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iLeap: Paving New Ways for Building Enterprise Application

Vignesh Hebbar,Founder & CEO

Vignesh Hebbar

Founder & CEO

Intellileap Solutions provide a platform that offers best of Low-Code Application development with a strong BPM suite. Bangalore headquartered Intellileap offers a platform that aims at bridging the gap between business needs and application delivery. iLeap platform enables enterprises to build market ready enterprise applications with lightning speed and comes with strong integration capabilities which allows enterprises to use the platform with their existing IT landscape.

In conversation with Vignesh Hebbar, Founder & CEO, iLeap

The importance of BPM has been elevated as organizations seek to stay ahead of the curve by putting technology in place to allow for streamlined processes and continued growth and expansion. How is Intellileap Solutions positioned in this market?
BPM as a discipline has evolved over a period of time, tracing back to some sources even in the 18th century. The application of BPM has varied from organization to organization as it evolved, and is applied across enterprises which are seeking continuous improvement, excellence in consistency, measurability, transferability, and sustainability. iLeap BPM suite has been designed to comply with BPM methodology, and the technology helps enterprises to implement Business Process Automation with ease to derive maximum benefits and entirety in its perspective. iLeap BPM suite is positioned as a comprehensive platform that is robust, scalable, and ability to execute large scale implementations without any barrier.

Low-code platform for digital transformation enables you to create, deploy, manage and change user’s enterprise mobile and web apps incredibly fast. In what ways does Intellileap Solutions’Low Code Platforms provide extremely easy to use drag and drop visual tools to design variety of applications in no time?
iLeap Low Code Application development platform is built for cases

that require quick time to market with
low developer skill sets.The platform ensures developers, business users and citizen developers are being provided with low code development tools that have pre built framework and guardrails that help all stakeholders to collaborate, and get necessary visibility and oversight. iLeap platform supports Rapid Application Development that can be deployed and executed using declarative high level programming abstractions such as model driven and metadata based programming languages and one step deployments. We have a state-of-the-art UI/UX designer that enables CRUD Application Designs (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with little or no coding. iLeap platform supports basic data structure definitions and enables access to common data stores such as Relational Database Management Systems. The platform’s integration with external systems is simplified by incorporating access to external services through REST, SOAP and API’s. We empower the IT department to achieve business transformation and deliver applications instead of relying on a vendor. Now, IT teams can solve complex problems using visual language. iLeap platform substantiates its investment by addressing the challenges like, trouble in meeting business expectations, High Costs, Cost Overruns and Time over runs. We enabled choice in deployment options to customers for On-Premise and Cloud deployment. Using the cloud deployment option, the developed application is placed in a container and deployed for public or private cloud environment in just a click.

iLeap platform can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and push and pull data as required without any disruption

Owing to market demand, competition and consumer behaviour, enterprises are confronted with the challenge of responding to the changes from an IT perspective. As the IT landscape of most enterprises comprise of disparate IT systems which are not integrated and acknowledged, change management and developing new applications in a short span of time is critical. iLeap platform addresses this challenge by providing Low Code applications for building application at lightning speed. iLeap platform can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and push and pull data as required without any disruption. Using iLeap platform, enterprises can create an unified layer that can serve as a one stop shop for all business processes cutting across

various horizontal functions. iLeap platform can deliver applications like, General Purpose Applications, Request handling applications, database applications and process based applications in one platform which are responsive and device agnostic.

Years of delivering transformation would have admitted a number of triumphant success stories. Please quote one or more implementation story that has or have earned considerable recognition for the company
One of our customers is a multinational conglomerate in the petro chemical industry. Their legacy applications, one being Device Deactivation approval process which are driven manually, were time consuming. It was unable to automate certain processes which were critical for plant operations. iLeap platform automated the entire Device Deactivation approval process based on multiple rules, and this resulted in considerable reduction of approval time. Further, enabled the tracking of deactivation status in real time for the authorities. They were benefited from the realtime system wise deactivation/activation insights. It helped the customer to plan the maintenance events without hampering the plant operations. Hence, it resulted in increased production and was able to meet market demand.

Tell us what future plans the company has planned for the years to come?
At present, iLeap has successfully completed its Alpha, Beta and POC stages, and has successfully acquired significant customers in the Asia-Pacific markets. According to analyst sources, by 2024 low code application development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activity, and by 2024,75 percent of large enterprises will be using at least four lowcode development tools. Keeping the above in mind, iLeap has firmed up on its Go-To-Market strategy, and will be foraying into worldwide markets by October 2019 with a strong presence on the Cloud. The platform will be offered on a PaaS model and will be available as HPaPaas (High Productivity Application Platform as a Service). Needless to say, customers will have the option to choose deployment on premise also. We are building AI, RPA capabilities into the platform, and it will be incorporated to the platform by the end of this year. Over a period, with constant innovation, we want to support NLP capabilities and grow the platform as extremely intelligent and achieve no-code development. Alongside, we are constantly looking at certain industry verticals and are working with ISV’s to explore various industry solutions that can be hosted on the cloud on a SaaS Model.

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iLeap: Paving New Ways for Building Enterprise Application