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Sonicbolt Technologies: Simplifying Tech Infrastructure Industry by Implementing Cutting-edge Automation & Software Solutions

 Raghav Raju,   CEO

The Indian building automation and control system market is anticipated to grow more than three times in terms of revenue in the next five years. Factors such as increased demand for energy-efficient systems and the rise in adoption of IoT-enabled BAS (Building Application Systems) are expected to drive the growth of the Smart Building Solutions market in India. Sonicbolt Technologies is one such leading player in the market that has come with its unique smart building solution to revolutionize the technology infrastructure industry in India.

In conversation with Raghav Raju, CEO, Sonicbolt Technologies, we will learn more about the top-notch offering of the company and its journey to success.

Could you define Sonicbolt Technologies'position in the IoT market and how has been the journey so far?
We started our journey in 2018 when we brought PoE and sensor-based Lighting Automation Technology to India with a German partner. We then introduced Dual-band Wireless Technology to enable reliable secure and consistent connectivity in Building Automation. These two technologies set us on a path of IoT based building automation products and solutions which are fundamentally based on Open Standards and Protocols.

Today buildings, campuses and cities are moving towards being smart, reliable and automated by using quickeasy to implement, scalable solutions. The solutions that are currently prevalent are old proprietary ones, that have not seen significant change in the last 20years and cannot fulfil these requirements. Thus, we feel IoT-based solutions are the future for

Smart Building, Campuses and Cities.

What makes your IoT solutions most preferable among customers?
There are at least 20 different types of systems in a building such as HVAC, lighting, access control, fire alarm and evacuation system, CCTV, Backup(DG/UPS), space visitor parking management, etc. Currently these systems are designed and implemented in silos without considering the whole system as a unit.

Simplifying building automation for a more sustainable future

The need of the hour is an integrated solution that ties all these systems and applications together working in unison in a building. This will optimize infrastructure requirements and maximize efficiency in operations and maintenance. This will enable setting up a process for the facility team to easily manage the property.

We provide an integrated solution which is fundamentally built on IoT standards. The solution design ensures that our solutions are open and clearly differentiated from our competitors' solutions. We believe our solution provides a unified view of all these systems and applications and has that edge that is required for today's market.

Are the solutions maximizing energy savings as well as reducing the overall infrastructure cost?
Our products and solutions are factored into new projects right at the building design stage becoming part of the overall solution architecture. This gives us a unique opportunity to cross utilize various resources be it hardware or software infrastructure leading to a optimization in terms of the overall infrastructure, which also makes it easier for operation and maintenance.

Our building solutions provides a host of vital statistics, analytics and reports, a majority of which are realtime. These building stats and trends enable realtime decision making and actions thus resulting in energy savings.

For example, data from sensors about temperature, air flow, human presence, footfall, etc help provide information for other decision tools leading to an optimal use of building space. Our smart building software provides for sending insight analytics based on current and past information about the energy utilization that happens inside and outside the campuses.

What were the approaches, strategies and measures deployed by your company to change a complex scenario in the sector?
Sonicbolt has been one of the first in its space to recognize the need for integration among the various systems in a building. We follow an integration based design for our solutions. Our solution provides a unified view of all the systems and applications in a building and we believe that this strategy will enable us to succeed.

Our IoT solutions are IP-based and extensively use open standards in a domain where various systems are not connected to each other. We have created a smart campus for different stakeholders property owners, tenants, visitors and multiple users. In order to integrate multiple user roles and provide functionality, our unified approach helps in simplifying processes for various stakeholders and providing a software application that can integrate with third-party software as well.

What is the future roadmap planned for Sonicbolt Technologies?
With the major focus of our offering being integration, accessibility and security, our aim is to bring intelligent cloud-based solutions using open standards.

We also anticipate opportunities for the use of AI and even to an extent virtual reality or augmented reality in the future.

Our vision is to create an environment of co-operation between 3rd party vendors to creating and using shareable hardware, software and protocols.

Our products will primarily assist in preventive maintenance advance planning and trending analysis enabling business and individuals to use building resources to optimize profitablity in a sustainable manner.

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