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Global Channel Resources: Enabling Businesses to Upgrade their Venture using IoT Solutions

Tony Tsao,  Founder, Chairman & CEO

Tony Tsao

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Singapore headquartered Global Channel Resources(GCR) is a global business solutions and services provider that helps enterprises to digitally transform their arena via IoT solutions. GCR operates the cloud service subscription model on their Channel Partner Service Portal by providing IoT solutions and cloud services.

In conversation with Tony Tsao, Founder, Chairman & CEO,Global Channel Resources

The IoT ecosystem is transforming every thing from consumer devices to large scale manufacturing and industrial applications. How does Global Channel Resources operate in the space of Internet of Things?
We contribute significantly to the IoT ecosystem by providing a platform for ISVs and Channel Partners to work closely with each other to implement solutions. We offer more than 500 solutions that cut across multiple industries. With the advent of 5G, the next frontier of IoT driving innovation across industries will show case an impact in business performance. Under the 5G regime, the role of GCR becomes even more significant. By 2025, India will be a USD 1 Trillion digital economy and we are optimistic of becoming the gateway to Digital India for Technology and Integration partners. We are certain

to offer solutions that improve productivity and efficiency; reduce operational costs, and improve operating revenue to enterprises.

GCR’s priority lies in securing the entire infrastructure and network by implementing multilayer security measures

Almost every business is implementing IoT solutions to get the technology integrated into their businesses. What is your flagship offering that sets apart Global Channel Resources from its competitors?
We believe that the successful implementation of an IoT solution is dependent on a host of factors such as gap analysis, identification of the right solution, performing POC, final execution of the solution and finally managing IoT lifecycle. All of this requires resources namely IoT Architects, Software, System Integrators and Managed Services Providers. We are the integrated services digital delivery platform that caters to diverse set of industries such as Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Hospitality and Retail. The other areas where we are building our capabilities are Banking & Finance, Media, and Utilities. In collaboration with our partners, we have successfully implemented more than 200 complex IoT projects. Since small and large enterprises seek for OpEx driven engagement models, there is a demand for SaaS solutions. Another key area where we offer a substantial service is shielding enterprises from security threats. GCR's priority lies in securing the entire infrastructure and network by implementing multilayer security measures that cover cloud platforms, web and mobile applications, and end

point devices. With the help of security analytics, enterprises can gather and analyse data to identify potential threats. The GDPR guidelines also apply to personal data captured by IoT devices. With stringent frameworks such as GDPR and the ePrivacy regulation in place, we have to function with caution in the deployment of the solution.

Tell us about one of Global Channel Resources’ significant implementations that has earned recognition in the industry.
There are many, however, the recent one is, when we along with our partners were able to simplify the supply chain for a leading copper cable company. We were assigned the task to enhance their 3PL(Third Party Logistics)metrics for route delivery by improving ETAs(Estimated Time of Arrival)for JIT (Just In Time)shipments. We offered a technology and implementation partner that had domain experience. An in transit asset tracking solution was introduced that captured shipment location visibility in realtime, indicated route deviation through alerts and provided detailed route reports. In the end, the results were overwhelming that it could reduce the delivery delays by 40 percent.

What further innovations would Global Channel Resources implement in the years ahead?
We would like to expand our offerings for solutions to most parts of the world, and work with Integration Partners to create an end-to-end offering and integrated ecosystem. We would like to echo GCR as the primary gateway to Digital India and the only answer to a platform for Technology Partners with market data, partners profiling, digital marketing, market assessment, and trials. We are embracing a system where domain experts can 'franchise' our platform to operate in their specific domain and become an IoT Guru.

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