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edi5 Technologies: Empowering Organizations With Efficient And Competent Manpower Resources

Suresh Satyanarayan, Director

Organizations continue to find navigating the business strategy, business model, workforce, customer interaction,and business operational changes, necessary to compete effectively with operation challenges. edi5 Technologies, based out of Bangalore, is an Information Technology products and offerings company which empowers an organization with the best possible resources. The company was primarily focused on delivering high quality corporate trainings on niche IT Skills. Later, edi5 entered into the areas of IT Support & Services engaging from IT Consultancy Services to IT staffing and Onsite/Remote Support Services. Today, edi5 has multiple dedicated wings like edi5 Technologies, and edi5 Solutions etc. which are specially focused to different areas of expertise.

“We have a pool of experienced and niche skilled people working with us both as full time and as part time experienced hires. We strongly believe that our employees are our biggest asset. We engage with our clients very closely on project and deliver end to end solutions on their IT requirements. We have veterans majorly for all IBM related products and other major vendors which set us apart from the crowd and our services are well appreciated by the customer globally. Our strategic alliance with some of the major global leaders providing IT Services and support which has been well received by our partners and has been a win win situation for end customers, our partner and ourselves.

This is due to the nature of approach that we have which focuses on low cost and best skill strategy that we design to suit the need of each requirement that comes our way”, explains Suresh Satyanarayan, Director, edi5 Technologies.

edi5 Technologies tries to adapt the demands of the market which make them agile, flexible and stable

Consulting Services to Deploy Highly Skilled People
edi5 Technologies is a synergy driven company that believes in harmony of its activities by creating IT solutions for its Indian and global clients with service support in the areas of design,development, implementation, customization and training. edi5 has been also instrumental in rendering support to clients on various platforms such as storage, middleware, turnkey solutions, and systems management etc. The team at edi5 has the skill, experience and knowledge to build open standards based solutions capable of streamlining client’s business which will result in increasing productivity of client’s business to complete end to end support of a project/solution lifecycle. The company has inhouse project managers, IT Architects, Technical Solution Designers etc who have been highly trained in maintaining the cost factor and timely delivery of all projects. edi5 provides workforce from various part of the globe and that makes it flexible for 24x7 support to any customer. Whether it is offering turnkey solutions, or providing right manpower or creating extra ordinary software careers, edi5 is sensitive to the needs of the industry.

edi5 handles any issue by introducing a pool of skilled resources that can support multiple customers with great efficiency. This owes a lower expense to the customer and also gives more

volume of work which is equal to revenue. Also, edi5 uses dedicated resources when a customer demands/situation requires. The company uses major IT support tools which help them to avoid dependency on any individual. In all of these cases, the company handles are recorded in the knowledge base which can be accessed by any authorized team member. Best practices like ITIL and contingency plans taken from ITSCM etc. are always considered by edi5 while planning any deliverables. Besides this, edi5 Technologies also works towards helping clients manage cost effective trainings by conducting sessions on virtual platforms. The efficiency of the trainers ensures quality and effectiveness with competitive prices for every session delivered. edi5 also accepts and works constructively on feedback provided by clients at regular intervals.

edi5 Technologies, which is promoted by a team of experienced IT professionals, is in the business of Providing recruitment, training and consulting services through the deployment of highly skilled people with abilities to not only add value and provide solutions, but also the ability to be change agents. Likewise, edi5 catered to one of their partners in Europe, where the issue was actually handled by the OEMs for months but the problem wasn’t fixed. However, with the help of edi5’s experienced team, the issue got resolved within 4 days since involvement and this was very well received by the customer. More so, the client end up offering multiple account contracts for end to end support.

edi5 Technologies tries to adapt the demands of the market which make them agile, flexible and stable. Basically, edi5 works on short term goals and tries to stay updated according to customer choice rather than being just the interest of the requirement. In the years to come, edi5 Technologies aims to be global information technology organization and a leader in the integrated operations of computer software development, training and consulting.

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edi5 Technologies: Empowering Organization with Efficient and Competent Manpower Resources