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Hethi: Transforming End to End Business Process Automation Through Cognitive AI Platform

Vijayalakshmi G,Co-Founder & CEO

Vijayalakshmi G

Co-Founder & CEO

Headquartered in Chennai, with presence in USA, hethi was founded by digital transformation industry leaders with a vision of Cognitive AI into business process automation. hethi iris, an award winning cognitive intelligent business process automation platform assures Revenue Integrity Services. hethi iris won the ‘Rising Star award 2019’ for automation at the NASSCOM Technology Conference. It helps business process enterprises to reinvent and stay relevant with the power of cognitive AI process automation. The company inspires automation by simplifying any business process with compliance and eliminating inefficiencies. To get more details about the company we are having a brief discussion with the co-founder & CEO of the organization about how hethi helps businesses in the field of digital business process automation.

In conversation with Vijayalakshmi G, Co-Founder & CEO, hethi

Artificial Intelligence field is expected to pass through tremendous scientific advances in the coming years. Please explain how hethi embarked on this ever-developing field of AI technology as a startup.
hethi helps the business and enterprises to simplify, automate and manage business process exception outcomes with the power of Cognitive AI addressing any format, industry-agnostic to any business process, and posting to any ERP as a digital AI platform assuring business integrity services. We assemble to integrate process automation retaining invested environment or create an end to end solution.

Scientists and AI thought leaders see

huge AI proliferation across many industries powering new applications with improved accuracy. Tell us how hethi is becoming part of the trends in AI? What particular services do you offer?
Every enterprise or SMB needs unstructured interactive business process with their customers. hethi iris is available OnCloud, OnPremise, and scales to Industry 4.0. It has the ability to acquire data from unstructured PDF, Excel, EDI, IOT Devices and cognitive transformation of them to desired business process on demand. hethi iris is helping enterprises to transform business process through Cognitive AI without OCR.

Assemble to integrate process automation retaining invested environment or create end to end solution

When it comes to integrating people, process and platform, the business process industry is challenged by maturity of the operational aspects and always missed to look at end-to-end process for business outcomes.

hethi as an early investor into Intelligent and Integrated Process Automation Platform was able to foresee challenges in the industry caused by RPA automating inefficiencies or selective AI tools-based approach continuing to escalate Capital and Opex.

In 2020, AI will be used to help automate the steps and processes involved while building, deploying, and managing AI models. What are the ways in which your automated platform empowers the business to achieve their intended objectives?
Think of any machinery or even your car. Each of them has gears with varying speed to operate for the desired outcome while not losing focus on Opex and quality. Hethi had devised an intelligent cognitive AI process automation platform with the common-sense cognitive strategy that would empower the business to change gears to accelerate the outcomes on demand while maintaining compliance and regulatory.

Providing a powerful process automation platform will be the key focus for the year 2020. The ROI by the RPAs are not beyond 10 percent to 15 percent over a period of 3-4 years. Hethi iris will commit anywhere between 30 percent - 70 percent in year 1 and 50 percent - 80 percent in year 2 post-implementation.

Additionally, think of a digital platform where you can pick and choose to automate a business process with the same platform and without 0 (zero) software development? hethi as an Industry agnostic and Elastic Cognitive AI platform, so far has automated Invoices, healthcare provider data management, HR billing input services, remittance processes, telecom billing input services.

Brief us about one of your successful implementations which became a turning point for your company.
One of the healthcare providers who have 13 groups of provider data with 120 plus disparate sources having dynamic fields with the complexity of 800 plus fields. hethi’s Cognitive AI data capture analyzed and helped them to improve individual productivity from 9 to 36 provider updates/hour for 12 percent volume.

Invoice processing were 120+ unstructured unique supplier invoices with 8000+ invoices by volume annually. With the help of hethi’s Cognitive AI, the data capture reduced the over 40 percent post supplier onboarding.

We have given the two use cases to explain how one platform has worked with different inputs for different processes. That’s our theme of AnyFormat, AnyProcess, AnyERP is designed to automate the business process. hethi iris has capability to data capture in 29 international languages.

What future roadmap have you conceived for hethi?
Faith on the platform is what we are building for our customers as AI is still hype and requires more acceptances from all levels in a business process industry. Digitally we are on the roadmap to build that. We will bring Hyperledger for audit trails and zero-touch auto-identification of domain classification based on the exchange of information. Additionally, hethi will scale up to any business process for automation using Cognitive AI.

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