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IOP Technologies: Bringing the Advantages of New Frontiers in Technology

Mahesha Cukkemane ,  Founder & CEO

Mahesha Cukkemane

Founder & CEO

At its core, digital transformation is about profitably using data from smart devices to pursue your business objectives such as increasing efficiency of operations, improving customer experience and even creating new products and services. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things(IoT) are, thus, jointly advancing digital transformation. However, the businesses that have been optimally using the offerings of AI, IoT and data infrastructure in cloud, are now moving towards becoming more smarter in using its resources for better operations and enhanced customer service. Redefining the applications of such new age technologies, Bengaluru based IOP Technologies is an adept software solution provider in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Technology, IOT, Big Data and Analytics. Using Machine Learning algorithms, the company builds Predictive Analysis systems integrating the data available with the latest technologies. To cater to a wide range of domains like Financial Institutions, Banks, Utility companies, Oil & Energy Industries, and Governments, IOP has built in house capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Classifications, Supervised Learning, and Unsupervised Learning, etc.

Comprehensive Focus from AI to Cloud
From virtual assistants, chatbots, knowledge bases and dynamic FAQs to automated calls, email and chat, AI has transformed the way people interact with service. Particularly, virtual agents

have proven their efficient handling of customers and provided high level of quality information to them. To further streamline the service, these virtual agents integrate with the business’ CRM. IOP’s AI Virtual agent is fairly user friendly and engages across all communication channels (Web, Mobile, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Skype). It also performs a segmentation of customers based on behaviour pattern to make the right kind of offer to the right customer. This conversational BOT has found immense use cases in the automobile sector. Moreover, accredited as Microsoft Gold Partner, IOP delivers seamless Cloud solutions as well.

Using Machine Learning algorithms, the company builds Predictive Analysis systems integrating the data available with the latest technologies

With Cloud technologies, IOP’s solutions are distinguished in terms of the benefits that the customers enjoy.

Working in the IoT space, IOP has built solutions for Connected factories and Smart energy. IOP technologies’ connected factories solutions can be deployed across manufacturing environments, industrial equipments, machinery, components, and power generation, thereby connecting them to achieve improvements in operational parameters. Smart Energy facilitates automated remote meter data reading, consolidated meter consumption and user friendly monitoring applications.

IOP’s IoT platform is integrated with Machine learning capabilities for Predictive Maintenance and Predicting Quality. The platform has controlling capabilities and is configurable, allowing it to be easily integratable with a plethora of diverse devices including Industrial Machines, Electricity Smart meters (energy), Shop floor automation

devices, and Inspection devices, etc.

Flexible Approach to Top Notch Business Solutions
IOP has built products in the CRM, ERP, and IoT space. The company’s easy to use quotation management, logistics handling for factory orders, and AI based categorization of Email tickets to the CRM system are catering to the requirements of growth driven customers across domains. “We work closely with the customer to define their problem and put forth the solution in a consulting manner”, explains Mahesha Cukkemane, Founder & CEO, IOP Technologies. IOP brings in change management, and process consulting to ensure that their products and services deployed are leveraged with their best features and bring out optimum results for customers. In a recent venture, when a Large Mining company sought a good dashboard on cloud to easily view the management, IOP Technologies facilitated Change Data Capture (CDC) from client premises to Azure event hub, Blob Store, Azure SQL DB, and PowerBI Embedded on server. Basically, IOP aggregated client’s device parameters from mines into Cloud, allowing the client to better plan their maintenance requirements. IOP has also catered to a Home & Business care services company in USA. The company wanted to narrow down on their choices for the best supplier for a particular service based on several criteria. IOP’s machine learning capabilities (Support Vector Machine) was effectively used to provide the required ratings and enable a dynamic selection of the supplier.

With 80+ years of progressive leadership experience, Mahesh and team have been driving IOP Technologies through great ventures while setting technological milestones on their way. “We are now planning to take the company forward in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which brings huge benefits to our customers”, adds Mahesh. Adhering to this mission, IOP Technologies will continue providing expert transformation services and cutting edge technology solutions to major enterprise customers operating in diverse industries and geographies.

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