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GrassDew IT Solutions: Catering Customized Software Products for SME Sector

Shekhar Pawar,CEO

GrassDew IT Solutions, headquartered in Mumbai, provides services in IT Consulting, Software Solution Development, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, and Knowledge Training. GrassDew offers diverse experience across various business domains and software technologies like web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, data processing, databases, reports, cloud, etc. The CEO will further explain to us how GrassDew offers several differentiation and benefits in competitive and dynamic software business market.

In conversation with Shekhar Pawar, CEO, GrassDew IT Solutions

Employee management software performs tasks that could ease off the burden of managing HR operations and produce efficient output. How does Grassdew exercise its operations in delivering efficient employee management software for businesses?
GrassDew IT Solutions has several software products for helping SME sectors of India. One of our products is oHRMS which is the Human Resource Management System. Employees are not just resourced they are important stakeholders of any organization. oHRMS provides benefits to employees and organization management, as it contains end to end processes established starting from joining of employee till the last day in organization. It has employee information management, payroll, expense management, leave management, on-duty activity management, organization management and several different real-

time reports. Apart from those, most importantly it has performance rating management for employee where both performance management documents (PMD) and performance improvement plan (PIP) can be managed effectively. oHRMS provides segregation of duties through different roles and responsibilities for different department users.

As a service focused company, GrassDew is into CyberSecurity and developing reliable software solutions to the customers

The implications of blockchain in the financial sector are widely known. But its potential in HR and recruitment is rather huge. In what ways does Grassdew infuse blockchain into its products and services?
GrassDew is primarily a service focused company working in the areas of Customized Software Solution Development, Cyber Security services and IT Consulting. Apart from those it has started Digital Marketing and Knowledge Training services for its client base. For software development, GrassDew is mostly working with Microsoft related technologies such as .net/MSSQL/ MSBI. With increasing demand in especially western countries, GrassDew took few steps in Blockchain implementation deliveries. We understand every business is unique, and more of fewer organizations need tailoring of software products. As software technology experts, we can provide tailor-made software applications for any specific need.

Further, we can also implement private blockchain for Employee Management of an organization. It will help in many ways such as transforming the recruiting and hiring process, improving the accuracy of time and attendance data, protecting HR from cybercriminals etc. Also, it can implement smart contract to make payments and automate permission-based workflows. Additionally, we offer Blockchain for

consulting, design and implementation, as well as hands-on training.

A single breach could end up in identity theft or financial fraud or even it could ruin an employee’s life. Tell us how Grassdew ensures cybersecurity for the services that you offer.
Under our CyberSecurity services, GrassDew provides Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Testing (PT), Application / Network / Mobile App Audits, Source Code Security Review, Configuration Audit, Desktop Audit, etc. Also, it is essential to adopt best practices and processes to safeguard CyberSecurity posture. Every stakeholder for any organization, who might be employee or customer, should have to get CyberSecurity awareness training. It means we need to secure People, Process and Technology. GrassDew with its expertise helps organization to implement defense in depth.

It is necessary to gain a considerable reputation among the industries for the services that you have offered and successfully implemented. Share one such implementation which would have earned significant recognition for Grassdew.
GrassDew has helped one of the leading multistate Indian banks to migrate their entire banking data from Omni system to new Oracle Flexcube system. Apart from that GrassDew has helped one of UK based healthcare company, with source code review to identify problems causing performance, security and many such issues. Our clients are spread across India, USA, UK, and UAE. Now we are exploring more opportunities in Europe, Japan, and Russia.

What future does your company bear in the field of supplying employee management software?
As a service focused company, GrassDew is into CyberSecurity and developing reliable software solutions to the customers. Supplying employee management software for any organization gives us opportunity to interact and explore that organization’s needs or the problems they are facing. In next versions of oHRMS, depending on market needs we may plan to move towards AI or even private blockchain to make it more beneficial to all users.

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