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Microstrategy: Powerful Software Solutions for a More Intelligent Enterprise that Empowers Actionable Intelligence

Sunil Vadgama,  Sales Director

Sunil Vadgama

Sales Director

A conventional way to infuse intelligence into existing applications is through ‘Embedding’ which is heavy on customization and requires exceptional skill sets to hard code the information. One would either ‘hard-code’ a specific visualization or the entire ‘Results-page’ into the application to fasten the decision-making process. While this worked well in the past, it introduced a significant number of lapses in highlighting the right contextual information onto the application and slowly it started having performance issues and lead to a non-scalable application. The users are still left to hunt for the correct piece of information that can be useful for them to use and conclude their decision.

While a lot of skilled players and people are available in the market to support the idea of Embedding the content in a traditional way – with today’s fastpaced technology transformations that are making the lives of end users more easy and efficient, it is time to innovate and bring information to customers seamlessly, proactively and instantly in a contextual manner. Today’s era demands trusted answers finding YOU rather than users hunting for the right information from within their enterprise data ecosystem. MICROSTRATEGY'S HYPERINTELLIGENCE solves this need by delivering instant, zero-click insights and actions into the tools you use every day. HYPERINTELLIGENCE proactively solves your data needs and helps users make data-driven decisions in real-time. Since its release in 2019, leading businesses across industries and job functions have adopted HYPER INTELLIGENCE to improve operations, build data-driven cultures, and drive revenue. Learn how this pioneering tech can empower your retail, sales, HR, cloud operations, contact centers, and more.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Sunil Vadgama, Sales Director of MICROSTRATEGY India delves deep and gives us an insight into MICROSTRATEGY'S HYPER INTELLIGENCE.

Could you tell us about the impact of HYPER INTELLIGENCE in data analysis and visualization?

Enterprise applications are used by everyone in the organization every day, but it's still difficult to find answers whenever and wherever you need to make real time, data informed decisions. Only three percent of the real time business decisions are actually driven by data. Conventional tools take too long and require too many clicks to answer simple queries. Time taken to search relevant information, Expertise required to learn BI Tools and Trusting disparate & complex enterprise data systems are true roadblocks for such a low percentage. With HYPER INTELLIGENCE, you can experience instant contextual insights from across your enterprise data in everyday applications with no code! HYPER INTELLIGENCE is a modern analytics experience that removes the need to find or build analytics by delivering the trusted, zero-click answers that you need in the applications you use every day.

HYPERINTELLIGENCE proactively solves your data needs & helps users make data-driven decisions in real time by delivering instant, zero-click insights into your everyday applications

HYPERINTELLIGENCE brings you data in real-time in every application and on your mobile device. Anyone can build and deploy HYPERINTELLIGENCE in under an hour to transform their business and can empower decision-makers with this no-code modern analytics solution today.

Can HYPERINTELLIGENCE be inte grated into existing business applications, such as CRM or ERP systems?
HYPERINTELLIGENCE brings in a unique way to infuse information in your trusted applications of choice ranging from Web-based applications e.g., browser-based CRM applications, to Microsoft Office 365 to Microsoft Outlook thick client running on your Mac/Windows Laptops to your smartphones iOS & Android. HYPER INTELLIGENCE cards are built with a drag-and-drop interface so anybody can build and understand HYPERINTELLIGENCE cards in under an hour. HYPERINTELLIGENCE scans your websites, web applications, emails, barcodes/QR codes, and calendars to find the keywords that it can provide you with insights about, and then it adds an underline to each of the keywords so you can see where insights are available. Then, as you’re doing your daily work, all you need to do is hover over an underlined word to see more

information about the keyword that you’re interested in knowing more about!

You can also incorporate color-based thresholds into HYPERINTELLIGENCE cards to help decision-makers gain insights even without a hover. For example, use color-based thresholds to distinguish high engagement prospects from low-engagement prospects so Marketing and Sales teams can more quickly determine who to follow up with to most effectively drive business value.

Share with us a case study of how HYPER INTELLIGENCE changed the scenario for the better for your clients.
Many forward-thinking organizations have leveraged HYPERINTELLIGENCE to drive value across the enterprise. Some of the use cases are across Cloud Environment Card, Contact Center Customer Card, Insurance Claim Card, and Vendor Performance Card. HYPERINTELLIGENCE provides context to Cloud Ops teams to effectively manage enterprise cloud environment costs. It also resolves customer questions without putting them on hold as contact center representatives switch between screens to find the information they need. In the insurance world, on the other hand, HYPERINTELLIGENCE completes internal management and reviews with holistic information about escalated insurance claims. Lastly, HYPERINTELLIGENCE simplifies supplier strategy by quickly assessing vendor performance within the tools already in use.

How does MICROSTRATEGY's HYPER INTELLIGENCE technology differ from traditional Business Intelligence solutions?
The best part is that HYPERINTELLIGENCE is a nocode solution, meaning that you don’t need an IT team or any coding/development to build the cards! HYPERINTELLIGENCE compliments your traditional BI solutions by making them richer & easier to access information. HYPERINTELLIGENCE is intended for everyone if you have data, you can use HYPERINTELLIGENCE to empower your employees with insights to drive more business, increased customer satisfaction, better customer, and employee retention rates, or essentially any KPI that your business/team can imagine.

HYPERINTELLIGENCE is a proven solution to deliver trusted, secure insights so you can make your enterprise a more intelligent and profitable enterprise. In fact, knowing that MICROSTRATEGY supports White-Labelling, there are a lot of solution providers in the India market who have been engaging with us to integrate HYPERINTELLIGENCE with their already existing industry-specific point solutions to enhance their end-user experience.

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