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RadomeTech: Developing LogiSmart as an Indigenous Product

Nagendra Prasad Kumble,Director

RadomeTech engages in identifying and solving problems in Enterprise, Supplychain & Logistics domain using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. The organisation is located in Bengaluru and is constantly developing customized Machine Learning Algorithms to enhance the transformation of supplychain and Logistic solutions. RadomeTech’s product, LogiSmart, is an AI based enterprise solution that quickly understands the varying demand of supplychain and logistics. Nagendra Prasad Kumble, Director to RadomeTech enlightens the experience of the company as a startup that is racing ahead among other huge competitors.

In conversation with Nagendra Prasad Kumble, Director, RadomeTech

Companies are gaining efficiency using artificial intelligence that selects large quantities of data gathered from their logistics and supplychain operations. Explain how RadomeTech gives the push for companies to transform their enterprise, supplychain and logistics using AI?
The specialists at RadomeTech come with vast experience in managing huge data in the field of supplychain & logistics. Big data is best analysed using Machine Learning which is one of the applications of AI. Our experts develop Software Solutions using ML

algorithms to gather the appropriate data for a definite use case and deliver essential insights using intelligent output. Also, many supplychain & logistics challenges are time, cost and resource constraint based, making ML an ideal technology to solve.

The specialists at RadomeTech come with vast experience in managing huge data in the field of supplychain & logistics

AI adoption in the supplychain would be stimulated by the realization of its ability in solving the complexities of the logistic network, and make smarter decisions. Tell us about the product(s) and features offered by RadomeTech that helps companies in supplychain and logistics management.
Our indigenously developed product, LogiSmart is an Artificial Intelligence based Supplychain & Logistics software solution. Our organisation will identify and comprehend the complexity of data involved in Supplychain & Logistics and will implement necessary arrangements to originate the valuable insights. AI modules like inventory forecasting and sales forecasting are assembled on our own customised Machine Learning Algorithm called RADBoost. It has unique features to identify the most complicated historic demand pattern considering all factors responsible and forecast precisely than any statistical models. With LogiSmart’s creative design, it is easy to integrate to any existing solution to get real time and quick analysis.

Despite the size of the company, AI in logistics enables businesses to become proactive with capacity planning process and demand forecasting accuracy. Could you brief

us about the various markets to which you serve the solution, and how has been the growth in demand?
LogiSmart is built with modular structure to support any size of the company. The companies can be OEM, Tier 1, Tier2 and Tier3 suppliers to OEM. This solution can also be arranged into various segments of supplychain starting from OEM, distribution centres to stores. This has expanded our horizon to serve various markets that includes Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Retail and Healthcare and we also have a significant demand from Aerospace & Defence and Retail.

Share one of your successful implementations which have always nourished the organisation to grow further in the market?
Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO) along with iDex (Innovation for Defence Excellence) came up with 14 challenges faced by our Indian Armed Forces in the year 2018. One of the challenges was “AI for Supplychain & Logistics” for Indian Navy. Our product LogiSmart was selected and declared as the winner of this challenge with grants up to 1.5Cr. We have developed the first version of this software and looking forward to successful implementation in Indian Navy by March 2020.

With the growing changes in the technology, what future shall we expect from Radom Tech in the years to come?
Machine learning - based algorithms are the foundation of the next generation of Enterprise, Supplychain & Logistics, which pushes us to completely focus on improving existing software modules and build new AI modules/Software to solve diversified challenges faced by our customers. We are ready to deploy as much resources as required to become market leader in transforming Enterprise, Supplychain & logistics Solution using Artificial Intelligence. RadomeTech is also developing specific AI products with Computer vision, Natural Language Processing and AR/VR which will continue to expand.

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