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L & Q Surveys: Introducing a New Age of Topographical Surveying & Mapping Solutions

Dr. S. N. Bansal,Founder & CEO

Dr. S. N. Bansal

Founder & CEO

The capabilities of the internet & technology era is truly limitless. The new age of Topographical surveying and mapping is no different, as the segment has transformed into electronics and advanced microprocessor based solutioning. Established in 1992, L & Q Surveys Pvt Ltd is one of the leading survey solutions companies that leverage the complete advantage of technology as well as industry experience in an exemplary way. Based out of Delhi and with operations across the country, L & Q has long become an inevitable part of futurifying infrastructure projects in our country. From Real Estate projects to Roads & Bridges, Farming Forest Survey Highways, Housing Hydropower Industry irrigation, Mining Ports & Harbors, Thermal Power, Tunneling Urban & Rural Development, and WaterWays. CIO Insider is delighted to engage in an exclusive interview with L & Q’s Founder & CEO, Dr. S. N. Bansal, who is a well-known thought-leader in the field of Topographical surveying and mapping in India. Also expert in Remote Sensing & GPS Studies.

In conversation with Dr. S. N. Bansal, Founder & CEO, L & Q Surveys

Established in 1985, L & Q Surveys boasts a huge magnitude of experience, especially with the public infrastructure development in the country. Where are you positioned in the current geographical solutions industry?
Basically, we are into the niche field of remote sensing and capturing ground geo-data through satellites, which facilitate us in producing the Topographic maps. Being a consultant

to the government of India, we are also obliged to provide meticulous ground characteristics of the land, alongside a plethora of other vital information to aid in planning the current and future public infrastructure projects in the country. Furthermore, we also have a prestigious client ecosystem, including leading developers like DLF.

We have created our own niche in the industry, thanks to an excellent combination of expertise, technology and highly innovative staff and the latest equipment backup. Hence, we are always at the bleeding-edge of the survey industry. Over the last two decades, we have completed about 3000 survey projects for infrastructural development in India and abroad.

We help them with planning infrastructure developments that are even 20 years ahead of us

What are the challenges that you solve for clients? What is the kind of difference that your intervention makes?
We live in a world that is totally dependent on the internet. Needless to say, the internet has made the world a better place. L & Q Surveys savors the complete advantage of online systems. Having said that, when the internet fails, even momentarily, the downtime disrupts the functions of multifarious technology systems deployed across the world, including GPS and GIS applications. Too much dependency on the internet, in fact, is an alarming cause for worry, given the sensitivity of (GIS & GPS) use-cases at stake. We, at L & Q, while leveraging the complete advantage of the internet, have never let go of our conventional systems. Thus, in the case of any downtime, we are resilient enough to keep our systems running based on the satellite data. We always have the backup of an alternative resource to ensure seamless delivery.

Tell us about your solutions and deliverables.
In simple terms, we amalgamate the

satellite data and the expertise & experience of our team, and convert it into Topographic maps, which are largely used for infrastructure development projects amidst a wide range of other applications. With the level of precision required today to conduct feasibility study of an infrastructure project, data accuracy is of paramount importance. Be it the quality of the land, water bodies or topographic structure, it’s imperative to know what’s existing on the ground before building anything on it. More or less, we translate lands into precise data points without setting our foot on the ground – using the internet and satellites.

Could you acquaint us with a case study pertaining to your services?
We are advisers and consultants to the Delhi government, Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation, India Tourism Development Corporation, and DRDO among others. Thanks to our ideal combination of cutting-edge remote sensing systems and hundreds of man years of experience, we help them with planning infrastructure developments that are even 20 years ahead of us using our systems. For instance, we are working with the Delhi government on the Urban Expressway Project as well as Urban Extension Road - I, II & III of Delhi, wherein we have given them the alternative alignments for roads spanning hundreds of kilometres.

Going forward, what are your future plans?
We have already established advanced capabilities and en route to the future, our major plans revolve around capturing the market. Well, it’s easier said than done as we are dealing with a market that still has a lot of room for awareness of advanced Topographic solutions that produce accurate results without physically visiting the land. Hence, we are educating the market. We are also working with Indian Army to provide them with our advanced & reliable Topographic solutions. In addition, we foresee huge opportunities for our services in the areas of legal, financial, and technical affairs relating to geography as well as monitoring movements & controlling the international borders.

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