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HireHappi: Pure-play Product, Big Data & Analytics Recruitment Consulting Firm Striving to Provide Exquisite Talent

Gautam Malaiappan,   Founder & CEO

Gautam Malaiappan

Founder & CEO

While 2021 has been the year of revival for several industries amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, it was also a year of many firsts. Adoption of technology across sectors redoubled while more and more companies transformed their organizational strategies and goals to accommodate the new normal. The need for skilling and upskilling reached a new high, with an increasing number of recruiters on the hunt for skilled professionals, in the wake of the great shuffle and the employment crisis in India. With the big data and analytics industry being so fast, talent becomes the biggest differentiator between organizations.

HireHappi, based in Las Vegas with a corporate office in Bengaluru and Coimbatore, is one of the world's most extensive pure-play product, big data & analytics recruitment consulting firms. They help organizations acquire the finest talent in the industry, bridging the gap between supply and demand. Thecompany has staffed the best professionals across leading product, big data and analytics companies.

Furthermore, an exclusive interview with Gautam Malaiappan, Founder & CEO of HireHappi, explains why the firm is one of the leading analytics recruitment consulting firms in the world.

Please throw some light on the inception story of HireHappi and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
The invention of this company was accidental. Earlier, I started a company
named Stay Happi which was struggling

to take off. However, people always used to ask me to refer candidates to them for their company. I used to do it for free. Then, one day my friend asked for five to six senior candidates, and I got the idea to start a website. I opened the HireHappi website and mail id and used to send profiles from that. My friend ended up hiring five candidates, from which I earned twenty-five lakh rupees. The payment was in check, and to deposit the check, I had to open a company. And this is how HireHappi was started.

HireHappi is your personalized recruitment partner to get quality talent fast

HireHappi is not just like any other recruitment firm, our firm focuses on providing pre-screened fine talent. And I was a data scientist myself, so I understand how hiring managers think. That's why I recruit for big data, data science, machine learning, AI, cloud and product development roles.

Tell us about the fundamental factors you consider while suggesting talents to the organization?
The first thing I have observed in most recruitment firms is that they go by key skills/keywords. Suppose a company needs a data scientist, the consultant will search for keywords and dump the company with 50 resumes. It is then the recruiter’s responsibility. However, unlike other consulting firms, we first understand the position's role and requirements. Our differentiating factor is we identify demographics that are currently in the company & identify new candidates with a similar demographic. If a company needs a candidate from IIM A or IIT B or a particular company, we give them what they want. We make their work hassle-free, they do not have to go through many resumes. We will provide them with what is suitable for their company.

Could you elaborate on the latest technologies adopted by the company

in its solutions that have made a difference for your clients?
We are a process-oriented firm, and technology is just an enabler. So, we use a customized ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which helps us run our process efficiently. Then, we use job portals, professional networking sites, most importantly referrals from our old candidates. But as I said before, we do pre-technical vetting, we don't just dump all the resumes to the companies, we make their work easier and provide only those candidates who will most likely make the cut. Also, we provide recruitment consulting solutions.

Here we act as a sounding board. When a company needs a candidate for a particular job, we do the complete background research on the availability of candidates in the specific geography, skills and so on. We look into candidates' past qualifications, company, behavior, and everything else. Once we are satisfied with the profile and the candidate, we suggest that candidate to the company, which is why we have clients who come to us repeatedly and also refer us to other companies. We started our journey from India, but now we have clients across the US, Canada, UK, Germany, UAE, Australia and Singapore.

What future have you conceived for HireHappi?
We want to ensure that everyone can have quality recruitment solutions. No one is deprived of good candidates or quality recruitment partners. Our future pursuit will be to build a state of the art product which is a one-stop solution for recruitment. We want to be a job-portal where candidates can socialize professionally, at the same time there is the personalization for every client.

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HireHappi: Pure-Play Product BigData & Analytics Recruitment Consulting Firm Striving To Provide Exquisite Talent