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Hitachi Vantara: Developing the Finest Tune of Data Analysis

Hemant Tiwari,Managing Director

Hemant Tiwari

Managing Director

Hitachi Vantara, established in 2017 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi.Ltd. Hitachi Vantara is a leading IoT Analytics and Data Modernization Service provider, ensuring to render increased insight that brings value to its customers' data in a secure environment with its rich pool of products, solutions, and programs. The firm works closely with each customer, using its unrivaled industrial and digital skills to their data and applications to benefit both business and society as a whole. In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider Magazine, Hemant Tiwari, Managing Director at Hitachi Vantara walks us through the unique traits of the company.

In conversation with Hemant Tiwari, Managing Director at Hitachi Vantara

Give us a brief overview of Hitachi Vantara.
Hitachi Vantara was established in 2017 by the merger of three companies: Hitachi Data Systems a provider of modular mid range and highend computer data storage system software and services Hitachi Insights Group whose solutions were powered by connected intelligence from the Internet of Things and Pentaho a Business Intelligence software that provides data integration OLAP services reporting, information dashboards and other services.

In addition, we incorporated Hitachi Consulting globally into Hitachi Vantara in 2020. As a result, Hitachi Vantara assimilated the advisory consulting and delivery capabilities as well as the domain experience from Hitachi Consulting into multiple industrial verticals, resulting in a significantly larger digital infrastructure powerhouse.

Share with us the inception ideology of Hitachi Vantara. What was the motivation behind it?
Prior to 2017, we had witnessed the

world changing drastically for several
years, with digital transformation at the forefront of corporate agendas. As a result, businesses face huge hurdles as data becomes increasingly diversified, scattered and dense. The proliferation of machine generated data augmenting existing systems, ERP, CRM, social media, has resulted in the creation of a massive amount of data across the board, all of which has led to the enterprise's dark data issue. Having said that, Hitachi Data Systems was transformed to Hitachi Vantara to assist clients in gaining a lot more business insights from various types of data collected within their organizations.

We have gone up the value chain from pure play storage solutions all the way through to offering digital transformation solutions in different areas

How does the company plan to digitize industrial processes with the Lumada software platform?
One of the most significant benefits of Hitachi Vantara is that it is part of a very diverse conglomerate Hitachi Limited which caters to several industrial verticals like healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and so on. This was the impetus for Hitachi's decision to broaden its portfolio to assist clients in collecting data from a wide range of sources, essentially all types of sensors in an IoT era, and bringing all of that data into a single software platform. This is where Lumada came into play .

Lumada is Hitachi's advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation. Its purpose is to deliver solutions that increase social environmental and economic value for its customers. Significantly Lumada was placed as a leader in the industrial IoT platform segment by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant that they announced in 2021.

Could you elaborate on the latest enhancements brought upon the Lumada software platform?
Amongst the Lumada portfolio of solutions and services, Lumada DataOps Suite is a modular software platform that features data integration

data analytics, data cataloging, and edge intelligence tools that help connect data, assets and people to fuel innovation. Lumada DataOps provides a range of tools that allow large enter prises to easily collect, access, and analyze various types of data from any cloud, edge, or on premise environment or equipment and addresses the compounding problems of data sprawls that they face. As a result, it aids in the automation of DataOps in a customer organization to promote digital innovation across all industry verticals. This is a platform that incorporates Intelligent Automation to a substantial degree and demonstrates repeatable performance through a variety of approaches that we deploy. This is an open ecosystem, and the composition substitutes a slew of manual coding tasks. So it's a repository of a whole host of libraries that are integrated and accessible via the contemporary DataOps suite.

Where does Hitachi Vantara envisage itself in the next few years?
It is a multiyear journey and nothing happens overnight. Hitachi Vantara has been in operation for four years. And we have gone up the value chain from pure play storage solutions all the way through to offering digital transformation solutions in different areas. Primarily, we see all of this coming together through the integration of our existing capabilities with the new capabilities and collaboration with a set of partner ecosystems that we have in the market place.

Recently, we acquired a company named Global Logic, a Digital Engineering Services company which helps customers build digital products, digital services, and various digital models. So as we move forward, there would be expertise in terms of advisory and consulting capability from Hitachi Consulting and digital product design, product services, and delivery capability of Global Logic to be combined to offer to our customers. Global Logic will be a key enabler for Hitachis Lumada, the brand for its advanced digital technologies solutions and services.

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