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Hivericks Technologies: Creating a Sustainable Future via Innovative Green Cleantech Products

Govindharaj A, Co-Founder & CSO, Hemalatha R, Founder & CEO,     Arun, Co-Founder & CTO

Hivericks Technologies is a firm founded by a group of dedicated engineers with a common goal of developing Cleantech solutions for day-to-day problems. Hivericks is poised to achieve great things in the Connected world of the future, owing to the mentorship and support of its highly experienced founders and partners. Hemalatha R, Founder & CEO of Hivericks Technologies, talks about the company's distinctive characteristics in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine.

How is Hivericks Technologies built and describe the minds behind the creation of the firm?
Hivericks Technology was incorporated in 2018 with the goal of building sustainable solutions to the problems we face on a daily basis, which we often ignore and just live with. We are hardcore embedded professionals with extensive experience in IoT, designing PCBs, building end-to-end product prototypes and testing innovative products for commercial applications. My co-founders'and my approach is to identify and address issues in the Tech world which will have a huge impact on the environment down the years and build solutions that will address the root cause of these problems not workarounds. Our vision is aligned to the Global SDG CleanTech goals to reduce carbon footprint and create a circular economy.

Give us a gist about Hivericks solutions portfolio?
We create smart and green homes and communities by developing cutting-edge, highperforming and environment friendly consumer electronics. We specialize in hybrid charging solutions and accessories for smart devices that are both safe and efficient. Our AI enabled cloud based algorithms give our devices an additional edge intelli

gence and a more customized experience. The cost of XOptimus hardware is one fourth of the device battery replacement costs of their high end laptops or phones. The value add for a customer is extended battery life and a cleaner, greener way to charge, which will also reduce their energy consumption. Currently, our solution supports all devices Laptops smartphones, tablets using Li-Ion batteries on both Android, windows and Mac OS.

Hivericks Technologies vision is aligned to the Global SDG CleanTech goals to reduce carbon footprint and create a circular economy

Tell us why the company is considered an expert in offering safe and optimal charging solutions?
Currently, we are concentrating on an innovative patent filed product called XOPTIMUS. Essentially, we're solving a problem related to current charging practices and charger design that the majority of our clients consumers are unaware of. The lithium-ion battery, which has been around for a long time, is used in a variety of applications the most common of which being laptops and smartphones.

Partial charge and regular smaller boost charging is highly recommended for best performance and longevity of Li-Ion batteries. We observe that the majority of people are unaware of the fact that anything higher than 85 percent State of charge causes stress to the batteries and, in turn,kills the chemical and composition inside. However, because of the way traditional chargers are designed; the charging mechanism remains the same regardless of the battery's age or consumer usage pattern and many factors like battery temperature are also ignored.

Hence the onus lies with the customer to follow these good charge practices. Our solution takes care of these concerns and allows the customer to just Plug and Forget. He can go about doing what he does while we provide 24x7 safe and optimal charging XOPTIMUS basically follows industry defined optimal charging procedures in

realtime and the client doesn't have to worry about anything because our product acts as a protection hardware accessory that fits well into the current charging setup of consumers.

How is Hivericks Technologies addressing the issue of CO2 emission through its green products?
Carbon footprint is one of the major concerns not just in India but across the globe. Through our green products, intend to reduce the Individual carbon footprint related to stage-3 usage of a laptop by 38 percent. The average carbon footprint of a laptop is roughly 422 kg of Co2 emitted, used and recycled over its lifetime. We can lower laptop demand by prolonging the life expectancy of a laptop. Just two years increase of life expectancy can reduce emission by 3378 tonnes of CO2 in India alone, not to mention the huge e-Waste impact. It's a tremendous number when you convert it to the number of mobile and laptop users around the world. A small change in the way we charge can significantly accelerate our journey towards a negative carbon footprint.

What lies ahead for Hivericks Technologies? Which are the areas it envisions itself to be giving key emphasis on?
We see a huge application for our products in the WFH, Office, charge-on-the-go as well as gaming accessory market. Hence for the next 3-5 years we will be focusing on a range of these green product accessories for these various use cases and to achieve more significant integrated control on the charging mechanism without compromising on customer preferences. We hope to partner with OEMs and corporates to expand it to include other applications involving lithium-ion or any other innovative battery technology. Essentially, we want to delve deeper into the battery space for smaller consumer electronics applications and build reliable cleanTech.

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