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Infocus Technologies: Letting Businesses Truly Focus on their Competencies

Dipak Rakhecha,Director

Transformation to digital is good when handled by an expert. However, it is best if handled by an expert operating with the best in class tools the market has ever produced. Armed with CMMI Level 3 certification and ISO 9001:2015 certification, Infocus Technologies helps businesses in their digitization journey using SAP S/4HANA and manage a successful ERP implementation.

Based out of Kolkata, Infocus is a SAP, ERP & Cloud consulting company that provides services and solutions in S/4HANA Implementation, version upgrades for the existing systems, migration from legacy systems to S/4HANA and Enterprise Application Integration(EAI)solutions. Infocus Technologies’ in-house expertise in various industry verticals with captive functional skills and industry specific domain knowledge required to optimize this capability to the client’s advantage.

Infocus helps their clients to leverage S/4HANA in the new age areas of AI, Machine Learning and IoT devices.

SAP’s portfolio has been steadily growing into a modular suite around SAP S/4HANA, the digital core, and supported by a comprehensive set of cloud applications, at the same time, emerging technologies such as on the fly analytics, and machine learning has redefined the way business is executed. The Intelligent Enterprise vision is SAP’s answer to support customers and

partners in this new era of intelligent computing and the technical foundation & enabler of digital transformation.

Aware of the technological shift in trends, Infocus armed with the charter of activities under SAP’s guided tenets caters to its customers, helping businesses to achieve greater business agility by streamlining and optimizing the development of new cloud applications and allowing them to subscribe to cloud solutions provided by SAP. At local cost and through dedicated attention, Infocus Technologies assists in the digitalization journey of businesses. Infocus helps clients with cloud adoption to ensure seamless integration with new technologies. Infocus also helps in ERP adoption to ensure improved internal digitized operational processes, enabling the workers to transform customer experience and ensure their customers’ delight being more competitive and profitable in the marketplace. Moreover, Infocus offers consultation on the best solution suite advice, adoption and implementation, sustenance and enhancement/augmentation of S/4HANA, Cross Platform Migration heterogeneous and homogenous scenarios a like, and Cloud Adoption.

" Infocus helps clients with cloud adoption to ensure seamless integration with new technologies"

Expertise to Mark
To instill better customer experience that will attract new customers, retain old ones and drive revenue, businesses are marching towards adopting the best in class techniques and technologies to remain differentiated in the market. Primarily, the need of the hour is computing power and real-time response capabilities in the cloud based versions of their enterprise applications. This is where Infocus Technologies brings a unique blend of developing the cloud competency along with the ERP competency which then allows organizations to leverage both the capabilities from a single partner and be ready to embrace the transformation.

A leading Steel Manufacturing company required integration, accountability, visibility and manageability of its processes to be competitive in the market. Outcome was a SAP S/4HANA on AWS cloud contract awarded to Infocus. This SAP S4/HANA project required all departments of project activities to be implemented in a big bang approach in all 4 legal entities in one go; i.e. SAP License,SAP S/4HANA Implementation, deployment on AWS Cloud and sustenance support of the implementation. After a remarkable work with sheer power of consistency and skill, Infocus was able to add this venture success in their portfolio of success stories. Besides, the period of sales cycle was shortened to just about a month from start to close. This in itself is another watermark in ERP contract closing trend which prolongs for months and even years.

The team of experts at Infocus carries an average of 15 years of proven individual industry experience in SAP Consulting, Management Consulting, Cloud Adoption, and on-shore & off-shore delivery competencies. With such a dynamic team and ace class capability to deliver, Infocus Technologies has, and will continue to remain sincere to their goal to enable businesses to focus on their core competencies, and let Infocus drive their digital transformation journey.

Benefits Reaped by Infocus Clients
• Strengthen decision making: ensuring informed business decisions based on reliable data from a single
source of truth, leveraging analytics capabilities of S/4HANA

• Reinvent business models: Utilizing SAP S/4HANA extensions connecting people, devices and business networks, we help client’s to flexibly adapt business models to changing market conditions and new trends.

• Increase productivity: The SAP Fiori user experience is easy to use and presents business insights in clear dashboards that can be personalized withminimized training requirement.

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