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KS Infosystems: Leaving Digital Foot prints While Helping to Build a Smart Government

Rohit Khattar, CEO

The government needs to take the lead when it comes to building smart cities. Smart cities manage significant amounts of sensitive, personally identifiable citizenship data across different government agencies. More so, governments require a long term strategy to not only manage this data, but also secure it from potential breaches. Particularly, practice of delivering Citizen Services through innovative models is multiplying as the government and citizens recognize the need to enhance their productive capacity and generate new sources of growth. Founded in the year 2000, New Delhi headquartered K S Infosystems Private Limited has established itself as an end-to-end IT solution provider focused on evolving applications, digital imaging and communication through a combination of technical know how, domain and process ingenuity. K S Infosystems has been assessed at leading global quality benchmarks and standards including ISO 9001:2015.

From Birth and Death registrationto National ID cards, from Smart Schools to Smart Transportation,from Revenue Collection to Integrated Waste Management KSInfosystems provides the digital architecture for every step of creating a smart world.

Enhanced Visibility in the Taxation Process
Governments realize that in order to transform there exists an increasing need to leverage Big Data technologies across various information sources to be able to extract reliable, predictable and actionable insights,assist strategic decision making,and deliver improved performance management. In the present scenario present scenario, Governments are looking for

ideas that can maximize the revenue of their economy and encourage people to become more tax compliant. A centralized database of revenue related records improves data accessibility to the authorities. Therefore, this and also in order to eradicate the ambiguity associated with tax collection framework and tax rates, KS Infosystems brought to the table KS Collect. This solution creates a single database of revenue related records where revenue was earlier collected manually. This also helped improve the accessibility of authorities to the data and decrease the number of tax defaulters by providing a control mechanism for preventing malpractices in payments. Saving of huge revenue losses came along. As every economy runs on taxes, when revenue collection was streamlined,the wealth drain of economy turned into wealth gain. Given the significance of taxes, K S Collect software, that updates information of revenue-records in real time,provides financial security and accountability, consumes less time and ultimately increases the revenue generated, is a must have solution for every Government.

Being an exceptional, adaptive, and purpose-driven framework, it fits the dynamic nature of the service operations’ discipline

By embracing robust,pioneering and effective tactics, organizations gain a global control in the business world. In more than one way, KS Infosystems is carving a niche in national and international businesses by focusing on continuous resource optimization, employment generation and revered learning programs."With the number of faces increasing and the amount of resources decreasing, there is a shift towards creating a smart world, where ‘Smart’ means optimizing available resources to cater even the last man standing. And this transition involves challenges that only digital technology can solve", explains Rohit Khattar,CEO. With K.S Infosystems’ well-balanced and integrated portfolio of Applications

GIS Mapping, Municipal Revenue Collection and Security solutions, the company wishes to transform, especially the African nations, through Digitization.

To receive,consolidate and evaluate information coming through a large fiscal device, GPRS systems are instigated. This helps Revenue and other government departments to keep track of VAT and other taxes. To receive, achieve, consolidate and evaluate information coming through such devices, an EFDMS device is designed. The purpose of this device is to collect and feed the coming data into iTax. EDFMS robust control secures all possible management concerns regarding tax collection. EFDs have an internal GPRS modem that allows the connectivity according to commands received from AT System over GSM Network using SIM cards issued by approved GSM network provider. This helps Revenue department keep track of VAT and other taxes.

Data Driven Farming
In recent times, e-agriculture has emerged as the next big thing. From releasing fund, monitoring of project stages, project reports and other features have changed the way traditional agriculture works. In the past, it was difficult for farmers to correlate production techniques and crop yields with land variability. This limited their ability to develop the most effective soil/plant treatment strategies that could have enhanced their production. That said, technologies like GPS and GIS technologies enable the coupling of real-time data collection with accurate position information, leading to the efficient manipulation and analysis of large amounts of geospatial data. K.S Infosystems’ Smart Agropedia’s digital technology-based applications in agriculture has proven effective for farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop scouting, variable rate applications, and yield mapping.

Having achieved remarkable success in 26th cup of African Nations(CAN)-2008, for introducing RFID card based I-Ticketing system for the first time in Africa, K S Infosystems works towards making India digitally driven and government friendly society.

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