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JMR Infotech: Catering to Banking and Financial Services Industry through Cutting Edge Core Banking and Analytics Solutions Leveraging Oracle Stack

Suresha Iyer,Executive Vice President

Suresha Iyer

Executive Vice President

JMR Infotech (JMR) is a trusted technology product and services provider working with business leaders across the globe to build robust, agile and adaptive enterprises. Backed by an experienced management team, strategic alliances, 175+ satisfied customers, over 600 domain experts; JMR is the partner of choice for progressive organizations, which consistently delivers added value to their clientele. JMR holds the distinction of being the world’s first Oracle Platinum Partner for Financial Services.

Founded in 2007, the company based out of Bengaluru, has been rendering services and solutions across Banking, Insurance, Technology, Education and Infrastructure areas. Being industry agnostic, JMR engages in the delivery of infrastructure related support to establish data centre or disaster recovery centres for businesses.

JMR’s Executive Vice President, Suresha Iyer spoke about JMR’s risk management solutions offerings in greater detail.

In conversation with Suresha Iyer, Executive Vice President, JMR Infotech

Risk management strategies have become one of the top priorities for digitized companies in order to confront potential IT security threats and data related risks. Kindly elaborate how JMR Infotech exercises its measures to identify, assess, and control threats for a business’ capital and earnings.
JMR is Oracle's first Platinum Partner for financial services that provides solutions from Oracle Stack. The Oracle Stack comes with core banking solution under the brand name FLEXCUBE, and risk and compliance solutions under the name OFSAA (Oracle Financial Services

Analytical Applications). JMR offers these solutions to banks across the globe, duly taking note of the exact requirements. As part of this initiative, JMR offers solutions to address anti-money laundering solution requirements, Know Your Customer requirement, Enterprise Case Management, Analytics, FATCA compliance requirement, and trade surveillance. JMR has sufficient expertise in implementing this world-class solution that covers the entire risk management and compliance space, encompassing credit, market and operational risks.

Enterprises seek a solution provider that carries out multiple operations at one point. Please brief your services that are catered to various industrial verticals in need.
During the initial years of its establishment, JMR focused on the banking and financial services industry. In the last few years, as part of its strategic diversification, JMR has started providing solutions across industries - covering healthcare, insurance, and technology support to government agencies. Through its Digital & Enterprise Services division, JMR now provides cutting edge technology solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Network, and Chatbots. Moreover, JMR has its own IT product offerings for financial institutions that help banks manage their lending portfolio efficiently. In addition, JMR offers advanced technology solutions that can help the agriculture sector to achieve accelerated growth efficiencies.

JMR offers advanced technology solutions that can help the agriculture sector to achieve accelerated growth efficiencies

There are risks of unexpected or harmful events that debilitate the company to cost a large sum or lead to permanent shutdown. What are your risk management strategies around technological solutions?
JMR believes in three critical areas; first, assist its customers to address the entire gamut of compliance and

regulatory requirements through cutting edge technology solutions. Second, help banks and financial institutions in their transformation journey, enabling them to keep pace with the technology changes and avoid the risk of obsolescence. Third, JMR supplements the above with its own offerings that promote digital banking market place and also technology support for the growth of agriculture sector.

JMR has been helping customers transform the way their business works for more than a decade now. Kindly share the junctures of successes that you see while looking back.
In its journey of building transformation for industries, JMR has helped banks which have been using old mainframes to move towards new technology by implementing the latest version of solutions from Oracle Stack. Today, millennials are not interested in doing banking transactions at bank branches. Rather, they want transactions to happen through their mobile devices. JMR has helped banks with competent technology solutions to meet these new-age requirements and adapt to the changing business environment effectively. It is noteworthy to mention here that JMR helped one of its customers in Egypt to implement a mobile digital platform through which they can offer loans at breakneck speed and the institution was able to establish its market presence very quickly.

How do you visualize the future of JMR Infotech?
In the last two years, JMR has undertaken its own transformation and strengthened its leadership team. In the Governance & Compliance area, JMR offers end-to-end solutions that start from consulting, implementation and managed support services.

Moreover, JMR’s product portfolio has vastly improved. JMR Digital Platforms offer innovative solutions that serve as reliable growth engines for emerging business areas for Banks and Financial Institutions. They help institutions envisage the emerging market opportunities in related businesses while leveraging on existing business models to push sustainable growth.

JMR believes its people are its greatest assets and looks at a bright future with our 600+ domain experts. JMR is expanding its footprint across newer geographies including Europe.

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