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Global SW Innovations: Powering Banking on the Go

Aarti Tripathi,Director

Worldwide, of the 2.5 billion people who have no access to traditional banks, approximately 1 billion have mobile phones. As a result, banks today are welcoming wireless and mobile technology to offer their customers the freedom of banking at any point of the day, from any place across the globe. Understanding the significance of mobility in banking and finance, Global SW Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. (GSWI) was established with a clear intention of delivering user friendly mobile applications and solutions to start-ups, medium-sized and large scale firms at affordable costs. Tailored to industry’s best culture and practices, the company is solely committed to offering Mobile Applications, Software Development, Web Development, Wed Designing, Mobile Development, Content Management and e-commerce solutions across various industries.

Keeping up with its founding objectives,

this Gurgaon headquartered company offers a wide range of solutions that include Moby e-charge, School Management system, Invoicing/Billing software, Inventory Management System, Human Resource Management system and Payroll Software. In an attempt to address the stumbling blocks of traditional banking, GSWI has built mobile applications that offer virtual banking, enabling customers to pay bills, e-charge their phones, check balance, transfer funds, make deposits, withdraw or send money.

GSWI Operates by the credo of serving clients with sophisticated solution particularly in the arenas of finanace and engineering

"At GSWI, We create products after an in-depth requirement analysis, user behavior analysis, and technological assessment. Our integrated expertise in banking and finance sector acts as an advantage for us, allowing us to support a wide range of client initiatives and deliver cutting edge solutions," says the CEO, GSWI.

Since its inception in 2012, GSWI has stood firm to work towards ingraining technology in every aspect of business, reflecting its significant upward trends in its clients’ boardrooms, accentuating

their productivity and economic success. The young and stimulating GSWI deploys the creativity of its employees to design and develop attractive websites, desktop solutions, effective e-commerce solutions, enterprise solutions and unique mobile applications. "We have a passion for our clients' success and a pragmatic drive for action. With our strong team of software developers, web designers, UI/UX developers, database administrators, mobile developers, technology experts, quality experts, HR and finance managers, we take it on ourselves to make computing more interesting and agile for our clients," adds the CEO.

With its competent staff of intelligent and skilled engineers, the company has bagged valuable clients across the industry including Global Exchange Centre Limited, Hong Kong (Finance), Global Compliance Limited, Hong Kong (Finance, Regulations), Mitra Ent. Ltd., Deztek Consulting, Singapore (Engineering),I4i Engineering (Engineering), Avida Care, USA (Healthcare), and many others.

Right from its inception, GSWI has been progressing each day, moving closer to their five-year objective of transforming the company into an even larger organization that operates by the credo of serving clients with utmost sophisticated solutions, particularly in the sought after arenas of finance and engineering.

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