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Inference Labs: Delivering Intelligence over Insightful Data

Sumit Arora,Co-Founder

Sumit Arora


Emerged as a preferred analytics partner for clients, Inference Labs has secured a unique position in the Data Analytics domain in a brief period. Being a startup, the company has been successful in encompassing Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Data Engineering for corporations with core enterprise-level functions with massive amount of data. Inference Labs widens its service portfolio across Natural Language Processing (NLP), Vision AI and full stack analytics. Having built the company from scratch, Sumit Arora, Co-Founder, has immensely invested his efforts and diligence over positioning it as a comprehensive data analytics solutions company. In a brief conversation, he elaborates about his company’s unique offerings and specialities.

In conversation with Sumit Arora, Co-Founder, Inference Labs

Businesses are awash with data. They struggle to identify what is most important and what actions to take or avoid. In this data-intensive business world, how is Inference Labs positioned to assist businesses to get the best out of their data?
A significant part of analytics is solving business problems and aligning with business priorities. Two years into our journey as a startup, we have serviced more than 20 clients in India and Africa across disruptive tech startups and enterprises like ride-hailing taxis, fintech, CPG, fashion retail, and digital healthcare. Commenced with a single person, today, our team comprises 35+ highly skilled members on fullstack analytics in Business Intelligence or Predictive or Big Data. Complexity and abstraction are the enemies of a good strategy. There is no silver bullet here. We work closely with clients to identify qualified number of ‘high-leverage’

business problems that are well defined, and produce evident business value for best results.

What kind of expertise and experience does Inference Labs bring to the table for data-driven businesses?
Inference Labs is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) startup. We enable organizations to transform intelligence, create business value, and support analytics selfsufficiency. Being a full-stack analytics provider, our expertise includes Business Analytics for KPI reporting, visualization and insights discovery, Data Engineering to deal with Big Data, data-pipelines on hybridcloud, and Data Science to extract patterns and value from data. Our solution deployments in all the above areas have made us the preferred analytics partner among most of our clients.

We work closely with clients to identify qualified number of ‘high-leverage’ business problems that are well defined, and produce evident business value for best results

Brief us about your products and solutions comprising data analytics & business intelligence and how it sets you apart from similar solution providers in the market?
As per McKinsey, out of 160 reviewed AI use cases, 88 percent did not progress beyond the experimental stage. Also, Gartner’s survey revealed that there are more than 3000 AI aware C-level executives in which only 20 percent reported having AI production. We were lucky not only to build a deep learning NLP model, but also to move into the production environment in healthcare space. With the current situation of Covid-19, digitization has accelerated and it has been estimated that by 2022, over 70 percent of whitecollar workers will interact across conversational platforms daily. Since the text is commonly preferred for business communication purposes, the Inference Conversational AI solution integrates and analyzes discussions across multiple text channels. Thereby, the productized solution becomes useful

for support management, sales management, and extensive project management.

Could you tell us about a successful implementation that you remember in the company’s efficient solution deployment history?
Sure. We have built a sales automation engine for a global CPG giant to get daily sales and inventory insights, helping them increase sales by five percent. Inference Labs has also devised a Location Analytics for marketers using the Inference fuzzy engine that collects census data and real-time traffic data from Google Maps.

Our key focus for 2020 had been on Conversational AI, which is based on natural language processing. Our Predictive Sentiment Analyzer deployed for a digital healthcare provider is on enterprise e-mails exchange between multiple project teams & clients. E-mail analysis of client-based projects is one of the efficient ways for improving Net Promoter Score. It determines what variables drive performance and then shows how people can improve their collaboration. This virtual-mirroring approach helps improve NPS. During these stressing times of Covid-19, where work-from-home (WFH) has become the norm and face-to-face interactions between teams are minimal, e-mail analytics will be a crucial differentiator. With SNA implementation, client satisfaction was increased by over 20 percent, improved employee-client interaction, helped understand patterns and behaviors that affected client satisfaction, and trained employees on more effective communication.

Being a startup, what future plans do you have for Inference Labs?
Inference Labs has always been driven by passion. The novel coronavirus situation has changed the market scenario, and the ripple effect has brought transitions in our world too. Amid that, we extended support to our customers in every possible way and tried our best to survive the current meltdown. In 2019, we achieved a CAGR of 200 percent. Since Vision AI technology has become a sought after innovation, we are planning to explore more engagements centered on it. To solve new age problems through such cutting-edge technologies, we need to focus on strengthening our investments as a startup.

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