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Krima Solutions: Helping Companies Leverage Big Data For Deep Actionable Insights

 Kasturirangan P,     Founder & CEO

Kasturirangan P

Founder & CEO

Big Data refers to enormous amounts of data produced by different sources like social media platforms, web logs, sensors, IoT devices, and many more. Leveraging Big Data enables organisations to unlock strategic values, gain vantage points and take full advantage of their assets. Uniquely positioned in this space is five years old Krima Solutions that supports clients with enriched data. Krima Solutions has pioneered the concept of deciphering data and fulfilling content needs. With the right mix of technology tools,AI and trained functional resources, they have been able to provide unmatched outputs that are customised as per the needs of their international clients in the UK, US, Middle East & Africa.

Currently in conversation withKastu Parameswaran Founder & CEO, where we learn in detail about the company’s offerings and its journey to success.

Tell us about the journey of Krima Solutions and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far
We are in a constantly evolving digital era and big data makes for a huge part of it. Big data involves taking very large chunks of complex data from multiple channels and analysing it to discover trends, patterns and problems based on which actionable decisions can be taken. Tackling big data is imperative to enable companies to make better sense of their businesses and forge on the problem-solving path. From an operational point of view, data and content are needed to bolster a digital platform. From e-commerce companies to financial platforms, fresh data and content are irrevocably required. Added to that is the need to assess and analyse data from digital platforms to create highly focused and granular

marketing plans.In both these cases, Krima Solutions provides support to clients with enriched data as data is only useful in a structured format when it is pieced together to decipher patterns and trends. We have the pioneered concept of deciphering data and fulfilling content needs.

Tackling big data is imperative to enable companies to make better sense of their businesses and forge on the problem-solving path

Briefly tell us about your digital marketing support solutions that are pioneers in online products and services into offline e-commerce service?
The digital data requirement is a very large category and comprises several services. Krima Solutions provides content fulfilment via focused desk research, and generates structured content that strengthens content platforms that can also be mined for information and trends. Content creation including tagging, keyword generation and sophisticated, contextual content generation are also our expertise. Additionally, socio-economic and social media trends of influential people are also successfully tracked by us to identify areas of interest which can then become an effective way of identifying target customers. We have developed 2022 inhouse handy scripts and algorithms that help generate and automate content. We use scraped data for our clients that enables our clients to have specific data & information on sectors, companies and people in a timely fashion and also quite effortlessly.

Could you tell us about the latest technologies deployed by the company to add value to your clients?
We use the SaaS model and provide tailor-made solutions to scrape data and generate meaningful reports/databases for clients. Some popular tools used include PowerBI, specialised Python scripting, Automation Anywhere,UiPath and other

AI technologies. Our teams are also very adept in utilising CRM technologies like Sales force and Abacus, which helps in developing as well as maintaining content in platforms. However, we also stress on the fact that ‘tools are only enablers’ and it is only a knowledgeable and trained workforce that can truly ensure the optimal use of tools to get accurate and holistic results.

Tell us about a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company’s solutions that were deployed to draw positive outcomes?
One of our major success stories was with a large UK-based group providing information services. The client updates global pharma drugs and patent information through structured updates in a custom built information platform. We provided guidance on the selection of right tools to automate some of the information pieces available in the public domain, provided an elaborate content strategy on scraping data, checked to verify content as well as administered an automated design to pull data through APIs and other means. The result was a seamlessly organised, trained team that ensured completeness, correctness and accuracy of information, delivered near real time to its customers.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that Krima Solutions is going to advance in and what’s its future roadmap?
We are set to leverage the vastness of the world of digitization and train resources to handle, manage and provide information in bite-sized digestible formats to enable better decision-making for clients. Along with technological upgrades, we are seeking to be one of top five big data support companies in the near future.

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