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Hard n Soft Consultancy: SAP and Customized ERP Solutions for Every Business

Sailesh Khawani ,Founder & CEO

Sailesh Khawani

Founder & CEO

More often than not, there are huge gaps between any ERP software’s functionality and the unique requirements of the business as well as the end users. Hence, customization is needed to map the software to align with the organization’s existing processes, enabling not only a smooth shift from the old processes, but also a better fit between the ERP system and the existing processes.

Headquartered in Mumbai, and a strong presence in Surat and Vapi, Hard n Soft Consultancy offers SAP BusinessOne as well as customized ERP solutions. Incepted in 1987, HNS has four delivery centres and approximately 60+ resources directly associated with them. The main factors for Hard n Soft ranking in the Top 10 SAP B1 Partners are their high success rate of implementations and correspondingly the high percentage of client retention.

Uniqueness that Counts
HNS has never shied away from providing customizations in the form of add-ons, wherever and whenever required as per the demand of the solution, as part of their SAP B1 offerings.

Way back in the late 80’s, even in the days of good old DOS, HNS were the very first, rather the exclusive solution provider, who delivered real time interfaces with various machines and devices like bar code scanners, QR scanners, weighing scale and other machine interfaces.

Generic systems make it difficult for businesses to find the right balance. With customization at the fulcrum of their solutions, HNS has found a niche in a market that is crowded with generic ERP systems.

Having served over 350 large organizations over the past 30+ years, HNS has built IT Enterprise level solutions for 20 plus different domains.

Having worked with a large number of clients in the SME segment, HNS also takes care of the budget constraints that many organizations face, while strategizing the ERP implementation. The HNS team have created a plethora of tools and solutions that reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for the ERP implementation. Optimizing the number of licenses required and deploying mobile applications that can capture the data at the source of generation are few of the many ways adopted by HNS to help businesses cut costs drastically.

Reporting tools - DynaReps, RepoRobot and On Demand Reporting system
HNS has developed three very flexible and dynamic reporting tools - DynaReps, RepoRobot and On Demand Reporting system.

DynaReps is a grid based reporting tool that presents the reports in a grid format - just like in excel sheets, except that the data cannot be edited or manipulated. DynaReps allows a user to select the columns, positions, filters, grouping, sort orders etc. without any technical help by just drag and drop and thus configure and customise his own report layout and that too on real time basis without the requirement of any data conversion or synchronisation. Staying true to its flexible nature, the tool allows a user to authenticate and authorize users as per his role, without compromising with the protocol set in the existing ERP. Each report configured by the user himself which is available to him without disturbing the other user’s settings.

RepoRobot is an automatic report generation & distribution tool which can work on multiple databases producing cross functional consolidated report. This tool works as a third party tool and could be made compatible to different application data. It can be programmed to produce different reports for different target audience and could be made available to the recipients via Email. This tool helps in eliminating the dependency on any person for generating the standard reports at fixed intervals.

On Demand Reporting System is once again a third party mobile reporting tool which can be customised to the requirement of the various management layers for delivering MIS reports & queries. This tool can be very handy especially for the top management as well as the sales and collection team who are always on the move. It is available on both the Android as well as iOS platforms.

Complete solution for the Textile Industry

Textiles being an industry based of fashion and trends prove to be the most challenging of all industries for any ERP implementation due to the dynamic nature of the processes. Having a strong foothold in Surat, the Textile hub of India, has given an in depth exposure to HNS to deliver solutions for the textile industry. HNS has built a number of solutions for almost all the sub-verticals like spinners, yarn processors, embroidery units, weavers, and dyeing and printing units. This solution can be deployed for standalone units as well as composite units as an integrated solution.

Besides playing fair in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Packaging industry, HNS has puts forth a good number of solutions to support the various segments of the Sales & Distribution organisations also.

Along with delivering high class customized solutions, HNS lays equal focus on customer support. With a team of in-house experts, HNS has a dedicated training centre to cater not only to their in-house training requirements but also the onsite & offsite training needs of their clients. Seminars and workshops are part of the on-going training activities provided to their clients at no additional cost.

"The main factors for Hard n Soft ranking in the Top 10 SAP B1 Partners are their high success rate of implementations and correspondingly the high percentage of client retention"

Hard n Soft’s excellence and consistency is testified by client organizations that have been associated with them since the days of their inception. Many of the clients they serve have been with them for more than 20 years. The company has future plans to expand to Malaysia and Indonesia, where the textile industry is a large part of their economy.

An Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, and a PGDBA from Symbiosis, Sailesh Khawani (Founder & CEO) has been leading Hard n Soft Consultancy since its inception. With such strategies and skilled team in place, Hard n Soft is poised to become a force to reckon with, in the ERP and IT solutions industry in the years to come.

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