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KL iTech Solutions: Lifting Engineering & Construction Industry to the Digital Epoch

Senthil Kumar,Director

One of the most commendable traits of technology is that it makes everything smarter. In the case of the Engineering and Construction industry, technology engenders better time & cost efficiency by enabling better project control, aids in risk mitigation and most importantly, helps to finish the projects faster. In the aftermath, this advantage is a sure bet to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and tackle more complex projects for businesses. Remember, we are talking about a market which is predicted to have a double digit growth soon. According to a report by Research And, the Indian construction industry is expected to register an average annual growth of 6.4 percent between 2022 and 2025. For mitigating the gap between the organizations and this market opportunity, it's imperative that they possess the comprehensive technology advantage, and that's exactly where Chennai-based KL iTech Solutions excels in. Promoted by subject matter experts who boast robust experience across domains such as construction, infrastructure, EPC, transportation, and Energy, KL iTech specializes in providing software solutions for the Engineering & Construction industry in the areas of Project Management,Common Data Environment (CDE)and Cost estimation. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with the company's Director, Senthil Kumar.

In conversation with Senthil Kumar, Director, KL iTech Solutions

What was your inspiration and aim that led you to start this venture?
Having been associated with the AEC and Infrastructure sector for more than a decade and with more than 25 years of IT solutions experience and expertise, I realized the huge business potential for software applications in the construction sector and was looking for opportunities to venture on my own. It was at this point in time, Global software solution provider FND SC, Poland and Trimble Inc. recognized my potential, passion and professional approach in delivery and support of project management software solutions and appointed us for TILOS exclusive dealership. I took upon this opportunity that came my way and started this

venture as an authorized reseller & consulting partner to market, deliver and support linear project management software solutions pan India and neighboring countries. And it kicked off from there.

My aim is to work closely with the clients in architecting suitable solutions to best address their business challenges with proven digital transformation technologies from global majors and provide them with quality professional services.

We look forward to driving the digital transformation journey in the Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure sectors by providing our customers with tailored solutions to help them increase construction project efficiency

Where is KLiTech positioned in the current map of the IT services industry?
Today, we are proud to say that we have established ourselves as one of the leading software solutions providers and consultants across India in the construction project management space catering to organizations across small, medium, and large enterprise segments. We have created our own niche in the market. Top 20 construction companies are our clients today.

Which are the areas that the company focuses on. Also could you elaborate the portfolio of solutions offered?
We provide software solutions majorly focusing on linear project management, Common Data Environment and collaboration platforms and cost estimation solutions to the Engineering,Construction and Infrastructure industries.

Our portfolio of software solutions includes TILOS, ISETIA & CostOS. TILOS by Trimble Inc. is the world's number one linear project management software. It is purpose built for planning and monitoring of linear construction projects like highways,railways, pipelines, transmission lines, metros, bridges, tunnels, and water engineering. The linear scheduling methodology of TILOS uses Two dimensional planning of Time and Location/Distance in comparison to traditional Gantt planning systems making it easier to create accurate and optimized plans.

On the other hand, ISETIA by FND SC is a Project Management Information

System (PMIS)/Digitalization platform that is based on a Common Data Environment(CDE) approach. ISETIA is an award winning, fully integrated and cloud based project management and document management platform. It is designed to support agile and scrum methodologies along with other adhoc project management models. It helps businesses to manage task assignments, documents, budgets, issues, and risks to finish projects faster. ISETIA is used worldwide by a variety of customers in construction, infrastructure, design & consultancy.

CostOS is an innovative and complete cost estimating software,which is fast, simple, accurate and reliable and covers all estimateclasses of projects in Engineering Procurement & Construction(EPC),Utilities, Mining, Building Construction, Oil& Gas and Infrastructure segments.

What makes the company stand out from its competitors in the market and how does it make customers stick on?
Firstly, our domain & functional knowledge makes us a unique solution providing partner in the market. Secondly our major focus is on linear projects such as highways railways pipelines, transmission lines, tunnels, bridges, metros, and water engineering projects. We are currently associated with some of the marque linear projects being constructed across India.

Additionally, we are continuously working on acquiring new technologies like mobile apps, to add value to customers' business, which ensures that we, and in turn our customers, are at the cutting edge of the industry. It's an already established fact that we are committed to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Share with us the kind of goals KL iTech is looking forward to achieving and where does it envision itself in the near future?
We look forward to driving the digital transformation journey forward in the Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure sectors by providing our customers with tailored solutions to help them increase construction project efficiency. Our vision remains on enhancing our portfolio of digital transformation products and solutions. We envision tremendous growth in the coming years, as now more and more companies are investingand embracing digital transformation solutions to streamline, manage their projects more efficiently.

At this point in time, we believe that the CDE approach, collaborative environment and accessibility of secure data from anywhere 24/7 will contribute to a transformational approach in smart planning and project management. The ISETIA cloud platform fits perfectly into this trend.

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