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Kenbox: Finding Solutions to Unaddressed 'People' Challenges of Organizations

Rajesh Tripathi, CEO

If digitization was a competitive advantage for organizations in the past, it is today an inevitable aspect of survival in the industry. The dynamic development of artificial intelligence, the demanding thrust towards diversity, and now the global pandemic, have already transformed the reality of the business world and how work gets done. This leads us to the question, what’s in store for the Human Resources Management industry? Noida-based Kenbox Technologies Pvt. Ltd. manifests a glimpse of this future through its Prajjo platform, which offers an unmatched repository of unheard, innovative people solutions, heavily leveraging cutting technologies. Adding a bit more context, Kenbox is a Digital Transformation company in the space of People & People Management that scrutinizes all decision making points for employees in organizations and provides congruent & compatible solutions, complementary to Human Thinking. While people related metadata is generated continuously in organisations, Kenbox’s solutions rightly capture them for delivering perfect process outcomes. CIO Insider recently got in touch with the man at the helm of the company, Rajesh Tripathi (CEO, Kenbox Technologies). In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Rajesh walks us through the latest endeavors of Kenbox.

In conversation with Rajesh Tripathi, CEO, Kenbox Technologies.

The Indian IT services market grew by 5.9 percent in the first half of 2020, according to IDC India and the market is expected to regain momentum from 2021 onwards. Where is positioned in this industry with its focus on HRMS solutions?
The global economy moving fast back to normal is a sign of relief for all, in general. Most of the studies including that of IDC India have predicted that the economy will see an upsurge going ahead. For Kenbox, it is time to increase

traction in the marketand pace up business activities. We are very optimistic about our growth in the coming days for two major reasons. The first is the increasing demand for HR solutions in a new normal world. We have entered the market with many new HR solutions which will help Kenbox have the upper hand in providing comprehensive and extensive solutions to its customers. The second reason is our aim to provide solutions to many unresolved HR challenges and pain areas. We have already patented a few products & concepts that the marketplace will see in the coming days. There are many more tools & concepts we shall be filing patents for as we move forward. We are working on creating a niche market with our distinct & unique solutions. It’s a sure bet that we are going to be a dominant player in the market in the times to come.

Our solutions should equally address the issues of all the stakeholders of organizations, including the management, functional managers, employees, and HR professionals

Tell us what the company does differently from its competitors in the market and what makes the customers stick to it?
We focus on customer delight. Since day one, we are working on developing solutions for many unaddressed organizational challenges related to people. For us, it is not simply about the automation of HR processes & systems, but about providing customers relief to their pains. We have not looked up to any traditional process for that matter when we started conceiving products. This approach has helped us in conceiving products differently. One of our objectives is that our solutions should equally address the issues of all the stakeholders of organizations, including the management, functional managers, employees, and HR professionals. The response received so far is overwhelming. We don’t sell boxes, we give solutions. Unlike other organizations in the segment, our solutions are driven by strong subject knowledge & relevant functional experience coupled with new age technologies. More over our products have seamless functionality, helping in engaging employees and improving productivity & profitability of the


What are the latest technology trends adopted by the company?
We have adopted cutting edge technologies to not only make products functionally complete, but also agile and flexible so that it can integrate with any other technology in any environment. Kenbox offers SaaS based products which have adopted micro services architecture and are hosted on AWS cloud. From the development point of view, we are using Java, React, Python, AI-ML and Deep Learning along with many other new age mediums & methodologies.

Product entirety is a normal feature of our products. We have divided all our solutions broadly into three groups, namely HRMS, LDS & BES suites to provide specific solutions to our customers.

Could you tell us about your unique approaches and processes that bring a smile on your customers faces?
There are plenty, really. One of our concepts is named SGR Strategy, Goals & Review. Ensuring alignment of individual goals with the company goals has been an area of concern for most of the organizations, globally. While talking to many CXOs, it was revealed time & again. SGR has comprehensively addressed this age old issue. When we showcased it to the companies, the first hand response & acceptance was tremendous. There are many such products LDS suite and BES suite which we shall be rolling out soon to name a couple. Looking at the response, we are very confident about our growth trajectory to be very progressive and incomparable in the coming days.

What is Kenbox's future roadmap? Where does the company see itself in about a few years from now?
The use of technology will shape up the functionality of organizations. No organization will remain untouched by it. People are and will remain the most critical resource for organizations to have a competitive edge over competition. As technology advances, new innovations will continue to emerge, improving the way the traditional HR industry operates. Kenbox will continue to exploit newer technologies for the benefit of people in organizations. We are working on effective use of virtual reality gamification, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things(IoT).

Kenbox will be a dominant technology company in the people segment, at least for the next couple of years.

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