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Innoval Digital Solutions: Integrating Innovation With Passion To Promote Organizational Digital Transformation

Sumeet Gupta,Director

Sumeet Gupta


In 2021, it was estimated that the global market for digital transformation was worth US$ 608.72 billion. It is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 23.1 percentage from 2022 to 2030. Organizations that undergo digital transformation are better able to manage the risks of disruption, including those related to reorganizing their businesses, market volatility, and unpredictable geopolitical events that may result in unpredictable results. Additionally, switching from a traditional setup to a new digitized one facilitates the introduction of numerous new, technologically cutting-edge products and services. Innoval Digital Solutions is a leading digital transformation platform facilitator offering cutting-edge services, enabling clients to expand their visibility across digital platforms. Here’s the highlight from the interaction.

Could you define Innoval Digital Solutions’ position in the Software Development domain?
The business application market has been the company's primary emphasis since its founding in 1995. Innoval Digital Solutions is one such company. Since 1995, IVL has been a Silver Partner of SAP and has become a leader not only in the creation of products connected to SAP but also in the SAP services industry. IVL has also developed the capacity in the area of digital applications. Thus, IVL is well positioned to become a company that facilitates digital transformation. With important and well known clients in the Indian geography, IVL commands a respectable degree of goodwill in the market as a top business application service provider. Even globally, IVL has a history of working with numerous top Fortune 500 organizations as a service partner.

IVL is a cutting-edge, high-tech corporate business applications provider that uses ingenuity and digitalization to support businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. Enterprises can move software programs from desktop to mobile device as well as from on-premises to cloud with the aid of IVL. Since all of IVL's SAP add-on solutions are SAP-certified, they have an advantage over competing items on the market. Today, IVL boasts of having more than 500 clients worldwide.

What are the results achieved through your products portfolio and what are the technological capabilities drawn by them?
The array of product lines offered by IVL spans a huge spectrum, beginning with indirect taxation products, the highly in demand EXIM solutions, and a number of significant process-oriented services. While the majority of IVL offerings are add-ons to SAP, some offerings and solutions are designed on a productneutral basis, offering the consumer enterprise freedom to encompass the entire organization from the standpoint of digital transformation. All IVL solutions have been designed with the SAP environment in mind, ensuring connectivity across the company and all platforms.

The team is well-prepared to handle any circumstance. Thanks to strong infrastructure, the domain and functional knowledge that each member of IVL possesses. In terms of technology, IVL is able to meet all of their customers' needs whether they are related to ECC, S4HANA, or any other cross platforms. The outcomes have been exceptionally positive, and because of the dedication of IVL and its team, several of its clients have been getting assistance from it for more than ten years; many of whom have been working with IVL for over fifteen years.

Tell us about the value additions offered through your services and what makes customers choose your services over other competitors’ services in the industry?
Being in business since 1995 and having built connections with customers for IVL gives individuals and businesses the tools they need to collaborate more effectively, make better use of business intelligence,

and stay one step ahead of the competition. Customers may operate financially, adapt continually, and expand sustainably with the help of IVL's services and applications.

How has the team been built? What is the motto they are driven by and how do they ensure to stay aligned with the company’s main vision?
Due to its formation as a combined entity from a collection of existing business units and firms with experience and competence in the more than 20+years, IVL offers functionality coverage, end-to-end integration with backend SAP ERP, agility in reaction time, flexibility and scalability of the solution, as well as domain and functional knowledge. international market, IVL has been a particularly inclusive organization. Many of the employees have been with IVL for close to 20 years. That aligns with the founders' goal of ensuring the development of everyone associated. The mission of IVL strives to provide Digital Transformation solutions, and over the years, it has developed into a trusted partner to many businesses not only in India but also internationally, giving best-in-class, scalable, end-toend integrated solutions.

IVL is a cutting-edge, high-tech corporate business applications provider that uses ingenuity and digitalization to support businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Innoval Digital Solutions? Where is it headed for the next five years?
We anticipate the expansion of IVL through targeted 'Cloud' and SaaS offerings. The goal of IVL is to expand significantly in terms of revenue while also gaining a reputation as a 'solutions' firm, as opposed to just a 'product company'. With this philosophy, IVL is spending money to build connections all over the world in an effort to reach a revenue of Rs. 100 crores in the following five years.

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