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iSAP Global Solutions: Offering One-stop IT Solutions


Advancements in various technologies have been a game-changer for businesses in today’s world. If we speak of India, the country has been very positive in adopting next-gen technologies, including Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT, to name a few. Similarly, one company supporting the current technology evolution’s bandwagon is Bangalore based iSAP Global Solutions. The company has been delivering comprehensive solutions that enable customers to meet today’s highly competitive marketplace challenges. They perfectly befit the title of a One-Stop IT Vendor with SI Capability and its wide range of technology solutions backed by platform products from various market leaders.

In conversation with Peters Peter, Founder & Director at iSAP Global Solutions

Cloud computing is gaining traction by the minute amongst businesses that seek to grow. How is iSAP placed with all its network infrastructure solutions?
iSAP has successfully built long-term relationships through quality services while taking turnaround-time into its prime focus areas. Our company has been delivering innovative solutions, automation, and platform services beyond customers’ expectations by perfectly meeting their every requirement to the fullest, be it in any space or vertical.

Tell us about the iSAP group of professionals who came together to enable customers to meet the challenges of a highly competitive marketplace.
iSAP has been acting as a beacon for revolutionizing today’s evolving market by converting challenges into opportunities. Our uncompromised quality solutions have been aiding clients with a global presence to better serve their customers by enhancing the efficiency and productivity of their businesses through the implementation of various next-gen technology solutions. Furthermore, we are transitioning from SMB to enterprise and have been focusing more on government and public sector projects, which are getting back-lifted by our comprehensive offerings and

capabilities. We believe in dynamics and are equipped with a team of dedicated personals who can go extra miles in achieving big when it comes to project completion and implementation in a real-time world without facing any customer’s downtime.

Considering clients’ utmost requirements while analyzing their current environment to understand what best suits their needs based on Capex and Opex Models, we propose specialized roadmaps that align both of our obligations to obtain a win-win outcome

When it comes to virtualization, VMware is the de facto name presiding board over room discussions. How is iSAP approach helping more and more clients realize the benefits of VMware solutions?
Considering clients’ utmost requirements while analyzing their current environment to understand what best suits their needs based on Capex and Opex Models, we propose specialized roadmaps that align both of our obligations to obtain a win-win outcome. As for the quick fix of downtime, we have a robust automated system that can work regardless of the environment. From ticketing system to SMS alerts, everything will be integrated onto a Cloud environment, enabling access to all our team members and our customers in deriving real-time updates. We are consistently focusing on other streams of our business acumen to optimize the full potentials of our abilities in driving key strategies.

Tell us about your service associated with VMware?
Varying from SMBs to large corporate, iSAP Global Solutions has worked with quite a number of clients. SD-WAN Solutions (from VeloCloud) was our first project implementation to deploy to our

Singapore client. We faced some early hurdles, but came back with a useful business model to derive a practical real-time roadmap that assures the completion of the given project before the deadline, considering the downtime until the production-phase completion task.

Share us a success story about one of your implementations that can help us bring-out a good story about iSAP Solutions?
iSAP has demonstrated the right zest to prove itself as one of the leaders in today’s disruptive marketplace. We step-up to stand out from the other crowd of competitors in providing robust solutions that not only yield results. The testimonials from our clients initiate spearhead opportunities to connect more new clients through their experience when they spread word-of-mouth satisfaction comments and other attributes that are commendable from all standpoints.

Peters Peter,Founder & Director

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
Focusing on spreading its reach across the world, iSAP, with its widespread propaganda, has been a formidable competitor for some giants in the industry. Moreover, to reap the capabilities of nextgen technologies such as Cloud, IoT, AI, and ML, we want to ensure that we are always scaling-up our skills to new horizons.

Currently, iSAP has been operating across three geographies and has been steadily multiplying itself across various other regions as well. We’re doing so through building partnerships and collaborations in enabling win-win negotiations. We have kept laser focus towards US and UK regions.

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