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KarniSoft: Translating Confident Decisions and Immediate Results

Umed Sethia ,Founder

With the help of IBM technology, Karni Soft Solutions have been helping manufacturers use technology to maximize their competitive advantage for over the years. The founder has shared detailed insights on Karni Soft’s expertise with IBM solutions.

In conversation with Umed Sethia, Founder, Karni Soft

The ever increasing pace of technology advances is driving higher business expectations in terms of speed, efficiency and resilience. With IBM technology how is Karni Soft meeting the expectations of the businesses?
Digital era of doing business has changed the way business operates, growing emphasis is placed on robust and reliable infrastructures like warhorse IBM i running mission critical applications. High performance, analytics, seamless transactions, and impenetrable security are no longer desires, but requirements for organizations that wish to thrive in this competitive Global era. We help our customers in enhancing ERP systems, to further boost their competitive advantage, by integrating cloud, analytics, mobile, and social (CAMS) technologies using Infor OS. In this manner, our customers continue to reinvent their supply chains as digital supply networks, consolidating flow of materials, goods, information, and finance. With the help of Infor OS our IBM i customers are leveraging realtime analytics to make lightning fast decisions for handling unexpected events. With Infor ERP Lx on IBM i we help our customers to reap benefits of lean manufacturing and the application of agile principles to operations management

To increase speed and efficiency of business team we have helped

customers to deploy mobile and/or cloud applications to support field sales and service teams. Also with deployed cloud solutions (e.g.,for supplier interaction, Infor supplier portal)to supplement their principal application portfolios running on IBM i, to support faster procurement, development and test activities

Karni Soft has been helping the customer base with better return on their investments in IBM i platform and Infor ERP Lx Solution

Tell us about the industries Karni Soft serves and how are the challenges different in application services that the company overcomes?
We serve manufacturing, distribution & Retail domain in all sizes & segments. To have a better uptime and more accuracy & timely information availability, single level/ layer storage of IBM i is used that helps in very good performance of Infor ERP Lx solution running on IBM i. This also makes platform & application secure and free from all malware & viruses. Technology independent machine interface (TIMI), provides forward compatibility for applications running on IBM i, protecting existing software investments by prolonging software lifespan. This makes all upgrades of application very simple.

Tell us about your Application Development and maintenance service in IBM i.
We implement, support & maintain ERP & SCM application on IBM i. We partner Infor and work very closely with Infor to support Infor IBM i applications mainly BPCS/ERP Lx. We also support Datatex TIM and many inhouse applications of customers in manufacturing/retail/distribution space. We have a very experienced functional & technical consultant’s team that is helping our customers both on site & off site. We have some experienced team members who help our customer in better system administration work.

IBM Application Services can help you cuts costs and maximize efficiency

through automation and AI. However,it takes an expert to help the manufacturing heads in how to exploit the benefits. How is Karni Soft ensuring cost cutting for such manufacturers?
One of the key areas where we help our customers is automation in various aspects of their work. We assist manufacturing industry players by doing various device and machine level integration. We do all these integrations in a highly synergistic manner, and engineer the solutions to interact efficiently with core backbone ERP. As many of these automations work in real time using web services & API, speed of information helps in better decision making. Also, some of these automations help better control(like integration with banking system) and also help in minimising errors. We integrate Infor OS having AI build in to help our customers to start using AI for their business needs.

Please narrate one of Karni Soft’s best known implementation stories and how it brought glory to the company?
Karni Soft has been helping the customer base with better return on their investments in IBM i platform and Infor ERP Lx Solution. We have helped our esteemed customer Suzuki MotorCycle India private Limited with great deal of automation. We have integrated their receivable with banks so every hour they have a clear visibility on vehicles to be shipped with payment clearance. Digital signature adoption has helped in document sharing in paperless manner. All dealers have been connected to backend core ERP lx solution running on IBM i server. Many more automation work are about to go live for further improvement.

How does Karni Soft look at the future with regards to innovation and expansion?
We have been helping our customers to adopt newer & simpler technologies using IBM i platform and Infor ERP Lx solution to create more business values. We have helped them with things like QR code, Digital signature, Mail & SMS alerts for critical business events. We would be helping few of our customers with Industry standard 4.0. In terms of expansion we are putting lots of focus on supply chain solutions. With Infor IBP (integrated business planning) & supply web we are creating value for customers running some monolithic ERP, thereby getting better visibility.

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