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Genexis: Global Fiber to The Home Market - Supporting Digital India Dream

Paritosh Prajapati ,CEO, Asia Pacific Region

Paritosh Prajapati

CEO, Asia Pacific Region

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a communication technology that delivers communication signal over optical fiber directly to the home from the operator’s switching equipment. At present, Fiber to the home market is at emerging stage and forms the right level of speed and bandwidth to the consumers, enabling fast access to videos, voice, data and internet services. Based out of Gurgaon, Genexis is one of the pioneers in the field of FTTH (Fiber to the Home), with a more then 15 years experience from market and with market leading position in Europe. Products used in FTTH require support for the future requirements, since FTTH is a long-term solution which in turn requires customer specific development, where Genexis has proven to be one of the most innovative vendors with in-house development that ensures tailor made solutions meeting market expectations.

"As a board member of FTTH council and broadband forum, Genexis drives the next generation cyber security requirements."

Current market is in lack of quality products at low cost, where Genexis has been focused on developing products together with the operator and field engineers, with focus on the end customer. FTTH technology offers high-speed network at affordable prices to consumers, but that does not mean that products should have low quality

and not user friendly. Internet is the main connectivity to major part of our daily activities today, which means availability of Internet is critical today.

"Genexis drives the next generation cyber security requirements, where Internet security is generally becoming a top priority for all segments"

Looking closer at the specific effects of high speed fiber-based access networks on all stakeholders in the society, we see many socioeconomically benefits. Some of the advantages are:

- On FTTH, as compared to copper- based broadband internet access speed does not reduce over long distances to end-user. Compared to radio wireless systems (e.g. 3G and 4G cellular) the speed is unaffected by the number of sharing end-users;

- FTTH has a higher bandwidth and better reliability (i.e. very fewer disruptions) as compared to traditional broadband services via cooper cable (FTTH Council Europe 2017);

- FTTH facilitates and increase end -user satisfaction, which in return creates higher revenue opportunities for service providers, economies of scale, lower operating costs and a future-proof network infrastructure for flexible upgrade without replacing the cables.

The current requirements are changing fast,with the new demand from the market and consumers, which also brings security risk into picture. As a innovative FTTH vendor, Genexis drives the next generation cyber security requirements, where Internet security is generally becoming a top priority for all segments. Advanced Internet security protects hacking into private life, where Insufficient Internet security can threaten to collapse a private life or business where sensitive data gets routed over the Web.

By working with operators globally, the company came together with leading

operators in Europe, developing the next generation product lines, along with the security required to maintain a secure and closed network. Genexis focus is also modular products, which is upgradable without reinstalling and changing the main core part of the installation. The major issues in this field are reinstallation and robust installations in-home. Therefore, if products are installed properly and upgradable by the end-user, the operators could not only increase their value sells, but also ensures a low operation cost with high availability. By having the entire design house internally Genexis ensures that their products have the right components and chips required to meet the escalating security threats.

Genexis has designed a product line, which is patent designed to ensure that no human interaction on the fiber interface, to ensure a stable and reliable network. Having achieved such levels of excellence, Genexis works towards the goodwill of accomplishing the dream of a Digital India. Genexis’ vision is to be the part of Digital India dream, where they can bring the right value to the growth of India, as broadband is one of the major need for the development of the country in the coming years. Government initiatives create direction, but as corporate, Genexis has also taken responsibility to take part in improving the country’s IT development.

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Genexis: Global Fiber to The Home Market - Supporting Digital India Team