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IP Infotech: An In-depth Approach to Fortification of Infrastructure against Ever-evolving Threats

 Ishan Kukreti,   Founder & CEO

Ishan Kukreti

Founder & CEO

The Indian cybersecurity market has touched $ 3.97 billion in 2023 and is forecasted to be a worth of $ 9.21 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 18.33 percent between 2023 and 2028. What places cybersecurity at the crux of IT in frastructure is the rapid digital transformation, which exposes corporate businesses to unfolding risks like third-party vendor risks, identity theft, phishing and loss of data. As the finance and government sectors are becoming more and more inclined towards upgrading their traditional outlook into a digital one, the need for stronger identity verification measures is growing at a significant rate to safeguard sensitive data from identity theft and high-profile data breaches that are becoming more sophisticated with time. However, deploying effective cybersecurity solutions involves high costs, making it difficult for SME organisations to adopt comprehensive data security measures.

This is where IP Infortech steps in to offer an extensive and cost-effective suite of compliance and cybersecurity solutions for both medium and large sized business enterprises. Primarily catering to various financial and government institutions, IP Infotech ensures its expertise in security solutions like multifactor authentication, network security solutions, and IT infrastructure management. Their tailor-made solutions are designed to enable visibility and control across all on-premise and cloud-based IT systems, and while doing so, they predict future security needs and equip the solutions with adaptable resistance to be able to respond to those. CIO Insider engages in a conversation with Ishan Kukreti, Founder & CEO at IP Infotech in order to know more about the company’s take on modern cybersecurity services and the core objectives it is governed by.

We would like to know about your opinion on the sector that the company is working on. And, how has this sector achieved growth over the last five or

seven years?
Digitalization as a contemporary means to scalability, improved operational efficiency, or increased customer engagement has emerged as an evolutionary force for futuristic development. And with great technological power come newer and smarter cyber risks, necessitating the enforcement of all-encompassing protective measures against such threats over the past few years. The increased adoption of AI, IoT, and cloud-based systems are raising demand for robust cybersecurity solutions and will continue to boost the domestic market. As the Indian government has also been making multiple advancements towards building robust cyber defence capacity, we, at IP Infotech, provide compliance-based IT solutions to industries like finance, tech companies, and manufacturing organisations that look for compliance solutions like GDPR, PCI, DSS, and CIS. We have a strong presence in the financial, government, healthcare, and education sectors. Alongside boasting a strong hold in the domestic market, we provide our solutions in the Southeast Asian market as well.

IP Infotech ensures its expertise in security solutions like multifactor authentication, network security solutions, and IT infrastructure management

How do the services that IP Infotech offers stand out in the market of cyber security solutions?
Being a distributor in the cybersecurity provider space, we stand as an umbrella-like destination for data security services that address the specific problems of client organizations. From IT infrastructure management and network security to compliance and data backup and recovery solutions, we provide complete security for both data in transit and in use. Our solutions deliver the utmost visibility into the mobility of data in on-premise and cloud systems and identify and destroy insider threats in real-time. Our ability to pay attention to minute details has enabled us to curate security appliances that provide robust data protection across an IT infrastructure and prepare it for future security requirements. We bring forth such technological foresights that keep us

ahead of the curve.

Give as an overview of the flagship services of the company.
We have a varied range of cybersecurity solutions intended to ensure protection to various aspects of corporate assets and Netwrix, Comodo, Cylock MFA and Zecurion are few of our flagship offerings in the current product basket. Netwrix is designed to provide security solutions in hybrid IT environment to protect data across all kinds of location. Netwrix empowers information security and governance professionals to identify and protect sensitive data to reduce the risk of a breach. Comodo equips an IT operation with ways to solve legacy security problems. It acts as an end point Cyber Security Solution which protects your data from Ransomware and major virus attacks. Cylock MFA provides strong authentication and authorization mechanism through mobile devices, developed to protect user accounts, applications and devices in an organization. While looking at external threats, what corporates often overlook is the potential for internal threats. And this is where the expertise of IP Infotech lies. They identify the security loopholes and latent insider threats that can cost companies big time and thereafter bring up solutions best suited to the security requirements of the client organisation.

How has been the overall journey of the company since inception? Take us through the professional milestones achieved over time.
Being a distributor within a very short span of time, we created a market for IP Infotech and worked on various prestigious government projects. Our commitment to the delivery of effective and affordable cybersecurity solutions has established us at the height of success we are at today. The way we make an effort to modernise our innovative practices regarding cybersecurity and compliance has won us a loyal customer base.

What are the expansion plans you have for the company?
IP Infotech has now become a prestigious enterprise with the execution of several government projects. We are looking forward to expanding our presence and maximising brand resonance. Alongside our far reaching presence in India, we are planning to grow our global footprint in the Southeast Asian and international markets as well. We will continue to diversify the product portfolio to deliver efficient data security solutions.

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