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HArbor Vision: Bring Doctors to the Epicenter of Digital Healthcare

Kartik Vijaywargi, MD,Jateen Waghdhare, CEO

Over the last decade, the healthcare IT industry has fuelled a viable online healthcare model. The covid-19 pandemic was a strong tailwind to this trend, providing the healthcare IT providers with a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities. While pouncing on this opportunity, almost all the healthcare IT providers are endeavoring to create their own healthcare ecosystems, centering on patients. But in the process, the doctors are left high and dry, despite being the major stakeholder of this ecosystem. Nagpurbased HArbor Vision Pvt Ltd is committed to substituting this conventional method by integrating their platform with advanced yet easy-to-use technology to serve healthcare professionals. CIO insider engages in an exclusive conversation with the company’s Co-founder & MD, Kartik Vijaywargi (who was recently awarded ‘Top 100 Healthcare Leader’ by IFAH, Dec 2019) and CEO, Jateen Waghdhare.

In conversation with Kartik Vijaywargi, MD, and Jateen Waghdhare, CEO, HArbor Vision

In shut-eye time healthcare IT has become a populous industry with a strong competition in the offering. Where is HArbor Vision positioned amidst this competition?
Most of the healthcare startups are endeavoring to build an ecosystem online and they are all trying to solve the same problem – making healthcare more accessible for patients. But one of the many ways our approach differs is that we perceive this ecosystem from a doctor’s point of view and make it doctor centric. We allow doctors to solely focus on treating patients by taking care of their comprehensive business needs, be it streamlining & managing OPD, billing & payments, incidentally generating electronic medical records (EMR) or simply taking care of patient engagement.

On the other hand, we go beyond the new norm by connecting major

stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem. Through TeleMedicine clubbed with TeleRadiology, TelePathology and our intuitive and incidental software interface, Primary Health Centers (PHCs) can be connected with the doctors in the regional healthcare centers, who are indeed communicating with the specialists in the Government Medical Colleges (GMCs).

We allow doctors to solely focus on treating patients by taking care of their comprehensive business needs

Usually, doctors are not the biggest fans of change in routines. How is HArbor Vision providing them with a unique experience, taking this aspect into consideration?
After spending almost a decade in the healthcare industry and implementing ERP solutions across 400+ locations our founders realized that one of the many things that they learned was that the doctors were allergic to creating EMR. But we found a solution by integrating a gadget we give them with (an electronic scribble pad), which enables doctors to continue with their conventional practice of prescribing medicines in their own handwriting, while incidentally and effortlessly converting the data into digital format. We have a dedicated backend technology, which interprets these prescriptions and records them securely in a standardized manner. The doctors couldn’t be happier.

In that regard, how robust is your data security proposition?
When it comes to healthcare IT, a lot of business models revolve around patient data. HArbor takes pride in promising all the users that we will never sell your data out. We indeed even never allow data to make business sense in our database, as we have anonymizing scripts (Data Masking) that run 24x7 in our database servers, beyond usual encryption utilizing SHA 512. We envision setting a benchmark for healthcare IT without touching the patient data.

How do you create an arbor around the healthcare ecosystem?
What's a unique proposition that takes you beyond the competition? The healthcare technology industry is

flooded with independent software solutions that are not interoperable. We intend to integrate healthcare solutions by leveraging advanced technologies in their simplest forms to create sustainable and standard healthcare operations across facilities. HArbor is an abbreviation for ‘Health Arbor’. We intend to be a global technology platform around which healthcare revolves.

Jateen Waghdhare, CEO

Tell us about your platform and solutions.
HArbor suite seamlessly integrates different nodes in the ecosystem. A doctor in OPD Center using HArborHeal is connected with radiologists and pathologists in diagnostic centers through HArborDiagnoz, which is again connected with a number of diagnostic machines using IOT and HarborPACS (reporting). HArborTouch takes good care of Retail Healthcare administration – supported by state-of-the-art HArborTouch which is a self-help automated kiosk for all reception desks. Advantage of all these connected nodes is passed on to the patients through HArborFit.

What are the future plans ahead of HArbor Vision?
As soon as we conceived the concept of our product, the future roadmap was well defined then and there. We have divided the product development into different phases over the next five-toseven years, aiming to delve deeper into while solving grass-root level challenges faced by doctors, which will engender a progressive impact on all other stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem.

Our future is largely planned on utilizing the otherwise-overlooked ERP data, while maintaining our promise to not utilize the patients’ personal records. We intend to leverage the fact that we aim to control the business records flowing from the manufacturer (both equipment & pharmaceutical) to its end-customer. HArbor aims to provide a platform for businesses to make decisions best suited for their needs.

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