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HARTING Technology: Industrial Connectors and Data Networking's Coeval Operations in Rugged Environment

Girish Rao,CEO

Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly digital. As this trend unfolds, many companies are often left struggling to determine what they should be doing to drive and deliver real value, both operationally and strategically. Indeed, digital solutions may promise significant value to an organization-value that could never have been realized prior to the advent of connected, smart technologies. A particular fascination of late seems to be the notion of Integrated Industrial Connectors and Data Networking. Creating a seamless integration at all levels and giving the devices a connection to interact with each other, Espelkamp headquartered and globally established company, HARTING Technology Group, is in the midst of a revolution of its own kind. HARTING Group has positioned itself to provide device connectivity technology and data networking that can meet the toughest demands in any environment.

The ongoing digitization of industrial production requires more and more intelligent hardware at the field level, facilitated by industrial connectors and data networking. HARTING Group’s modular systems support the customers in the decentralized collection and evaluation of data. The company designs and manufactures rugged, efficient and precise solutions tailored to individual customer requirements of Power, Data and Signal. This includes servicing and continual series production support.

Attenuating Connectivity Challenges in Varied Environments
The current scenario indicates that the network connections are commonly managing the industries but are not

intelligently connected. However,as the number of connected devices soars into billions, Data Networking and Industry Connectors are increasingly offering potential for operational efficiencies, cost savings and innovations in varied environments. HARTING has proven deliver ables for network and data related products built for rugged and harsh environments usage. This inter connectivity device manufacturer has shelved its position to skilfully control power electronics systems such as frequency converters, traction converters, UPS systems or welding systems; in diverse environments.

"HARTING has proven deliverables for network and data related products built for rugged and harsh environments usage"

To support proper networking in varied environments, HARTING has developed a range of products, for both smaller and larger interfaces. In the larger interface, the company has define its offerings with the help of power distribution boxes, interconnection solutions and assembled cable sets. The complete range of pre-assembled power cables is available to establish interconnection between the power distribution boxes and the automation components such as field installed frequency converters. As for the demands of smaller devices in smaller interfaces, the company has upgraded its tracking technology to track these miniaturized trends.

HARTING has specifically sharpened its focus towards meeting the customers’ need and customization in these smaller interfaces. From IP20 solutions for network applications to waterproof connectors to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, the company offers a versatile product portfolio. HARTING has deliberately maintained this versatile product portfolio to function faster and robust at the same time, where irrespective of size the interface delivers data, signal and power to applications.

Reliable Information Processing in Connectors and Sensors
Irrespective of sizes of the interfaces, HARTING offers a wide range of Interface connectors such as Industrialix Ethernet connector, Rugged RJ 45 connectors, Circular connectors,

D-Sub connectors. Yet,in all these interfaces and environments, the demands for customization are never undermined. The customers’ requirement of a reliable solution in a rugged and constrained environment is made impaired with HARTING’s Han Modular connectors with data transmission module and M12 connectors within a frame. The concept enables a smooth integration of electronic systems such as displays, monitoring cameras (equipped, with M12 circular connectors) and sensors. Here in, additionally, HARTING also proffers a range of current sensors based on “Hall-Effect” principle. These current sensors are electro mechanical components deliver a precise, real-time representation of the input and output currents.

The compact design of the connectors and sensors (especially used in transportation, machinery and energy markets) usually need guaranteed, secured and reliable information processing. Reliable information processing becomes crucial and dependent on RFID even more if used in demanding and harsh industrial applications and conditions. Quick and easy handling, robustness, flexibility in use, a long-life cycle and, ideally, a tool-free assembly, all these features become eminent and decisive in the realm of Industrial Connectors and Data Networking. The Porterbrook project in England, for instance, is the best example of a successful expansion of data networks in the railway sector. HARTING supports the high bandwidth Ethernet network with EMC shielded HanGigabit modules, jumper cable housings and Cat. 7A cable assemblies.

HARTING’s comprehensive expertise, technical support, engineering, service and testing, positions the company as the ideal partner for a multitude of challenging tasks. Application-oriented solutions are professionally and promptly designed and implemented–in cooperation with the customers. With such zeal to be the best in business, HARTING is steadily adapting their range of services to meet the dynamic demands of the customers, while reviewing current technology trends and working on the same to improve and pursue new approaches.

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