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Openweb Solutions: Preserving Office Cultures through Value Driven Services

Miltan Chaudhury, Founder & CEO

Miltan Chaudhury

Founder & CEO

An amalgamation of cutting edge software solution and data driven development paradigms, Kolkata based Openweb Solutions has created a niche in key business process development from web applications to Big Data. The CEO & Founder, Miltan Chaudhury gives a detailed insight on Openweb’s capabilities and unique positioning.

In conversation with Miltan Chaudhury, Founder & CEO, Openweb Solutions

Business Process Management is an approach for enhancing business processes by analyzing, optimizing, and improving on enterprise operations. Technology assistance is essentially used with BPM for achieving better productive outcomes. Tellus how Openweb Solutions is positioned in this dynamic market?
Since the inception of Openweb Solutions, we have been serving businesses to achieve the best of what they got. I have been consulting many organizations in different business domains for almost two decades before launching my own BPM related IT solutions with an expert team. Openweb easily established a very happy client-base within a couple of years along with a strongly knit expert team, dedicated at understanding the business process of the client. And thus, we started planning and developing solutions accordingly to suit the client’s progressive needs within no time!

During the development of each one of our software, we put our heart to it believing that we are actually adding some values to our client’s organizations. This belief has always come true, given the feedback that our clients give after a month’s usage of the software. Our clients share their

experience with the software and tell us how it is able to simplify their daily work procedures while gaining a swift rise in their office productivity at the same time. We understood that our customized software for BPM has been helping other organizations associated with us preserve their office culture while enhancing their internal relationships. This chain of success, learning, knowledge, and self evolution has grown over the years, leading us here as one of the most prominent Business Process Management IT solutions provider.

With our highly customized software for the Business Process Management, we aim to preserve those office cultures of clients

Many software vendors end up adding too many features into their products without realizing most of the companies does not use them. Feature creep is an ongoing phenomena and a lot of BPM software suffer from it. What solutions do Openweb provides to confront such challenges?
It is a harsh reality of today’s high pace world that many vendors add features without even considering whether the companies are actually going to need it or not. But we can’t really blame the off the shelf software providers entirely. It is their actual purpose of developing the software. When a vendor is developing a ready made software for the use of many organizations then it is really hard to distinguish between the necessary and unnecessary features. It is because some companies might need some specific feature while others won’t. So, if they do not add every possible feature in trend into their software, then there is a possibility that they will miss a large part of the market.

That is why Openweb Solutions is always focused at providing customized software for BPM. When you are opting for customized software, you have the opportunity to choose between the various features. Our clients tell us about their exact requirement and the purpose of building the software and we suggest them the best features that

they are actually going to need. And thus, with the collaboration of our clients in every project we work on, we are able to develop a fat free software, i.e. unnecessary features free.

Share a success story which earned significant recognition for your company in the market since its establishment in 2014.
One of our UK based clients, Clientbridge developed the most prominent care management solution with the help of Openweb team and is one of the most prominent success story in BPM. This web application is meant to help ‘Young Person's Welfare’ organizations in UK to keep track of their operations and paperworks.

Following the Government guidelines, these organizations are required to follow a set of process while taking care of youngsters. The processes include(but not limited within), performing regular safety and security exercise (like Fire Drill)in the locations where the young ones are accommodated, keep track of every person moving out and moving in to a location, and keep track of any wound(using a custom made GUI called bodymap, showing human body), or illness along with the medication and healing rate for a young person.

There are lots of reports being generated in PDF format and in the form of graph as well. These reports and activities are also scrutinized by Govt. via audits.

BPM discipline is getting advanced with the integration of various applications that make business operations ease. What future have you planned for Openweb Solutions for the years ahead?
We have come a long way with the BPM technologies. We have realized that every organization has its own culture and work environment. But, the immense internal pace and pressure of the management related issues shake the pillars of the office culture. With our highly customized software for the Business Process Management, we aim to preserve those office cultures of clients. Through customized BPM software, powered by AI & IOT, we aim to enhance the productivity of our clients’organizations.

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