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IQM: Providing Intelligence to Empower Political Campaigns and Voters

Bhargav Patel, Co-Founder & CEO

Bhargav Patel

Co-Founder & CEO

The stage is set for AI to continue transforming the world, as people know it. Even the story of emerging AI trends is inseparable from the story of the public sector. Today’s pace of nonstop disruption affects government as much as any other sector. As missions grow broader and more complex, leaders feel constant pressure to make the most effective use of the newest advances.

Headquartered in New York and with an Indian office in Ahmedabad, the IQM Corporation has designed a leading programmatic political marketing platform. It is a media buying and audience intelligence platform designed specifically for political action. Political campaigns and advocacy organizations rely on IQM to accurately find, match and target voters to help them win elections. Basically, the company works on three products/ solutions i.e., data onboarding,media buying optimization, and reporting and predictive analysts attribution and analysis. These three products work simultaneously in a business vertical specific environment.

We started back in 2014 as a global advertising platform and till 2015 we proved ourselves. Focused on vertical specialty, we have built political verticals specific features, on boarded voter database and data matched pipe line for political specific use cases for media planning, media buying and predictive analytics. So, we are the platform that analyzes large amounts of data sets in political environment and applies that knowledge for media buying on a single platform,” said

Bhargav Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of IQM.

Technology Solutions to Target Voters
IQM allows campaigns to reach voters with realtime messages that motivate their journey to the polls. The company’s advertising platform activates AI, machine learning and data mining processes that help campaigns more effectively target voters. Voters files are uploaded to the IQM platform for the sole purpose of matching and targeting voters. Following this, IQM verifies the data with strong file encryption and data protection methods, ensuring that any personally identifiable information is protected from unauthorized use or disclosure.

IQM allows campaigns to reach voters with realtime messages that motivate their journey to the polls

Further, the company matches user’s data with millions of anonymous voters’ profiles enabling political organizations to target voters with the right message at any time. The IQM match rate is far ahead of any other platform, so the company can immediately connect voters to candidates. Campaigns more efficiently identify influenceable voters by geo targeting down to the district level and beyond.

To conduct all this digital media buying, activation and analysis in one scalable voter targeting platform, the IQM platform is capable of running programmatic campaigns across all the channels instantaneously. The company’s realtime bidding platform gives all the tools and insights one needs to segment for audience, to manage budget, automate targeting, buy advertising, and view reporting. After that, IQM launches the campaigns that immediately reach voters beyond the social media channels. IQM also provides access to users where they can change and adjust their campaign anytime and then go live within minutes.

24x7 campaign optimization and real-time voter insights are part of the package enabling users to constantly improve voters’ engagement, increase KPIs and enhance overall campaign performance. Similarly for India, the company analyzes issue levels based on media consumption and correlates to a particular party.

The company has models that identify whether voters are consuming positive content or negative content or factual positive content or factual negative content. Campaigns are done with the help of media consumption for positive impact. However, in case a user is unable to convey a message to a particular group of voters. The user can run advertisements separately for those groups of voters with different messages on positive agendas.

Providing such voter targeting solutions in one platform, IQM worked with Ron DeSantis campaign for Governor of Florida in 2018. The DeSantis campaign sought to reach Florida voters with messages about his job creation plans, public schools initiatives, funding clean water, and creating safer communities. Millions of people saw that DeSantis video. The online campaign helped DeSantis become Governor of Florida. Similarly, IQM launched digital advertising campaigns for Phil Murphy in advance of his primary elections for Governor of New Jersey. Candidate Murphy defeated his opponents with nearly 50 percent of Democratic votes cast.

With such efficient AI enabled market in voter targeting, IQM has the capacity to offer targeting, reporting, data analytics, data gathering, data segmentation, programmatic creative, and content creation all in one platform. In near future, the company is planning to expand beyond politics and apply AI capabilities and programmatic capabilities to other verticals. The main focus of IQM remains to give campaigns a competitive advantage to reach voters with realtime, targeted information that empowers them to take political action.

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