development platform provider for employees, G7 CR proved its expertise to be top of the line. Using technology intensive practices, Knolskape delivers immersive and experiential learning solutions for enterprises. The company has 20 different applications, each with varying weight of workloads. Knolskape had to move all their monolithic applications to new microservice architecture. G7 CR deployed a team to look into and help Knolskape to setup their applications in the new architecture. The client was able to improve their server performance and at the same time reduce our cost. The kinds of expertise and project management abilities that G7 CR brought in were quite impressive. We have a lot in the pipeline and setting up the right infrastructure in place is key to that initiative. We’re glad to have partnered with G7 CR Technologies to achieve our objective.

Having achieved such milestones in customer satisfaction and value addition, what does G7 GR further looks forward to?

We have been driven by our motto to ‘Create Value for Our Customers.’We intend to continue doing that. We have been empowering small and medium-sized businesses to adopt the power of cloud, business process automation, machine for learning and emerging technologies and our aim will always fundamentally be to help our customers boost their revenue, reach and productivity.

What Clients Have to Say?

“It’s been a great experience working with a partner like G7 CR, and to put across my observation, the ethos and attitude from the CEO (Deepak) has percolated down to the sales & support people and we have found them very cooperative, transparent, and helpful in our journey so far. We have found a trusted partner and an extension to our IT team”, says Prajay Shah, Director IT & Managed Services, Subex.

“The kinds of expertise and project management abilities that G7 CR brought in were quite impressive. We have a lot in the pipeline and setting up the right infrastructure in place is key to that initiative. We’re glad to have partnered with G7 CR Technologies to achieve our objective”, quotes Vijay Kalangi, Co-founder & CTO, Knolskape.

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