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  • Arindam Das Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO, Mirasys

    Arindam Das Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO, Mirasys

  • With the emergence of cutting-edge optical technologies, the world is flooded with visual data. According to a report by, the AI CCTV Market is expected to reach $51.95 billion by 2030 ($14.99 billion in 2021), growing at a CAGR of 14.7 percent. It's a unique win-win environment for Video Management Systems & Analytics providers and retail businesses. From Kirana stores to hospitals, retail businesses, on a daily basis, generate tons of video footage and images, which are often only used for security applications. Mirasys India Pvt Ltd is revolutionizing the retail industry by helping them set up AI-powered VMS and, in turn, giving priceless business sense to the visual data junk. It helps businesses analyze their visual content to derive powerful insights and trends.

  • Mirasys: A Deep Vision Data Company Deriving Powerful Business Sense Out Of Surveillance Data Junk

Digitally Secure Transformation

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The Tech-ade is well and truly on the go. The dynamic technology landscape combines with the hybrid work culture trend to create an increasing need to digitally transform organizations.

Effective Ways to Improve Data Security in Insurance

By: Bibhu Krishna, IT Head, Policybazaar

want to fall victim to a cyber-attack and lose everything that the respective teams have worked so hard to achieve.

10 Most Recommended Digital Transformation Companies - 2022

Is Oracle's MySQL HeatWave Winning the Cloud Race

By: Nipunagarwal, Senior Vice President, Mysql Database & Heatwave, Oracle Mysqlcom

In the MySQL space, it’s clear that Oracle aced the game with the database in a unique move by optimizing analytics while bringing new enhancements reducing computing costs and introducing machine learning in the database. Even without the ETL


Blockchain, An Emerging Technology for providing secure & cost effective solutions

By: Ashishbansal Sr. Principal, Global Products & Technology, GSK

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that enables the efficient, permanent, and verifiable recording of transactions. It is also a decentralized database that can be used to manage an ever-growing list of records called nodes.


Blockchain, An Emerging Technology for Logistics & Supply Chain

By: Dr. Bright P' Rayan, Head IT, ICTSI South Pacific

Blockchain developments are providing blockchain solutions for logistics, transportation, and supply chain, blockchain solutions can help reduce administration time and costs, accelerate transportation, and establish production-to-consumer supply chain visibility and verification.


Digital ecosystem build

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech Evangelist

Organisation needs to add creative digital workflow with intelligence. Usually workflows are defined and designed in silos across various function within organization. The interlinkages and connect to multifold view along with superior customer and partner ecosystem keeping experience in mind is usu

  • 10 Most Recommended Digital Transformation Companies - 2022

    Today, where digitalization is sweeping in amidst the industries, Digital transformation seems to be the growing trend with companies adopting digital technologies to improve overall business processes and customer experience. Also, with COViD-19 pandemic prevalence, digital transformation is hardly new to any. `Digitize to survive' is a mantra that stays true for all, today. As per Grand View Research report, while the global digital transformation market size was evaluated at $608.72 billion in 2021, it is expected to expand at a CAGR of 23.1 percent during 2022-30. Digital transformation helps organizations across significant impressions such as improving their brand's reputation, customer experience, and customer retention ratios through the implementation of the software. Also, where the merging of Big Data with new technology has made using large data sets more easy than ever before, further Artificial Intelligence is poised to play a significant role across the enabling of dynamic technologies. Representing a cultural shift to more agile and intelligent ways of doing business, Digital Transformation is proficiently helping organizations optimize and improve their operational efficiency, and conclusively productivity. With over 500 million internet users, as India also counts in one of the largest and fastest-growing digital consumer markets, ubiquitous technology adoption by businesses is poised to dramatically alter nearly every sector of India's economy magnanimously. There are many Digital Transformation Companies existing in the country today, diligently leveraging their services in the market. In this issue, CIO Insider has come up with a list of `10 Most Recommended Digital Transformation Companies- 2022' who have proved their proficiency in the sector with a deep knowledge in technology. The following list is prepared closely scrutinized by a panel of judges consisting of CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts, and our editorial board. We believe that these platforms will help in transforming business processes through their significant expertise and knowledge.

10 Most Recommended Digital Transformation Companies - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Collective Minds Collective Minds K. Venkatesh , Founder & CEO One of the emerging digital transformation companies that lay its expertise in providing RPA/AI solutio
Eumentis Eumentis Pawan Samdani , Founder & Director Seeks to address clients' end-to-end needs and offers a wide range of digital transformation services, including Mobile and Web App Development, AI/ML Development, Enterprise Mobility and more
Gleecus Techlabs: Forward Thinking Digital Innovation Partner Gleecus TechLabs Suprit Patra, Co-Founder Helping startups, SMBs and Enterprises undergo digital transformation, leveraging the right innovation, technology & experience standards
Innominds Innominds Divakar Tantravahi , Chairman & CEO Helps clients drive towards digital transformation to unlock the value and gain the benefits by helping create, deliver and sustain technology solutions
Innoval Digital Solutions: Integrating Innovation With Passion To Promote Organizational Digital Transformation Innoval Digital Solutions Sumeet Gupta, Director A cutting-edge, high-tech corporate business applications provider that uses ingenuity and digitalization to support businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors
Knolskape Knolskape Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO Offers robust transformational talent programs to organizations and provides a large portfolio of award-winning simulations and experiential courses to learners
Piql Piql Sunil Chitara , Founder Director Securing data and giving eternal life to information, through sustainable innovation
Schawk Schawk K. Chandrashekhar, Director Embracing the unexpected, unlock new ideas, and reimagineclients' business, driven by agility, flexibility, dependability, and responsiveness, to transform ideas into impactful digital solutions
Techved Techved Mohar V. , Co-founder & CEO A design-led top digital transformation powerhouse that focuses on Strategy, Solutions, end-to-end delivery, and transparency
Zykoon Zykoon Rohit Arora , Founder & CTO Embracing the unexpected, unlock new ideas, and reimagineclients’ business, driven by agility, flexibility, dependability, and responsiveness, to transform ideas into impactful digital solution