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Kirusa: The Silver Lining for Telecom Operators

Inderpal Singh Mumick,Founder, Chairman and CEO

Inderpal Singh Mumick

Founder, Chairman and CEO

The communication industry has undergone a drastic transformation in the last decade. Ever since the subscription model entered India, Telecom operators have seen less than fruitful days. While we count the benefits that OTT services have brought to the millennial consumers, we must take a moment and note the havoc it has wreaked on the traditional telecom operators. Today’s subscribers consume more multimedia content than ever before. This trend will continue in the future with the increasing dominance of OTT services. Such third party OTT communication services are preferred more than the legacy services offered by Telcos. However, it is not entirely fair to bear contempt against OTT services as the same has occupied an integral part of consumer's communication lifestyle. Kirusa stands as the new dawn of horizon where OTT and Telcos work in tandem. Based out of New Jersey, Kirusa, the brainchild of a group of technocrats from AT&T Bell Labs, was given form to redefine the role of voice in communication.

A global research firm, Ovum, had predicted that telecommunications industry will lose a combined USD 386
billion between 2012 and 2018 from customers using OTT voice applications. Kirusa’s hybrid OTT

solutions are poised to bring about a soothing change and help operators reap back the rightful revenues. InstaVoice was Kirusa’s first installment to this revolutionary portfolio. InstaVoice is a unique cloud-based, call completion app that enables users to manage voicemail and receive missed call alerts over an elegant, visual interface. It seamlessly integrates with the mobile carrier’s existing infrastructure to deliver reliable voicemail and missed call alert solutions over data, powered by the cloud.

" Kirusa’s hybrid OTT solutions are poised to bring about a soothing change and help operators reap back the rightful revenues"

What accounts for Kirusa’s Success?
The newest version, InstaVoice ReachMe, has stirred the market ever since it landed. ReachMe is a GSM-VoIP solution designed for the data driven world that facilitates high quality local and international voice calls over Wi-Fi or data, without depending on network coverage. InstaVoice ReachMe can convert carrier forwarded calls to VoIP calls, and vice versa. Therefore, in a situation where one of the parties does not have the app, the call gets translated, and the recipient follows up over an internet connection. Given the application’s strong potential as an alternative to exorbitant roaming rates, ReachMe is set to cause major disruptions in the telecom industry. ReachMe is offered to subscribers as a telco-branded service and is available with integrated voicemail service for unanswered calls. Moreover, users have the perk to buy virtual numbers from various countries, from the app. The application also allows one to access the service from any device even without a SIM.

Kirusa Channels is a celeb-fan engagement platform over voice.

Subscribed fans are in for a treat as
the celebrities, sport stars and other content outlets signed up on the platform, leave voice blogs, which are delivered instantly to the former. Covering this aspect of customer’s interest gives a fair increase in the operators’ customer base and at the same time,adds points to the customer retain factor. The service has 350 celebrities on the platform, and has served more than 42 million subscribers across the world. Being offered by several telcos around the world, Kirusa Channels is one of the top revenue generating services in Africa.

Kirusa has witnessed tremendous success with their voicemail products too. The continent’s voice mail deposit spiked from 4 percent to 20 percent, with few countries experiencing as large as 50 percent. Kirusa services are used by more than 100 Million unique monthly active users every month.

Having successfully introduced ReachMe in 22 countries, Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder Chairman & CEO says, “The team continues to assess new prospects and developments in relevant markets. We seek to improve our existing solutions and keep up with the evolving needs of consumers as well as enterprises”. Overall, Kirusa solutions are deployed in 46 countries, with 50 mobile carrier partnerships in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Kirusa solutions are built on its patented technology and highly reliable, scalable multimodal & cloud platforms, which manage over 2.5 billion calls and 100 million active mobile users across the globe, every month. With offices in four continents, and Bengaluru being the Indian headquarter, Kirusa is determined as an organization to grow with the technology and introduce the Indian market to the best of breed solutions for a digital landscape of tomorrow.

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