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Inventum Technologies Private Limited: One-stop-shop for Fixed & Wireless Data Networks

Sachin Mehra,Founder & Managing Director

Sachin Mehra

Founder & Managing Director

Today, with the changing market dynamics, there have been numerous advances in wireless communication technologies. As there are many advantages including flexibility, low cost, easy deployment, among others, the industry is likely to witness a significant growth. Surfing this market’s growth bandwagon is a technology company based out of Noida, named, Inventum Technologies Private Limited. The company boasts a legacy of 17 years in the IT industry, developing products and technologies for fixed and wireless data networks. Inventum specializes in software defined networks (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), high speed routers, network security, Internet policy management systems, AAA infrastructure, convergent postpaid billing, prepay charging, revenue management, cloud based services and Wifi hotspot billing systems. It is also known for its integrated BSS suite, which enables the rapid launch of new revenue services without spending countless hours in endless integration.

Furthermore, the company also delivers SD-WAN, vCPE & managed WiFi services using its range of routers, SDN & NFV solutions. Inventum has customers in 45 countries, with an emphasis on emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

In conversation with Sachin Mehra, Founder & Managing Director, Inventum Technologies Private Limited

The wireless networks industry is an ever growing industry. Where is Inventum positioned in this vast industry?
Inventum has been making various hardware & software products for the wireless industry over the past 18 years. All our products are indigenous with a strong focus on R&D. Uniquely, Inventum provides end-to-end solutions to customers ranging from the B/OSS stack, lawful monitoring systems, core routers, edge routers, BNG, controllers

and now Wi-Fi Access Points, all of which are made in India. Traditionally, Inventum has focused on telecom operators, WISP and ISP segments with customers in 45 different countries. Over the past few years, we have also diversified into large scale public Wi-Fi deployments winning tens of smart city contracts and notably the entire RailTel Wi-Fi backend system that powers close to 6,500 railway stations with internet acess across India.

Our experience puts us in the elite group of vendors who can not only supply network equipment but also other crucial elements under one roof and all engineered in India.

How do your fixed & wireless data network solutions make a difference for your clients? What’s your USP?
Firstly, we are proudly a ‘Make in India’ player! It’s taken us 18 years of an uphill battle to bootstrap and build our business to where it is today. We have tenacity and we know our products work as we are still ahead of the curve. Our newly launched ‘Udaya’ product line is India’s first 100 percent cloud controlled Wi-Fi AP product line that can compete with the best in the world at a fraction of the cost and targets enterprise customers. It’s a combination of delivering excellent value with India specific engineering and excellent local customer service that uniquely positions us with our customers.

Inventum has already implemented 15 Smart City Wi-Fi projects and now we are in the race to win more projects

Our vision is to become India’s number one cloud-enabled technology products company, synonymous with awesome customer experiences. We are adding several new products to our portfolio, including cloud managed routers for homes, SMB, switches, surveillance products and more.

Tell us about your products and solutions. Tell us about your technology capabilities. How do you update them dynamically and provide your clients with optimum results?
Inventum started as a software company with a focus on building an India specific billing system for data services. Our UNIFY product was one of the first in the world that allowed usage based and bandwidth limited plans on fixed lines and you could say we invented that space in India. UNIFY

remains our flagship product having now grown into a complete business suite for operators.

Share with us a success story about one of your implementations.
Inventum in 2009 deployed the world’s largest Wi-Fi network of 350,000 access points across 40 cities for a major Indian ISP. This experience helped us to perfect our home-grown products and scale them according to today’s smart cities. We are ready with our WLAN, Router, BNG, OSS/BSS and related products more than any other Indian vendor.

In the past year, there are two notable projects that I feel require mentioning. First one is a national managed Wi-Fi network for PVR cinemas that will be one of the largest such projects anywhere in Asia. Second one is the recently concluded project for RailTel, where we provided backend solutions to enable Wi-Fi at 6000+ railway stations across India. Both projects demonstrate our expertise and ability to deliver world class solutions.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? What is Inventum’s future roadmap?
From managing assets and resources, smart monitoring of infrastructure, to enabling smooth city operations, connecting citizens to e-governance are the key opportunities we are foreseeing. Indian government will be deploying free Wi-Fi in rural villages in the country as part of a new initiative called ‘Digital Village’. The government will install tower-mounted WiFi hotspots at remote locations in the country which will allow villagers to use the service on their cell phones. Inventum plans to be a major partner to the government in these digital initiatives.

Inventum has already implemented 15 Smart City Wi-Fi projects and now we are in the race to win more projects. Apart from this, our new Udaya range of cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions are finding rapid acceptance in enterprises and premium home segments. We are also collaborating with multiple social media giants for the development of new technologies that will benefit the world.

Today, almost every brand you see in the market is a foreign brand. There is a void for a quality home grown products company and Inventum intends to fill that void. We are committed to self-reliance in networking products, while bringing digital to every individual in the country. Our vision is to become the leader in the data networking products segment.

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