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Kashsam Data Solutions: Transforming Enterprises for the Future via Digitalization & Data-Driven Decision Culture

Gurbir Singh Bhatia,  Managing Director

Gurbir Singh Bhatia

Managing Director

Data analytics has emerged as one of the most dynamic trends, revolutionizing all businesses and having a global impact. Industries and governments all over the world are turning to data analytics to improve business operations, efficiency, product development, and customer experience. With advanced analytics powered by AI/ML, the yield is much higher. Many businesses rely on historical data to conduct research on products, track customer engagement and loyalty, and identify key market trends. Thus, data analytics has emerged as the key component of digital transformation initiatives in enterprises.

KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS is one such fastest-flourishing player in this area, enabling Businesses to adopt a data-driven decision-making culture and help them get digitally transformed. KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS was incorporated in 2022, as a private limited by Gurbir Singh Bhatia with the vision of making Data Driven Technologies more accessible to small and medium sized businesses. Gurbir is a Technology Professional with over 30 years of experience designing and developing products, as well as developing data and IT strategies that are aligned with the organization's goals. In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider, Gurbir Singh Bhatia elucidates more about KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS and its unique offerings.

The snippets of the conversation with Gurbir Singh Bhatia, Managing Director, KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS

What factors led you to establish KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS?
Analytics has always been there since the commencement of ERP. Data capture began with various enterprise solutions and evolved based on the technological scalability that emerged in terms of data storage. With the introduction of AI, ML, and data modeling in the last four or five years, all type of data (Structured and Unstructured) has become extremely important for organizations. Large organizations with budgets for Innovation and Explorations can structure a team to handle specific data solutions or data-based decision

making.Large organizations, based on their Business Objectives and Requirements, were always in a position to take such Initiatives, invest in it, start driving output from it and leverage the data. However, when it comes to small-scale or medium-sized organizations, there are still numerous gaps that exist today. Their core system implementations in terms of data capture are not present or not matured. When one delved deeper, what comes out is that corelating these Investments for long term Business Benefits, is a big question mark in terms of small or medium scale organizations. Building a Project Charter with a very cost effective solutions showing ROI and Immediate Benefit can influence these organizations to transform themselves into Data based decisioning and bring data culture into the organization.

KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS was founded in April 2022 with the intent of incorporating the experience I have accrued as a professional over the past 30 years into these organization's landscape

This is what prompted me to establish an organization that focuses more on small and medium-sized enterprises, while also covering a better understanding of data as an environment or as a culture within the organization. KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS was founded in April 2022 with the intent of incorporating the experience I have accrued as a professional over the past 30 years into these organization's landscape. Also working with Organizations of any size or specialty to have very optimal approach/ framework to adopt Data Analytics Culture and Mature in this Journey.

Could you give a brief account of KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS's role and position in data infrastructure and analytics?
We work towards providing an appropriate consultancy approach, landscape and execution which is viable for any organization to understand, deploy, and immediately put to use as far as their business systems are concerned. This could begin with the deployment of an Enterprise system or, more likely, a business-related core application, and while doing this, we ensure that the relevant data points are appropriately captured. With the adoption of the cloud today, there can always be a strategy build for getting the data as per organization strategy, and the scalability will depend on the

usage of the data in the organization. With the cloud as part of the infrastructure and an understanding of end-to-end systems and processes aligned to the business models of the organizations, the data available can be used for business decision-making at a much lower cost, providing direct benefit to these organizations.

What are the benefits offered and problems solved through your services?
We are working on some interesting analytics projects where small and medium-sized businesses are benefiting. All of these organizations are well established and have been in business for at least 20 to 25 years, and they are experts in the fields in which they work. However, the system maturity levels within organizations vary, and none of them are matured enough in terms of the technology landscape. Data utilization is a secondary consideration for them. Now, whether it is towards industrial automation using IoT solutions, core internal systems and processes for any industry vertical be it, the healthcare sector, travel organizations, hospitality-related industries, retail, supply chain, logistics or manufacturing, we are able to understand, partner, and yield good results while staying within these companies' budget lines.

Are there any latest solutions or products that you are currently working on?
In addition to focusing on specific problem statements within organizations, we are also developing holistic products that will enable the small scale organization to plug and play in terms of analytics as environment and social media analytics from a marketing department perspective. Also, from an IoT standpoint, we are developing products that will provide an endto-end solution, including the hardware required at an edge to convert data and push it into the cloud or on-premise. These are the three product lines on which we are working irrespective of the industry. We are striving to develop a holistic solution with a plug-andplay system, which will be instance based rather than user-based licensing at a much lower cost.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS?
At KASHSAM DATA SOLUTIONS, we want to increase our visibility to a significant level, most likely through client acquisitions in small to medium-sized industries, so that people understand the value of data and how it can be used in business. From a product development standpoint, over the next 36 months, the products that we are developing, whether it is IoT or social media analytics, we hope to have at least 100 clients using these tools and leveraging benefits out of it across various markets.

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