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Sunfire Technologies: Building End-to-End Portfolio of Virtualization Across IT Infrastructures

Harihar Deshpande,Director

Incorporated in the year 2008, Sunfire Technologies’ solution portfolio comprises of technology verticals like virtualization, storage, business continuity, network & security, containers, kubernetes and cloud. With the domain knowledge, expertise and skillsets on every technology solution offering, the company has built the solutions portfolio to offer various services like IT Infrastructure Consulting & Management, Information Security Consulting, Cloud Services and Application Modernization Services to cater various IT needs of their customers. Following is the transcript of our brief discussion with Harihar Deshpande (Director, Sunfire Technologies), where he explains us how Sunfire commits toward customer satisfaction and help organizations to achieve business growth.

In conversation with Harihar Deshpande, Director, Sunfire Technologies

With the growing and scaling technology, the complexity to manage IT infrastructure has also increased to a challenging level. This is one of the major factors due to which efficiency is plummeted. How do you think virtualization can solve this technical bottleneck?
Making your IT infrastructure, software defined is a real answer to many complexities and performance issues. Sunfire Technologies has invested early in Innovative Solution approach of software defined datacentre (SDDC) that brings enhanced visibility, rich capabilities of automation & orchestration to not only manage an on-premise datacenter, but it can also scale-up and help the organizations to leverage the benefits of public & hybrid cloud.

We understand virtualization is here to stay to ease-out IT management. How is Sunfire taking a dive into this domain?
Since its inception, Sunfire Technologies has been working in virtualization technology domain. We have delivered large & complex projects across traditional solutions such as datacenter

virtualization, application virtualization and many others. However, with software defined datacenter, we have delivered solutions such as Storage Virtualization, Network Virtualization, and WAN Virtualization. These solutions require specific skills and expertise. This also requires a cross functional experience of dealing with important components like next generation security infrastructure, application delivery network, and intelligent information management software, as these solutions integrate and work in sync as part of a SDDC. Also, it is important to not only focus on virtualization alone, but have a holistic approach towards delivering a complete solution. Sunfire has right skills & attitude to work on these technologies and maximize the benefits, while ensuring successful delivery to our customers.

We strongly believe that with our knowledge & experience, combined with our passion, will help us deliver a great value proposition to our customers, partners and our stakeholders We strongly believe that with our knowledge & experience, combined with our passion, will help us deliver a great value proposition to our customers, partners and our stakeholders

Tell us about Sunfire’s positioning in the Cloud market and how are your products and solutions in virtualization assisting companies meet their business’ scaling requirements?
A logical extension of a Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) is leveraging enormous capabilities that a public cloud can offer. For example, VMware Cloud or AWS offers various functions that are on-demand, scalable, cost effective, and most importantly, these services are ready to use. Sunfire helps organizations to leverage best of both worlds by building the hybrid cloud models that can help our customers to optimize financial spends, reduce time to market and stay focused on their core business.

Sunfire also offers various value-added services such as Application Discovery, Cloud Assessment, Health Check

Services, Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Data Management Services, and also helps customers to Review & Optimize their Cloud Billing.

What kind of experience and expertise does the Sunfire team bring about in the virtualization space? How does the experience help understand the market demands?
Sunfire offers professional services that cover complete lifecycle of the solution. Right from basic Virtualization Assessment to Capacity Planning, and Design & Architecting the solution. It also covers Plan & Deployment Services, Operationalizing the Solution, Audit & Health Check services and further optimizing the solution. This includes an end-to-end project management. Additionally, we offer managed services to ensure seamless operations & sustenance of the infrastructure along with Education and Training services to our customers. Sunfire has strategically made substantial investment in building-up a large end-to-end portfolio of Virtualization across the entire IT infrastructure space. Share with us few success stories of the past.

Providing technology based solutions is our passion, besides being a business for us. We have delivered some large & complex deployments across entire portfolio of Virtualization. Few of them are – a large deployment of a Digital Workspace solution that includes 25000+ end points for a large software export company, a DC Virtualization that covers 15000+ servers for an MNC in IT & IT Enabled Services, building a Business Continuity & Availability Solution for 10000+ servers for a healthcare organization, assisting a large Insurance Company to do the Cloud Adoption & Migration, and setting-up a Private Cloud Infrastructure for a University. We have worked across industry verticals like Banking/Finance, Insurance, Telecom, automotive & engineering, IT & ITeS, Education, Logistics and many others.

What future do you perceive for Sunfire Technologies in terms of innovation?
In this digital era, business are becoming modern, and hence the need for modernizing the Applications, Infrastructure & Workspace for the organizations. Sunfire is geared-up to help customers to accelerate their journey of modernization. We are working with customers to adopt transformations by modernizing the legacy business applications to containerized micro services, cloud transformation, and modern workspace solutions. We strongly believe that with our knowledge & experience, combined with our passion, will help us deliver a great value proposition to our customers, partners and our stakeholders.

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